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Now char you have opened this book, I want you to know that you are beginning a wonderful and exciting journey. It is a journey inward to discover your true self and your true power. As you learn more and more about your true self, your entire life will be transformed. T his book is not intended for passive consumption. Ic is a comprehensive instructional tool, a pathway to the evolution of human consciousness.

The New Hermetics presents a system for exploring and understanding the "magick" of what our subjective consciousness experiences. It is comprised of a group of cutting-edge spiritual technologies that systematically teach the science of illumination and power and a collection of models for looking at the unconscious mind that allow us to create a dependable system for magically changing our lives. Basically, the New Hermetics is a synthesis of Western esoteric thought, Jungian psychology, the ideas of neuro-linguistic programming, the eight-circuit model of consciousness, and Scientific Illuminism.

When you work with the New Hermetics, you experience consciousness changes that dramatically increase your ability to change your world. A young man who was working with the New Hermetics was experiencing a financial crisis. 1 le used one of the tools that you will be taught, and the amount that he needed literally materialized in his bank account. A mysterious deposit appeared on his batik record that answered his need. This is just one example of the many surprises that are in store tor you as you begin to use the New Hcrmetics system.

The reason that the New Hcrmetics works so powerfully is simple. The universe is mental. The universe is a great mind. And we are fundamentally a part of that mind. The universe is consciousness, and wc are a part of that consciousness. Every thought that we have is a thought in the mind of the universe. 'Hiere is no break between our individuality and the wholeness of the cosmos. The experience of separation is just a consequence, a residue of perception. This seeming separation occurs merely because we have each been given individual functions and purposes within the great cosmic mind. You do not have to believe this completely right now. But it is a key to unlocking your power, and you will hopefully come to know it as you explore the technologies of the New I fcrmetics. As we come to understand ourselves, we are in closer and closer relationship with the greater universal aspects of mind, and this gives us more and more power and understanding, of ourselves and everything else.

The first section of this book describes the components of the New Hcrmetics; the second contains the levels of the New Hermetics and the practical tools of self-discovery, transformation, and personal power. With this book, you begin your evolution into a fully self-actualized and powerful being of light. You will soon have the power to create whatever sort of wonderful life you can imagine. I congratulate you on your courage and good fortune.

In order to explore our minds with the hope of understanding the cosmic scope of our consciousness, it is ncccssary to have some sort of road map. Otherwise, we might quickly become lost in seas of neurotic delusion, daydreams, and fantasy. Because of this, the New Hermetics uses many of the paths drawn by modern explorers of the mind, as well as the paths trodden by the first to explore this inner landscape, the ancient magicians.

For the last two hundred years or so, we humans have been shaking off the medieval dogma of our early history and trying to come to terms with consciousness in a new way. This has resulted in many studies, explorations, and personal struggles that have nearly destroyed philosophy and certainly relegated religion into the barest of superstitious shells. However, the problem of our inner experience continues to nag us, because it seems chat the human animal is by its nature a "religious creature." By this I merely mean that humans have an unquenchable need to look up to and worship strange and invisible forces that seem to guide and shape our lives. It must be remembered that science and materialism are just as invisible, mysterious, and intangible as Jehovah or Jesus.

This worship of the invisible seems inescapable. Archetypes of our highest ideals constantly inform our lives and push us in the direction they take. These archetypes take the form of gods, heroes, taboos, theories of science, and anything that we hold as being the truth, or the rules by which we lead our lives.

For centuries, we Westerners had a single explanation for all of this— the Roman Catholic Church. However, as Western societal sophistication has forced us to question the institutions of our "catholic" religion, we have turned to many alternate belief systems as a way of understanding these unconscious invisible forces. First among these was the Protestant movement that broke with the institution of the Roman Church, maintaining that a capacity for understanding religion was inherent in each individual. This revolution, along with the advent of modern science, really caused the massive atrophy of Christianity that has resulted in hundreds of separate forms of Christian belief and a host of individualistic interpretations of Christian scripture. This also resulted in a more careful examination of the Bible and a realization that, for many, the Bible does not answer their unconscious needs.

Because of this realization, in the last two centuries we have seen the wholesale importation of many Eastern philosophies that have attempted to answer these needs. For some, Eascern thought has been highly successful, but for most, these ideas are foreign and often antithetical to our basic temperaments.

