Discover The Secret Of Immortality

Discover The Secret Of Immotality

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All the modules inside this book are very detailed and explanatory, there is nothing as comprehensive as this guide.

Conditional Immortality and Reincarnation

The aim of life is to offer man a chance to gain salvation, to enter the path of Transfiguration. Since the fall of man The Lord of Wisdom has outlined an escape route, a path by which man may awaken the Yechidah and grasp the gift of immortality. And immortality is a gift, in all mythologies we find a quest for immortality, a trial that leads to a reward of life eternal. In the twelve labours of Hercules we have a series of initiations which lead to eternal life, while in the quest for the Golden Fleece (of immortality) we have Jason overcoming immense odds to grasp it. The Lord in his wisdom offers man many chances to gain immortality and these chances take place in many lives. Reincarnation within Gnostic thought is not the same as it is within eastern philosophy. Reincarnation occurs within a limited period and offers the opportunity for immortality, it is not an immortal soul gaining experience but a mortal self being offered opportunity on opportunity to enter the spiritual...

Perceiving the Creator

The attainment of such a perception should be our sole purpose in this world. This is the one goal we should spare no effort to achieve, for only when we can perceive the Creator can we receive His help. This would save us from both the calamities of this life and from a spiritual death, thereby according us spiritual immortality without having to return to this world. Faith, the Light of the Creator, gives us a sensation of being linked to the eternal. It brings us an understanding of the Creator, a feeling of complete communication with Him, as well as a sense of absolute security, immortality, greatness and strength. It becomes clear that deliverance from our temporal existence and from our suffering (caused by our futile pursuit of transient pleasures) lies only in our attaining faith, through which we will be able to perceive the Creator.

Foreword To Jung Phenomenes Occultes1

The essays collected together in this little volume were written over a period of thirty years, the first in 1902 and the last in 1932. The reason why I am bringing them out together is that all three are concerned with certain borderline problems of the human psyche, the question of the soul's existence after death. The first essay gives an account of a young somnambulistic girl who claimed to be in communication with the spirits of the departed. The second essay deals with the problem of dissociation and part-souls (or splinter-personalities). The third discusses the psychology of the belief in immortality and the possibility of the continued existence of the soul after death. The point of view I have adopted is that of modern empirical psychology and the scientific method. Although these essays deal with subjects which usually fall within the province of philosophy or theology, it would be a mistake to suppose that psychology is concerned with the metaphysical nature of the problem...

Jesus Christ and Logos

When we come to understand that Jesus is a created being a new picture of divinity arises. Jesus was the first created being, Michael, the first of the immortals created through the power of the Logos. There is one Source of light, the Lord of Wisdom and other created beings formed by the force of the divine mind. Jesus in the first estate (before coming into a physical body) is Michael, that immortal who plays such an important role in the Cosmic battle we will discuss later. When Michael is born into the Essene community, he becomes Jesus. At his Baptism, after years of training (the so-called Lost years) he became the Christ. His special Essene training had involved processes that cleansed the human state by the power of Sophia and transformed his bodily vehicle into a form that was made pure enough for the full manifestation of the Logos. Jesus as an individual, discrete being (Michael) still The state of Christhood is a state to which all of us must aim, it is the state by which...

Thoughts Electricity and Philosophy

The world's most extraordinary book of practical philosophical idealism of India is Yoga-Vasishtha. The gist of this work is this The non-dual Brahman or the immortal soul alone exists. This universe as universe is not. Knowledge of the Self alone will free one from this round of births and deaths. Extinction of thoughts and Vasanas is Moksha. Expansion of mind alone is Sankalpa. Sankalpa or thought, through its power of differentiation generates this universe. This world is a play of the mind. This world does not exist in the three periods of time. Extinction of Sankalpas is Moksha. Annihilate this little 'I', Vasanas, Sankalpas, thoughts. Meditate on the Self and become a Jivanmukta.

Shepherdess No Temptation To Which Poussin And Teniers Keep The Key Piece 681 With The Cross And This Horse Of God I

The key to elucidating Jesus' secret teaching concerning the Grail is to remember that, in esoteric terms, alchemists know the Holy Grail as the 'Stone of God'.18 It is equated with the Philosopher's Stone of Immortality.19 (Some believe its secrets -- which enable the transmutation of the elements -are literally written on a stone.)

