is is a very basic cool for New Hermetics self-initiation. Initiation is usually the passing of spiritual awakening, knowledge, and power from ifeacher directly to student, rather than something that you do on your [own. Unfortunately, that is not possible within the context of a book. However, you will be able to get wonderful results from this exercise i( you practice it slowly a few times and just let yourself enjoy it.

This simple cool is based upon the formula of initiation from all reli-ons and secret societies. The candidate for initiation is in darkness d introduced slowly to the light. This is usually performed in a cere-onial manner, but in this New Hermetics self-initiation, only the ¡literal pattern that your mind goes through in the process of initiation will Ibc explored. However, initiation ceremonies can be very transformative 11 a psycho-social level as well as on an interior spiritual level, and you ay find seeking out a group to be a useful pursuit. This initiatory tool is a pure representation of the inner, spiritual initiation that takes place as a result of any ceremony performed. It allows 11 to dispense with any outer ceremony at all for the moment, while intaining the true inner light of the initiatory pattern. It also enables u to eliminate any dogmatic or religious overtones from the initia-Ipry experience, allowing you to experience initiation in whatever way U most appropriate for your needs. This specific tool is based on the desire of the candidate to experience transcendence, the purification of Khc candidate, and final admission into the experience of the light.

1. Enter the altered state (see above).

2. When you are in a relaxed and concentrated state, begin to visualize that you are inside a large black egg that is one or two feet taller than you. T his egg represents your spiritual body or "aura." Visualize yourself surrounded by an abyss of pure darkness, floating in a void. You can, ii you wish, hear the sound of waves far down below you, as if you are floating above a black sea.

3. Look up in your inner space, and begin to visualize a point of brilliant white light above you, shining down on your auric egg. This point of light represents the descent of cosmic

Figure 11. A point of white light represents cosmic consciousness.

consciousness. But you are still in the blackness of your own consciousness (see figure 11, above).

4. Become aware of your desire to experience this cosmic consciousness, feeling a pleasant sensation around the area of your genitals and the base of your spine.

5. Begin to move this feeling of desire slowly up through your body, feeling the pleasant sensation moving up your back, through your sex organs, up into your belly. At the same time, visualize that the point of light above you is growing larger, into a globe, and moving slowly down toward you (see figure 12, opposite).

6. Continue feeling your desire for this light, moving it up into your chest and neck.

Figure I 2. Feel desire for rhe growing light.

7. Visualize the globe of light getting larger, continuing to move slowly down toward the top of your head. As it gets closer, visualize a beam or ray of light shining down into your black auric egg, down onto the top of your head, turning your auric egg gray from this influx of light. Feel the soft light around you purifying you within and without (see figure 13, page 78).

8. Feel your desire to be with this globe of light moving up into your face and your forehead. Feel your desire all through your body mingling with the feelings of purity from the light, and transforming into euphoric bliss.

9. See and feel the globe of light entering your egg, and reaching your head. Feel an almost electric ripple at the point ol

Figure 13. A ray of lighr shines down into your auric egg.

contact. Visualize and feel brilliant white light filling your whole body and your auric egg (see figure 14, opposite).

10. Feel yourself enveloped in light. Yield to (his light, letting it flow pleasurably through you, and letting yourself flow into the light. Feel yourself dissolving blissfully into light. In this state, you may begin to receive impressions about your life's purpose or who you really are, or you may simply feel relaxed and euphoric (see figure 1 5, opposite).

11. Whenever you are ready, return to normal consciousness.

Figure 14. The globe of light reaches rhe top of your head

Figure 14. The globe of light reaches rhe top of your head

Figure IS. I'ccl yourself dissolving completely into the light.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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