In the last century, the various schools of psychology made great efforts to answer our unconscious needs. Unfortunately, psychology often tends to strip away the mystery and magick of our unconscious in an attempt to classify dysfunction and abnormality. Psychology then attempts cures of our internal ailments that merely amount to reinforcing the dominant taboos and social norms of our society. This does not in any way provide us with access to or nourishment from the source of these unconscious drives and invisible psychic forces.

However, along with the introduction of Eastern philosophy and the advent of modern psychology, there has occurred a growing revival of the ancient esoteric Western philosophies of magick. These have taken the form of neo-pagan earth spirituality movements, the rebirth of witchcraft, and the revivification of ancient Hermetic and Qabalistic practices. All of these philosophies are in essence related and intimately familiar to Westerners, because they all come from the deep recesses of the Western unconscious mind. For instance, most of us have at least some vague notions abour astrology, the tarot, and the gods and myths of the Greeks and Romans. Quite simply, the New Hermetics synthesizes all of these components and more into a new system for understanding ourselves.

The word "Hermetic" is very old, indicating the studies and teachings of the preeminent Egyptian adept Hermes Trismegistos. He is often considered the emissary between humans and the gods. Hermes is also intimately related toThoth orTahuti, the Egyptian god of wisdom and magick (see figure 1 below).

Quite a lot of divergent material has been placed under the Hermetic banner over the centuries. However, the underlying theme! Hermetic philosophy is that the mind shapes reality. As Hermes Trismegistos himself puts it in the Corpus Hermetieum, "The Mind, then, is not separated oft from God's essentiality, but is united to it, as light to sun. This Mind in men is God, and for this cause some of mankind are gods, and their humanity is nigh unto divinity."5 As I said, the key to the ancient and the new Hermetics is that the universe is mental. The universe is a great mind. The ancient Hermetic axiom, " That which is above is like that which is below to accomplish the miracle of the one thing," states the same thing in a different way. Your mind and the mind of the universe arc connected inextricably to accom e A i\

Figure 1. Thoth or Tahuti, the Egyptian god of magick.

plish the miracle of existence. By learning to understand your mind, you will learn to understand the universe. What's more, by learning to control your mind, you will learn to control the universe.

You must understand that, when I discuss the mind, 1 am nor merely discussing the conscious mind as people usually think of it—the flitting thoughts about what you're going to eat for dinner or do this weekend. I am also referring to the greater aspect of mind often called today the "collective unconscious." As you become progressively more in touch with this collective unconscious, you will be increasingly able to influence the world around you. This is what the New Hermetics teaches.

I really cannot rake credit for creating the New Hcrmetics, because it has actually been emerging slowly for the last several decades. All that 1 have done is to gather together the most important and life-changing aspects of many thinkers and combine them into a single cohesive, all-encompassing unit. If you'd like to see some of the names of the many modern and ancient wizards to whom I have apprenticed myself, please consult this volumes dedication and bibliography.

Specifically, the New Hermetics came into being when several modern occultists came together to practice magick as a group. Within the context of that group, several members, who also happened to be studying neuro-linguistic programming and psychologists like Carl Jung, Wilhelm Reich, and Timothy Leary, formed close associations. We realized as a group, both consciously and on an unconscious level, that by combining these modern models of consciousness and change with the ancient symbols, models, and rituals of magick, we might have something truly extraordinary. After several private and group experiments, we discovered that we had unlocked a portal with infinite possibilities. The New Hcrmetics was born.

What we discovered is that, by leading consciousness through certain processes, certain results always followed. Because each person is unique, the specific content of experiences may be different, but the process can be predictable and constant. We discovered that there are specific tools for directing subjective thought that cause predictable changes in consciousness and changes in the way we view ourselves. We began to transform physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

We led each other to experience out-of-body states, communion with gods and other nonhuman intelligence, and produced the experience of enlightenment and ecstasy simply by understanding that all experience is subjective.

In life, even when you are "just pretending," you are still experiencing anything that you pretend on a subjective level. To most of your brain, things that you pretend are "reality," because your brain does not differentiate between inner and outer experience. If you imagine yourself licking a lemon for long enough, your salivary glands will start to produce saliva. You can try it right now. Close your eyes and imagine yourself licking the sour inside of a lemon. You will soon begin to pucker your lips and salivate. By consciously directing your thoughts, your unconscious responds. Your brain does not differentiate between thoughts and things, because thoughts are things. 'Hie universe is mental.