Ancient Doctrines Rediscovered

The intellectual and religious climate that produced Gnosticism and Hermeticism also produced the set of doctrines known as Neoplatonism, another movement of great importance in the esoteric tradition. This system of thought is based on Plato's teachings of the immortality of the soul, of a transcendent principle of good and of a dualistic state of affairs in which the world perceived by our senses is illusory and masks a real world accessible only to our minds. Neoplatonism, which emerged in Egypt between the third and sixth centuries A.D., combined Platonic philosophy with Aristotelian, Stoic, Pythagorean and Gnostic teachings. Its founder is said to have been a somewhat shadowy figure called Saccas (c,175-c.242), but the best-known proponent of Neoplatonism was Plotinus (204-270). Born at Lycopolis in Egypt, he studied under Saccas at Alexandria and later taught his philosophy at Rome. His teachings were put together with a commentary by his pupil Porphyry (c.232-304) and published...

General Causes Of Disease Introduction

Prior to the impregnation of the desire body with this demoniac principle, conception was immaculate and a sacrament. Men walked in the presence of the Angels then, pure and unashamed. The act of fertilization was as chaste as that of the flower. Therefore when the mischief has been wrought, immediately the messenger, or Angel, girded them with leaves to impress upon them the ideal which they must learn to live, namely, that of the plant. Whenever we are able to perform the act of generation in a pure, chaste, and passionless manner as the plant does, an immaculate conception takes place and a Christ is born, capable of healing all the suffering of humanity, capable of conquering death and establishing immortality, a true light to lead humanity away from the will-o'-the-wisp of passion through self-sacrifice to compassion.

Matos Spells And Magic Create Earthquake

The Nephilim set forth on the road towards unity and sophistication. They refined their use of magic, which was to them a tool and a form of energy. They invented the language called Enochian to communicate their magical knowledge. They studied their own life cycle and came to the conclusion that they were almost immortal.

Philosophical Disquisition Upon The Nature Of The Soul

I don't say, went on the mystic, that the genius and his artist are not inseparably connected. It may be a little more closely than the horse and his rider. But there is at least a distinction to be drawn. And here is a point for you to consider the genius appears to have all knowledge, all illumination, and to be limited merely by the powers of his medium's mind. Even this is not always a bar how often do we see a writer gasp at his own work 'I never knew that,' he cries, amazed, although only a minute previously he has written it down in plain English. In short, the genius appears to be a being of another plane, a soul of light and immortality I know that much of this may be explained by supposing what I have called the genius to be a bodily substance in which the consciousness of the whole race (in his particular time) may Only because you try to build without foundations. Now I am going to try to show you some good reasons for thinking that the soul exists, and is omniscient and...

Causes Of Physical Disabilities

It is only when we enter the higher realms, and particularly into the Region of Concrete Thought, that the eternal verities are to be perceived hence we must necessarily make mistakes again and again, even despite our most earnest efforts always to know and tell the truth. On that account it is impossible for us to build a thoroughly harmonious vehicle. Were that possible, such a body would really be immortal, and we know that immortality in the flesh is not the design of God. Paul says that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God.

The Laws Implied in Higher Thoughts

Free yourself from the slavery of prejudice that blunts intellect and dulls thoughts. Think of the immortal Atman. This is the right method of direct, original thinking. The Atman reveals Itself after the purification of thoughts. When the mind is serene without any want, without any motive, without any craving or desire or thought, without any compulsion, without hope, then the supreme Atman shines. There is the experience of Bliss. Live the way in which saints live. This is the only way to victory over thoughts, mind and the lower self and until you have conquered mind, there can be no sure and permanent victory.

How To Acquire Good Samskaras

Try to acquire some good spiritual Samskaras in this birth at least, if you are not able to devote all your time in spiritual pursuit. Do some kind of meditation for a short time at least daily, say for half an hour in the morning and evening. Have a meditation room. Make some kind of Japa of any Mantra. Study the Gita regularly. Have Satsanga. Visit Rishikesh, Nasik, Varanasi, Haridwar, Prayag once a year for a week's stay. Have the Darshana of Mahatmas. By doing so, you will acquire some spiritual Samskaras which will be a valuable spiritual asset for a new, good life. You will have a very good birth. You will be placed in suitable environments in the next birth for unfolding the Divinity that is lurking in your heart, for practice of Yoga. All opportunities and facilities will be given to you by God, through His grace (Isvara-Kripa) for your spiritual Sadhana. Even by a little systematic spiritual practice (Yogabhyasa and Vedantic Sadhana), you can change your mentality, your old...

