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This is a tool thai can be used to begin to comprehend the infinity ol the universe, and that your consciousness is capable of encompassing this infinity. You have already experienced this infinity to a certain extent in your initiation, as well as in your death and rebirth experience. The purpose of this tool is to get you used to the idea of an expanded iden tity so that you will be able to operate with greater and greater power in your life and be prepared for the cosmic consciousness experience.

Figure 46. Imagine the desired energy moving out of your solar plexus and forming a glowing sphere.

With this tool, you will learn to expand your consciousness in a more or less intellectual way to encompass more and more of the universe. In your initiation, you basically just visualized expanded consciousness. In the Zealot phase, with the Death and Rebirth tool, you began to feel expanded consciousness emotionally. With this tool, you will come to understand expanded consciousness intellectually. Likewise, at the Philosopher level, you will expand your consciousness with your will, using the tool called Rising on the Planes.

1. Enter the altered state using your meditation anchor (see page 132).

2. Go to your inner temple (see page 90).

3. Perform the New Hermetics grounding and centering (see page 99).

Figure 47. Visualize the elemental moving up into the globe of light above your temple.

4. Visualize the Earth, imagining particularly its size as compared with your physical body. Remember that the Earth is approximately 24,000 miles in circumference, while you artless than 0.0001 mile in circumference. Enlarge your consciousness to encompass the Earth.

5. Expand your vision to include the moon, remembering that the moon is about 180,000 miles away from the Earth.

6. Add Venus, Mars, Mercury, and the Sun to your vision.

7. You may now move your point of view to the center of the Sun.

8. Add the asteroid belt, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto to your vision.

9. Expand your vision to include several solar systems.

10. Expand your vision to the entire Milky Way galaxy. Move your consciousness to the center of the galaxy.

11. Expand your vision to several galaxies.

12. Expand your vision to whole strings of galaxies.

13. Continue expanding until you conceive of the entire universe as one thing.

14. Return to your inner temple.

15. Perform the New Hermetics grounding and centering.

16. Return to normal consciousness.

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