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This then is your "word of power/' It is a "barbarous word," meaningless to the conscious mind, but representative of your desire to your subconscious mind and the collective unconscious.

4. Below this, on the same piece of paper, create the sigil from these letters. Combine the letters into a shape that is pleasing to your eye. You may simplify things by including simple letters such as I or U within the shapes of other letters or representing M and considering W and V to be represented by this shape as well. You may stylize or distort letters in any way that pleases your sense of aesthetics. Figure 48 shows one way to sigilize these letters (see page 184).

5. Once you have settled on a sigil that looks right to you, draw that sigil at the center of your talisman. You should draw it in a complementary color to the color of your talisman. In other words . . .

Figure 48. Sigili/cd letters.

Wldce with Black Blue with Orange Red with Green Yellow with Purple

Since the above sigil is a healing sigil, I might put it into an octagram (see figure 49, opposite).

6. Once you have created your talisman you are ready to move on to the next tool to charge the talisman.

Charging Talismans This is a simple tool for charging talismanic objects with any desire. You may use this tool for talismans created with the previous tool, or any other object that you wish to charge magically, such as a piece of jewelry or a natural object like a stone or a feather. If you are using .111 object other than a talisman, the object should have some relationship or correspondence with the energy with which you are charging it. I11 orher words, if you were going to charge a stone with the energy of Mars, it is best if the stone is red, or has five sides, or something like that.

Before charging any object, you must decide three things:

• Its purpose. Why specifically are you charging it?

• Who its for. Will the energy work just for you, lor anyone who holds the object, or for someone else only?

• How long docs the talisman have to accomplish its job? Two weeks? A month? Will it last forever?

The answers to these three questions form the statement of purpose that you will make in step 7 of this tool. Again, as with all of these tools, it is best to start with simple things at first and move to more complex desires as your experience and beliefs can handle them.

1. Create or obtain an object you wish to charge for some magical purpose. It is, of course, best if it is in some way associated to the desired force (i.e., if you are making a talisman of Venus to bring love, you may want to make it seven-sided or related to seven in some way, and green).

2. Sprinkle a little bit of cool fresh water on the talisman to purify it. As you are doing this, visualize that any and all energies arc leaving the talisman so that it is in a totally blank slate.

3. You may wish to burn appropriate incense (see table 13, page 179).

4. Use your meditation anchor to enter the altered state (sec page 132).

5. Go to your inner temple (see page 90).

6. Perform the New Hermetics grounding and centering (see page 99).

7. State the complete purpose of your talisman, at least inwardly, but preferably aloud without breaking your state. Check in with all parts of your being to make sure that this purpose is really something that you want to happen. If you experience any sensations or images of doubt or disapproval, change your statement until you feel totally congruent or else abandon this desire. Once you experience that all parts of your being congruently desire the purpose of this talisman, you can proceed.

8. Visualize the power or force you are attracting to your talisman as being outside and all around you. This may be through a combination of images, feelings, sounds, or colors. (At this point, you may also include the next tool, Invoking the Gods (see page 188} to attract the force, power, or wisdom ol a specific god form. Be sure you are familiar with both tools before you use them.) You can visualize this force as descending into your inner temple or materializing from a specific quadrant, depending upon your specific needs.

9. Once you feel the definite experience of the desired force all around you (this will be a combination of visual and kinesthetic sensations), hold up your talisman, physically and in your imaginary hand in your inner temple. Visualize the force that you desire accumulating in your talisman. Accumulate all of the energy that you can into your talisman.

10. Once you have the distinct experience (again a visual and kinesthetic sense) that the desired force is permeating your talisman in as powerful a way as you are capable of accomplishing. clearly visualize your talisman, and then begin to see an image of your accomplished desire behind the image of the talisman. See this image of the accomplished desire move through your talisman until it is entirely in front of the talisman, filling your view.

1 1. Repeat this process of visualizing your talisman, then drawing an image of your completed desire through the image of the talisman until the imagined desire completely fills your view a number of times as quickly as possible, until the image of the talisman automatically produces the image of your accomplished desire.

12. Scare the purpose of your talisman again clearly.

13. Perform the New Henneries grounding and centering.

14. Return to normal consciousness.

Once you have charged a talisman, there are two basic things you can do with it. First, you can hold on to it or give it to the person you made it for, and the power will be available anytime you need it. This is especially appropriate for talismans that have a long-term life, or any that you feel would give better service by being physically with the person for whom you made it.

