Creating Artificial Elementaos

Artificial elementáis are projected thought forms that possess a certain sentience and ability to act on their own to accomplish your desires. You can create elementáis to accomplish all sorts of tasks, from bringing you business contacts or lovers to manifesting wealth. You can create elementáis to help you accomplish any of your goals. If you are an overeater, you can create an elemental to keep you away from the refrigerator. If you need some extra cash, you can create an elemental to man-

Figure 44. Begin pore breathing.

ifest money into your life. Anything is possible. As with all of these tools, start with small things first, until you perfect the technique.

When creating an elemental you must decide four things:

• The specific purpose that your elemental will serve.

• The name of your elemental. The name can be anything you choose, but it may be appropriate to choose a name that has something to do with its purpose.

• The amount of time it has to accomplish its mission.

• The specific date and time when it will disintegrate. You should always create an end-time for your artificial elementáis, or they will continue to hang around and perhaps cause problems. For instance, if you created an elemental to bring you a relationship and the elemental stayed around, what

Figure 45. Imagine the desired energy moving out of your solar plexus and filling the space you have chosen.

would become of it il the relationship ended? It might cause some sort of complex or obsession.

You can create an elemental to perform a task over a long period of time, but you should always have an end-time. This can be the day that you die, if you choose. If you have a long-term elemental, you may wish to recharge it from time to time. Simply follow the procedure below, first calling back your elemental to get recharged. For long-term elementals, you may want to have a physical object such as a statue, figurine, or picture as its home base. This will give you a reference point for working with it over time.

As far as colors and specific purposes go, you may follow the advice in the projecting energy tool above.

1. Enter the altered state using your meditation anchor (sec page 132).

2. Go to your inner temple (see page 90).

3. Perform the New Hermetics grounding and centering (see page 99).

4. Visualize the desired energy (vital power, ecstasy, Jupiter, etc.) as filling the entire universe in a diluted, but all encompassing, form. In this diluted form, it is mixed with all other energies. However, become aware of this particular energy by imagining an appropriate color, sound, feeling.

5. Imagine the energy (visualizing appropriate colors, feelings, etc.) beginning 10 accumulate as you concentrate 011 it.

6. Begin pore breathing (see page 98), drawing the appropriate energy into your body through all of your pores. Fill yourself with this energy until you feel you could nearly burst. Experience this energy palpably, visibly, inside your body, both in your inner temple and in your physical body.

7. Hold out your hands in front of you, both in your inner temple and the physical world.

8. Allow the energy to move out of your solar plexus to form a sphere between ten and twenty inches between your iwo hands (see figure 46, page 172). Make sure that this visualization is as vivid as possible in appropriate color and intensity (turn up the brightness submodality).

9. Once you have gathered a sufficient amount of energy into this sphere, tell the elemental its name, its purpose, how long it has to accomplish it, and when it will disintegrate back into the acthyr.

10. Visualize the elemental moving up into the white globe above your inner temple to accomplish its task (see figure 47, page 173).

1 1. Perform the New Hermetics grounding and centering.

12. Return to normal consciousness and forget entirely about this elemental, letting it do its job without your mental, emotional, or physical interference, except where necessary. For instance, if you made an elemental to find you a job, it would be foolish not to look in the help-wanted section.

You may want to write down the conditions you created for the elemental s existence and purpose so that you can check its success or failure at a future date without having to keep it on your mind. You should really endeavor not to think about your elementáis at all unless giving them specific instructions, as this will tend to hinder their effectiveness.

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