The Theosophical and Rosicrucian Structure of

This Salvation process involves a spiritual technology whereby man is reborn in the image of the Pleroma and the Ruach is united with the re-awakened Yechidah. The Yechidah, using the energies of the Ruach and Nephesh is re-developed and the True self of man is revealed. The impersonal electricity, which invigorates a person, is changed into an eternal, discrete, individual, reflecting the glory of the Stars. So, yes man is mortal, but there is hope, there is an opportunity for immortality. It is important however to realise that immortality is conditional. Man has no right to immortality. His constitution is innately, because of the fall, mortal and contaminated and only by the power of The Christ can it be changed into a immortal being, who reflects the majesty and beauty of the Treasury of Light.

The Luciferian Bon pa

Black Magick is the process of self-transformation through an antinomian initiatory structure, Black meaning the hidden wisdom, power of darkness, dreams and staging the reality you wish and Magick being the process to ascend, become immortal in spirit. Thus Our sorcery is the Magick of Lucifer, Lilith, Samael, Ahriman, Asmodeus and Az. We wish to devour and to become. Luciferians are Anti-Buddhist in the accepted normal sense. We respect and admire their culture and high level of discipline, yet we wish to possess the world and spirit around us. We have no knowledge of an exterior God but the one within.

Path of Buiti and Bon Po

Yoga is a word deriving from a Sanskrit root meaning 'Yuj and means essentially join . While the traditionalists mean join with God the Luciferian means join with the Adversary , meaning the Daemonic Masculine and Feminine. The Luciferian is essentially a Sadhaka, being a spiritual aspirant of the left hand path, seeking to make his or her body a balanced, spiritual and physical Temple of the Adversary, to grow strong and immortal in mind through the initiation on the Satanic or Luciferian path.

Dees Third Period 15891608 Disgrace And Failure

To insinuate into my hart, an insatiable zeale, and desire to knowe his truth And in him, and by him, incessantly to seeke, and listen after the same by the true philosophical method and harmony proceeding and ascending gradatim, from things visible, to consider of things inuisible from thinges bodily, to conceiue of thinges spirituall from thinges transitorie, and momentarie, to meditate of things permanent by thinges mor-tall to have some perceiuerance of immortality. And to conclude, most briefeley, by the most meruailous frame of the whole world, philosophically viewed, and circumspectly wayed, numbred, and measured most faithfully to loue, honor, and glorifie alwaies, the Framer and Creator thereof.23

The Ten Quabbalistic Keys

This number is the highest number for the quabbalah expert as far as his practice is concerned, for it is a perfect representation of the Tetragrammatonic principle. In the planetary system, number four is attributed to Jupiter. This number represents all four basic elements fire, air, water and earth the four points of the compass east, west, south and north, the four fundamental features of God omnipotence, wisdom, love and immortality, perfect consciousness. Four, therefore, is the number by which everything was made and realized in the micro- and macrocosm it is the number of law, order, justice and realization. At the same time, four is the number of everything that was created in the visible and the invisible worlds. As a divine original idea, number four means highest wisdom. It is also the number of length, width, height and depth. Graphically, or symbolically, number four is represented by a cross whose arms are of equal length, or by an equilateral quadrangle.

Freedom From Desires Necessary For Jnana

You can attain Jnana only if you are free from sensuous desires and immortal mental states. Aloofness of body from sensuous objects and aloofness of mind from immoral states of mind are needed for the attainment of Jnana. Then only will Divine Light descend. Just as a bungalow is cleaned of cobwebs and all kinds of dirts and the garden of all its weeds for the reception of the Viceroy, the mental palace should be cleansed of all vices, desires and immoral states for the reception of the Holy Brahman, the Viceroy of viceroys.