On an experiential level, the more you pretend, the more real your experiences become in your mind, and the more inexplicable the practical results you will get in your exterior life. If we change things in our minds, this eventually changes things in the outer world, because it is all one thing in the end.

This realization was just the beginning of the New Hcrmetics. As 1 studied the writings of Alcister Crowley, I found that he envisioned some similar procedures and called it Scientific llluminism. However, in the first decades of this century, he had much less information about the structure and function of the human mind than we do today. Still, he formed an elegant framework for the mystical awakening of our latent super-minds. I le took the ancient Rosicrucian grades of the Hermetic Order of t he Golden Dawn and provided specific meditations and mental exercises to be accomplished along a clear road of self-discovery. These procedures have been incorporated into the New Hermetics to become a system that nearly automatically transforms ordinary humans into spiritual giants.

As I began to put this together, I discovered more and more important ancient and modern practices from magicians ranging from Franz Bardon to Anthony Robbins. I have added these to the program, all the time following the direction and advice of my own "inner-planes contacts" who have guided me to this work from the beginning. What has resulted is a system that will transform you spiritually and provide you with a framework in which you can figure out your special place in the universe. This program offers you access to the awakened personal genius to accomplish anything that you can imagine. The magick of the New Hermetics is ¡11 you, in the power of your mind, which is, in the end, the cosmic mind. By following this simple program, you will awaken to your own awesome power. The New Hermetics will help you to figure out your own answers to the big questions in life: Who am 1? What am I here for? Where am I going?

Many Americans and Europeans have become interested in Eastern thought and yoga. However, a lot of Eastern religion requires such incredible renunciation and behavioral restriction that it is highly impractical tor the modern Westerner. What's more, the ideas do not really reflect our internal worlds. Eastern thought tends to be transcendental, ephemeral, and often insubstantial.

The West has always had a rich inner spiritual world that has admirably survived the persecution of orthodoxy. We have a beautiful set of symbols, myths, and philosophies that are unique to our collective culture. Alchemy, tarot, and astrology have always been in the background of our consciousness, waiting to be awakened by initiation into their mysteries. 1 hese Western mysteries do not require asceticism, celibacy, or behavioral restriction. In fact, they encourage us to explore our whole range of being, both divine and bestial, fully and inquisitively. We are nor asked to drop out of society or to wear saffron robes or turbans or to beg in the streets. The Western mysteries are about understanding and mastering life as it is, rather than chasing ethereal chimeras into oblivion. Although they are most assuredly transcendent and evolutionary, they affirm the joy in life rather than fly from it.

The New Hermetics now makes it possible to undergo the initiation into the mysteries of consciousness and the awakening into enlightenment in a fraction of the time that was ever possible before. It systematically helps you to master your own mind in such a way that you can achieve anything and everything that you want in your life both spiritually and practically. It is a spiritual system, as well as a system of self-empowerment and personal development. In these pages, you will discover the keys to unlock the gates of heaven, and the keys to getting the most out of your lite here on Earth.

As I mentioned before, our human experience is entirely subjective. Much of psychology has really missed the mark by trying to understand the human mind in objective terms. The true nature of humanity can only be understood in our subjective awareness. For this reason, people consume many more fantasy books than scientific papers. Poetry explains the soul much more succinctly than statistics. The New Hermetics is a system for understanding our subjective, spiritual nature and systematically exploring our subjective reality.

By systematically exploring the subjective process of consciousness, you will gain an ever-increasing power over your own mental process and the way that you focus on life. You will discover that, by changing your focus, you can instantly change your personal experience of life.

All mystical and occult phenomena are subjective in nature. The mystic who is drawn up into an ecstatic vision of God is having a subjective experience. This experience can easily be reproduced by systematically moving your consciousncss through the same processes that the mystic goes through. Because of this understanding, what may take years for the average mystic will take just a few weeks or months for the New Hcrmcticist, who will also have the distinct advantage of knowing that the experience was, although beautiful and life-transforming, a subjective experience nonetheless. This will hopefully protect against the delusions of grandeur and self-importance that plague so many mystics.