The second thing that you can do with a charged talisman is to destroy it physically, allowing it to fulfill its function astrally in the acthyr. 'I'his is, in many ways, a more elegant way of working with talismans, since you will not be left with a bunch of pieces of paper or wood lying around. It is especially useful if you will not physically be in contact with the person, place, or thing you intend to affect with your talisman. There are four basic ways of launching a talismanic force by destroying its physical vehicle. You, of course, want to use whichever one of these seems most in harmony with your purpose:

By fire. You can hold the talisman up to a candle flame or stove, or throw it into a blazing fire or on cop of burning charcoal. By water. You can put your talisman into a river or die ocean. (Be-sure no one sees you so they don't disturb your talisman.) You can also make your talisman out of water-soluble ink, and then let the ink run away under the faucet or pour water onto it or place it into a dish of water.

By air. You can throw your talisman into a ravine or off a cliff. If you use water-soluble ink or paint, you can boil water and allow the steam to disintegrate the talismanic image. You can even attach your talisman to an appropriately colored helium balloon and let it go.

By earth. You can place your talisman under a rock or bury it. One very popular ancient technique was to burv a talisman under the path of the person for whom the spell was cast, so that the energy would be released when they stepped over it. You can also make a talisman in the dirt or sand, and wipe it away once it is charged.

With any of these methods, it is important to imagine the talisman becoming free to operate in the astral plane when it is gone, rather than merely disintegrating with its physical vehicle. To accomplish this, hold onto the image of the talisman and its purpose in your mind while you are destroying it. You can then launch this astral image into the aethyr.

Exploring Archetypes: Invoking the Gods This tool can be used to connect directly with the archetypal energies of the old gods, most particularly those of the ancient Greco-Roman planetary gods. You may use this tool with any god, but please be clear about what aspects of this god may be useful for developing new abilities or personality changes in yourself, lable 14 (below) gives the Greco-Roman planetary gods with some of their qualities. This is a useful place to start.

Examine this table and choose qualities that you feel you are lacking, but that you would like to manifest in your life. You can use this tool to strengthen any area of your life or to understand aspects of these gods that you wish to explore from the inside. Use the following tool to connect with these forces and activate them in your life. Again, you may use this tool with any god you desire to know.






Structures, limitation, responsibility, seriousness



Generosity, abundance and wealth, leadership, luck



Strength, energy, battle, courage, competition, athletics



Harmony, wholeness, peace, illumination



Love, desire, aesthetics, beauty, pleasure, luxury



Language, logic, knowledge, science, medicine


1 .una/Sclcnc/Artemis

Imagination, subconscious, emotion, dreams

1. Enter the altered state using your meditation anchor (see page 132).

2. Go to your inner temple (see page 90).

3. Perform the New Hermetics grounding and centering (see page 99).

A. State the purpose for which you are invoking this specific god-iorm/cncrgy, either aloud or at least internally directed to the area above your inner temple.

5. Begin to visualize the form of the god in front of you, hovering above your inner temple, either as an ideal human or the particular distinctive form of the god you have chosen. Visualize this form glowing intensely with an appropriately colored energy.

6. Think about the quality that you would like to gain from this god. Observe how this god is a representation of it. How is the god standing that represents your desire? What is the god seeing in its minds eye? What is it saying to itself that fully embodies the quality that you seek in its ideal form? Ask this figure if it will communicate with you. When it agrees, ask it to tell you how you can get along with it most beneficially. Ask if it has any advice for you. Ask if it will help you to accomplish your goals, and work with you in the transformation of your life. If the figure seems reluctant, hostile, or aggressive, ask it how you can relate more positively with it. Consider any advice you receive, however strange it may appear, and thank the figure. You may ask for advice or assistance from your inner teacher at any time in relating with the archetype.

7. Stand up physically and move into the same position as the god. imitate the way you see the god standing, the way the god is moving, etc.

8. Feel yourself and the god integrating into one form. Visualize the color of the god's force inside you. Feel the energy of this god inside you. Hear the gods voice as your own voice. See the universe the way this god sees it.

9. Make this experience even more vivid by turning up all of your suhmodalitics.

10. Create an anchor by saying che name of the god at the peak of this experience while you are in the same position as the god. Repeat this several times to reinforce the anchor.

1 1. Separate from the god and thank it for sharing its being with you.

12. Sit down and reassociate yourself in your inner temple.

13. Perform the New Hermetics grounding and centering.

14. Return to normal consciousness.

You now have an anchor for establishing contact with the energy of this god in the future as well. Simply stand again in the exact position you were standing as you integrated with the god and say its name. You will again feel connected with the its power.

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