Mystery of the Melchisedek Priesthood

One of the ways we can see the differences between the two paths of Salvation is found in an understanding of the Priesthood of Melchizedek. This priesthood is a special, immortal Royal line which was founded by the Lord of Wisdom in the period before creation. It is a unique Priesthood and one available to all those of Israel. It comprises, however, various levels or hierarchies within it. The Celestial Class are those who have reached perfection through the Path of Transfiguration and achieved a state of Godhood. They continue to incarnate on earth working with the Will (Logos) of the Lord of Wisdom. In the end time the 144,000 in conjunction with the Celestial Class will fulfil the role of the Left Hand of God cleansing the planet in preparation for his return. They will be translated to become Immortal Elohim within the God-Family.

The Inner Way Of Claude De Saintmartin

From this, one might suggest that the man who does not pray is not weaving his own immortality, and that he is depriving himself of a precious treasure. In this case, each of us will find, beyond death , what, in his terrestrial life, he had hoped to find there. The atheist will vanish into Nothingness, and believers into another Life55.

Artemis And Hippolytus

In the story of the tragic death of the youthful Hippolytus we may discern an analogy with similar tales of other fair but mortal youths who paid with their lives for the brief rapture of the love of an immortal goddess. These hapless lovers were probably not always mere myths, and the legends which traced their spilt blood in the purple bloom of the violet, the scarlet stain of the anemone, or the crimson flush of the rose were no idle poetic emblems of youth and beauty fleeting as the summer flowers. Such fables contain a deeper philosophy of the relation of the life of man to the life of nature a sad philosophy which gave birth to a tragic practice. What that philosophy and that practice were, we shall learn later on.

The Third Ritual [March 3 1946 EV continued

What is the tumult among the stars that have shone so still till now What are the furrows of pain and wrath upon the immortal brow She has clothed her beauty in robes of sin and pledged her heart to swine And loving and giving all she has brewed for saints immortal wine.

The Hidden Forces of the Land

(Hutz Laaretz) is that the upper force, the perfect and eternal pleasure can only be felt in the spiritual place called the Land of Israel. That is why all souls naturally aspire to attain that spiritual state. Being in it guarantees immortality and perfection of knowledge and power. The sensation of equality with the Creator in the degree of the Land of Israel is called Gan Eden (the Garden of Eden). This explains the historic unconscious desire of the whole of mankind to come to a certain place on the planet called the Land of Israel.

The Therapeutic Basis Of Light Color And Sound

For music can destroy as well as build. This has been well proven by great musicians. For instance, the grandson of the immortal Felix Mendelssohn has for several years been experimenting with the power of sound in that direction. He has come to the conclusion that once we find the keynote of a building, bridge, or other structure, we may raze that structure to the ground by sounding that note sufficiently loud and long.

Art of Thinning Out Thoughts

In the rubber plantations, planters take recourse to the method of thinning out the rubber trees by cutting the small surplus trees which stand in the vicinity of big trees. By so doing they can tap more milk (rubber juice) from the big trees. Even so, you must thin out the thoughts by destroying them one by one in order to drink the ambrosial milk or nectar of immortality.

The Soul or the Astral Body

Man has been fitted with the five senses corresponding to the five elements, of which the astral body or the soul, with the help of the bodily senses, makes use to receive perceptions of the physical world. Our immortal spirit realizes this receiving and operating of the five senses through the astral and the material body. Why this spirit is immortal will be explained in a later chapter. Without any activity of the spirit in the soul, the astral body would be without life and dissolve itself into its components. As the spirit would not be able to operate without the intervention of the soul, the astral body is the seat of all the qualities the immortal spirit has. According to its development and maturity, spirit has a different electric or magnetic fluid vibration, which becomes outwardly patent, in soul, in the four temperaments. In accordance with the predominant elements, we distinguish the choleric, the sanguine, the melancholic, and the phlegmatic temper. The choleric temper is...

Austin Osman Spare And Sethian Magick

Image Set Typhon

Leviathan, the Timeless Serpent-Dragon of the Oceans of the Subconscious is a gate keeper of not only our great potential, but our immortal essence of self. The Ourabouris Serpent encircles the self and totality of being, and through the Sacred Alphabet which we each weave and form, is the communication point from which Leviathan heeds our calls. The Serpent itself A grimoire of self-love and deification is meant at a process or tool of sorcerous art, both high and low magick which produces change by the exploration of self. The Death Posture as a means of producing Willed results, charging the sigillic process is best described as reaching a point of ecstasy from which the mind forgets and looses conceptual surroundings by Self-Love. This is the Fall process, the Luciferic rebellion from which the self emerges from the Death Posture aware of its being, the existence which makes it separate from the natural order Heaven so sought to impose upon it. There is an aspect of our self which...

