Balancing Your Power

With this tool, you will move through a series of experiences that prepare you for the ups and downs that life will bring to you. You have now explored all of the essential tools of the New Hermetics. This tool is a benediction and a final conditioning to prepare you for the road ahead.

1. Enter the altered state using your meditation anchor (see page 132).

2. Go to your inner temple (see page 90).

3. Perform the New Hermetics grounding and centering (see page 99).

4. Look up at that shining globe of white brilliance above your head and visualize this globe becoming larger and brighter, descending on you.

5. As the light grows, feel the crown of your head. Feel the pure-white light of cosmic consciousness entering the crown of your head so that your whole head begins to glow. This is the energy of cosmic consciousness moving into your body.

6. Heel and see yourself flowing upward into the light of your globe as the light flows into you.

7. Visualize your inner temple below you and be aware that, in your inner temple, you are at the true equilibrium of forces. You are connected to the foundation and the source of your power, and you can experience yourself balanced by the elements on all sides, at one with the forces of the universe. Know that, wherever you are, your inner light and power is with you.

8. Move peacefully forward into the future. When you have troubles and difficulties—whether in relationships with people, financial troubles, or personal confusion—you will really start to connect with these troubles and fully experience the difficulties that everyone faces. Peel, see, and hear these experiences vividly. As you are fully immersed in this, realize that these troubles are opportunities to display your strength, your character, and the force of your will to overcome obstacles. Know that these troubles will offer new learning experiences, and that everyone who has ever accomplished anything has experienced failure and opposition. Know that the greater the obstacles and the trials, the greater the triumph and the glory that is experienced in the long run. From now on, you will look forward to struggles and challenges because you know that only through them will you experience success.

9. Move peacefully forward to a time in the future when you will have great success and victories, whether in wonderful relationships with people, success in your career, or financial abundance. As you really start to connect with your triumphant experiences, fully experience the joy of success. Feci, sec, and hear these experiences vividly. As you are fully immersed in this, realize that it is still important for you to maintain your humility, because, although you may have accomplished much, there are those who have accomplished more. Avoid looking down on those who have accomplished less, because you are unaware of the full circumstances of their lives. Your greatest strength is in your humility, loo much pride is the undoing of all great people.

10. Move peacefully forward to another time in the future and experience yourself respecting your body, eating appropriately, and moderating your behavior to keep yourself healthy and strong. Experience yourself maintaining your mental equilibrium; your passions, emotions, and beliefs are under your control. Feel, see, and hear these experiences vividly.

1 I. Move peacefully forward to another time in the future and experience yourself doing good to others just because it feels good. This is the only reason to do good. You are acting passionately, thinking rationally, being yourself. Heel, see, and hear these experiences vividly.

12. Perform the New 1 lermetics grounding and centering.

13. Return to normal consciousness.

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