Becoming a New Hermeticist

n essence, the New Hermetics is a system for getting in touch with cosmic, universal consciousness, and eventually experiencing tran scendental, ecstatic union with this consciousness. By this I mean a personal and transformational link with the source of consciousness, the creative intelligence that forms the universe. Throughout history, this has been called "union with God" However, the New Hermetics is not based on any particular theory about religion, or the nature of God or the universe. Rather it is based on the methods that humans have used since the beginning of time to establish a connection with their source. These methods form the process of exploring our internal worlds and ourselves until we eventually discover our center, the source of our consciousness itself.

Because of this, people from any background can enjoy the benefits of the New Hermetics in their lives. All that is required is an open mind and an open heart. These need not even be developed in full, because the methods of the New Hermetics will greatly assist you in opening both of these organs. It is not necessary for you to believe in God in any traditional sense or to disbelieve in Ciod. It is not necessary lor you to accept or reject any religious inclinations that you may or may not have. The New I lermetics will give you the opportunity

16 The New Ncrmefcios Program to experience universal consciousness or God freely, in exactly the way that is appropriate for you.

The magical and mystical quest for enlightenment is an entirely personal and intimate journey. I cannot say lor certain what your enlightenment will be like, any more than you can for me. The wonderful thing about the New Hermetics is that it is entirely based on process rather than dogma, so you will be free to experience your personal illumination in exactly the manner that is correct for you.

In order to become a New Mermeticist, you must adopt several new models of behavior. These will help you to actualize your powers in (he fullest and most helpful and positive way possible. You are about to go into uncharted territory, and without these guideposts, it is easy 10 become lost in the morass of your own fears, illusions, and bad habits. We are all limited beings, and even our most profound insights are limited by our human imperfections. At our best, we are reflections of our ideals, but to mistake ourselves for these ideals is the first error of [he mystic.

The basic guideposts of the New Hcrmeticist are simple: cultivate a natural cheerful skepticism, a sense of possibility, knowledge that truth is entirely subjective, an awareness and cultivation of the basic mystical states, and an endless pursuit of equilibrium.

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