The New Hermetics is also a system of magick. Magick is a tool for causing miraculous changes in the world through invisible or extraordinary means. As you awaken to your connection with universal consciousness, you will begin to gain the ability to change the universe around you. Since ancient times, this ability has been called magick. Some of the procedures described in this book are designed specifically to help you change your reality through magick. The New Hermetics contains many technologies for specifically changing your life with your awakening mental powers. These range from changing your behaviors and emotions to manifesting your desires, creating artificial elementals and talismans, and invoking archetypal forces represented by gods and other spiritual entities. All of these technologies have been broken down and simplified into their component processes and essential steps. If you follow the clear and simple procedures provided, your results are guaranteed. You will not be asked to use complicated tools or magical circles or to recite barbarous incantations. The universe is mental, and so is the magick of the New Hermetics. You will simply direct your consciousness, and results will naturally follow. You may find it valuable to act out some of the work physically, but it is not essential.

A few of the more spiritually minded among you may feel apprehensive about using your connection to the universe to manipulate reality. 1 assure you that there is nothing diabolical or in opposition with the universal laws about the use of magick. It is, in fact, our birthright to participate creatively in the manifestation of the universe. It is only with an understanding of and participation in the subtle, universal laws of cause and effect that we can change the world with magick. In other words, it is only by connecting and working with the universal, cosmic mind that we can do magick. Creating a change with magick is no more diabolical than building a house, planting a garden, or writing a poem. These things change the universe forever, but only within the structure of the laws of creation. There is no difference with magick.

Some people have expressed to me a fear that an unscrupulous person might use these techniques for harming or manipulating others. I assure you that those who do this give themselves all the punishment they need through the unpleasantness they wreak in their own lives. Using magick for negative purposes instantly transforms your entire world into a negative experience, 1'or instance, if you create a talisman to injure somebody, you are instantly living in a world of negativity, in constant fear that someone may, in turn, create an injurious talisman for you. Since everyone becomes a potential black magician in your eyes, you live in a fear-based world, cut off from the universal mind that is the source of power. Your magick will begin to fail, because you are no longer in harmony with its source. If you are afraid that people are going to use magick for evil, then you are already living in this fearful world.

1 would like to offer you an entirely different possibility. If you work instead to love people and to love yourself, you will quickly find yourself intimately connected to the universal mind and to your real power. This real power is harmless and yet stronger than any weapon, dwelling everywhere at the center of your being. If you live your life in this way, even those who may wish to harm you will be powerless, because you will be operating from your center. Your center is outside of the world of cause and efleet, and nothing can harm it in any way.

You may want to work with a friend or partner to help guide you through some of the subjective experiences as you work through the

New Hermeiics program. Ii is often easier to enter the proper state at first if someone acts as an assistant or coach, since almost all of the technologies of the New Hermetics require you to be in an altered state of consciousness. T his state has been called the hypnagogic state, meditation, self-hypnosis, the magical trance, and many other names. It is simply an inwardly directed state of concentration and relaxation that results in greater flexibility and power of the mind. In physiological terms, the altered state is a shift into the alpha and thcta ranges of brainwaves, or slowing the majority of your brainwaves down to between 3 and 15 cycles per second. This slowing down of the brainwaves allows for the introspection, "peak experiences," and "oceanic consciousness" that connect us with our unconscious powers and resources. It is sometimes a confusing space at first; so working with someone else may make things easier. It is not required by any means. Extremely deep states of consciousness are not really even necessary for the majority of the tools in this book. Simply being relaxed and focused is the only requirement. If you invest a little bit of energy and time, the possibilities for your development are unlimited. You can also obtain audio programs for all of the New Hermetics tools at

The New Hermetics has ten levels of instruction that correspond to the ten grades of the ancient Rosicrucian brotherhood. The names of the levels have been modernized to shake off the last dusty vestiges ol Victorian melodrama from the very real and powerful process of initiation and spiritual evolution. Each of the levels of the New Hermetics introduces us to greater and greater internal resources that allow us to evolve with incredible speed and precision. They are as follows:

1. Initiate—Earth, mastery of behavior and visualization in the aethyr.

2. Zealot—Water, mastery of emotions, breathing and aethyric energy.

3. Practitioner—Air, mastery of mind, beliefs and projecting aethyric energy,

4. Philosopher—Eire, mastering creativity, values, directing aethyric energy.

5. Adept—Spirit, development of relationship with cosmic consciousness.

6. Advanced Adept—Power co direct forces of cosmic consciousness.

7. Perfect Adept—Wisdom and ability to share these forces with others.

8. Master—Mastery of cosmic consciousness.

9. Mage—Mastery of universal power.

10. Ultimate Master—Mastery of universal self.

Part I

The New Hermetics Program

Chapter 1

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