The Church of Ephesus

The Promise offered to those who correctly use the base Chakra is the ability to eat from the Tree of Life . This has many different shades of meaning ranging from the promise of immortality to the liberation of the Self through the activation of the Tree of Life within the Being of the Gnostic.

Formulas Of Magical Incantationvulgar Magic

The only thing they are not so clear about is the subject of everlasting life and yet who can tell how many alchemists have grown white in the crypts of the pagodas, and how many strange philters have been there concocted in order to learn the secret of immortality Inscriptions recorded upon granite, marble, stone, or baked earth, invariably contain everything that is most elevated in the popular belief. We do not select the superstitious ideas of the multitude to bequeath to future ages, and, as it were, to immortalize them.

Chapter xxxvii How by some certain naturall and artificiall preparations we may attract certain Celestiall and vitall

But by Aire, nor the Aire with the Earth, but by water. So neither is the soul united to the body, but by the spirit, nor the understanding to the spirit but by the soul. So we see that when nature hath framed the body of an infant, by this very preparative she presently fetcheth the spirit from the Universe. This spirit is the instrument to obtain of God the understanding, and mind in the soul, and body, as in wood the dryness is fitted to receive oile, and the oile being imbibed is food for the Fire, the Fire is the vehiculum of light. By these examples you see how by some certain naturall, and artificiall preparations, we are in a capacity to receive certain Celestiall gifts from above. For stones, and Metals have a correspondency with Hearbs herbs , Hearbs herbs with Animals, Animals with the Heavens, the Heavens with Intelligencies, and those with divine properties, and attributes, and with God himself, after whose image, and likness all things are created. Now the first Image of...

Weaken The Storms Matos Spells Nd Magic

Ahriman soon went forth to the tribes of men and found a woman who slept alone, her husband being nearly impotent and weak as a sheep herder. Ahriman called Samael by the Hebrews mounted and penetrated deeply Eve, injecting filth into her, and she conceived and bare Cain who was the First Satanist and Sorcerer. Ahriman left this land to again the darkness of hell. Ahriman proclaims thus, those who make the Daevas a part of the human body and spirit make themselves immortal as a Temple of Ahriman. Worship the Daevas and humans are worshipping themselves It was indeed Az according to Manichaean folklore that Az formed human bodies so that they may be her covering, thus Az dwells in our bodies. Ahriman, with the Eyes which perceived the astral, found a great tree which tooks its roots deep into the darkness. He found life here, mingling with it he and the confederate demons went forth to corrupt the Tree of Life and it became yet a mirror of the tree as it could not be devoured. The Tree...

Mundane Concoctions

As mentioned earlier, the occasional, supremely skilled herbalist can turn this trait into an elixir of immortality that confers everlasting life upon the imbiber. Dew MagicaL Concoccion GLixir of Immortality This is the legendary drink that makes a person immortal. A rich ambrosia the color of spun gold, it has a taste that ignites a creature's taste buds with every pleasant flavor it has ever experienced, and an aroma that induces sweet, blissful visions of enlightenment and perfection. Drinking it is like opening the gates to heaven, and puts the imbiber in an untouchable state of catatonia for 9 months. Nothing can harm him while in this state, not even the gods, as he is protected by a blinding, golden aura of raw power. As the months pass, the aura solidifies, becoming a white lotus large enough to envelope him. Then, on the ninth day of the ninth month, during the ninth hour, the blossom opens, releasing him. Superficially, he is unchanged, but he now has the Immortal...

Question Why is it important to study Kabbalah

When we are studying Kabbalah, the Surrounding Light instantly shines on us without being dressed within our souls, as the sixth sense has not yet been developed. Nevertheless, the Light that we receive every time during our studies purifies and makes us fit to receive the Light within. The reception of the Light grants absolute knowledge, calm, and the sensation of immortality.

The Twelveinch Rule And The Common Gavel

The Dimensions of the Lodge, our Brethren of the York Rite say, are unlimited, and its covering no less than the canopy of Heaven. To this object, they say, the mason's mind is continually directed, and thither he hopes at last to arrive by the aid of the theological ladder which Jacob in his vision saw ascending from earth to Heaven the three principal rounds of which are denominated Faith, Hope, and Charity and which admonish us to have Faith in God, Hope in Immortality, and Charity to all mankind. Accordingly a ladder, sometimes with nine rounds, is seen on the chart, resting at the bottom on the earth, its top in the clouds, the stars shining above it and this is deemed to represent that mystic ladder, which Jacob saw in his dream, set up on the earth, and the top of it reaching to Heaven, with the angels of God ascending and descending on it. The addition of the three principal rounds to the symbolism, is wholly modern and incongruous. II. Thy religion shall be, to do good...

The Occult Philosophy And Puritanism John Milton

Milton frequently expressed great admiration for Spenser as a religious and moral teacher, and we know that his early plans for the poem which he intended one day to write were that it should be on a chivalrous theme, a tale of King Arthur and his knights.3 Thirty years later, when he at last wrote the immortal poem, its hero was not Arthur but Adam. He had transposed his early enthusiasm for the chivalrous epic of Elizabethan Puritanism into the tremendous Biblical epic reflecting his enthusiasm for the Puritan Revolution. The Rosicrucian revolution had not materialised the Puritan revolution, its successor in ideology, succeeded, at least for a time. Milton devoutly believed in it and in the 'chosen' role of Englishmen, What worlds, or what vast regions hold The immortal mind, that hath forsook Her mansion in this fleshly nook.

Plant Symbolism

True instances of plant symbolism are shown in the attribution of Lily and Opium Poppy to Hera (Juno or Saturn a), the celestial queen of Greek and Roman mythology, daughter of Cronos or Saturn and in some ways his other self. That is the secret of the discord shown so frequently in the myths between Hera and her partner, Zeus or Jupiter. He represents the contemporary, everyday aspect of life she represents the elder order, the more severe and more august dominion. His key-number, as we have seen, is 4 hers is 3, for, as will be shown in Chapter VIII, she and Saturn together have their place one degree closer to the primal unity. Hers therefore is the triform and austere Lily, the gleaming colorless nower which, more than any other, signifies that which she is in her own right. What, however, of the symbol by which human comprehension is to learn something of her place in the immortal scheme That symbol, attached to her beside the Lily from ancient times, and still understood by the...

Demons Within The Body

Many have asked spiritual immortality would be boring, always being yourself . What must be understood is that the individual self is always changing, transforming and shedding former aspects of itself. The mind is always expanding and seeking new challenges, thus any God or Daemonic Spirit is continually changing and progressing. As the path of the Qlippoth in ritual circumstances allows devouring spirit of the sorcerer to feed and grow strong, it acts as a path against all others, to not loose the mind but grow from it. In sexual workings, your are tapping the very source of 'passion' and lust to a direct and personal form allowing initiation.

Matos Spells And Magic Angels Lightb

Up one class of ideas against another as being more real . The advance of man towards God is not necessarily an advance towards truth. All philosophical systems have crumbled. But each class of ideas possesses true relations within itself. It is possible, with Berkeley, to deny the existence of water and of wood but, for all that, wood floats on water. The Magician becomes identical with the immortal Osiris, yet the Magician dies. In this dilemma the facts must be restated. One should preferably say that the Magician becomes conscious of that part of himself which he calls the immortal Osiris and that Part does not die .

Saffron Spells For Money

Sage that is being gathered for magickal use should not be cut with a metal knife known as a Boline. It is said that if you eat Sage you will become more wise and also immortal. Sage is often a herb used at handfastings, since it will help bring about a long life and domestic virtue for the happy couple.

Union With God Magician

Now let us regard the idea of God from the magic standpoint, according to the four elements, the so-called tetragrammaton, the unspeakable, the supreme the fiery principle involves the almightiness and the omnipotence, the airy principle owns the wisdom, purity and clarity, from which aspect proceeds the universal lawfulness. Love and eternal life are attributed to the watery principle, and omnipresence, immortality and consequently eternity belong to the earth principle. These four aspects together represent the supreme Godhead. Let us tread upon this path to this supreme Godhead practically and step by step, beginning from the lowest sphere, to arrive at the true realization of God in ourselves. Let us praise the happy man who will reach this still in his earthly existence. Us banish fear of the pains, for all of us will reach this goal.

Love Magic Spells For The Bedroom

HEATHER Good for luck, protection, and immortality. Dip in water and sprinkle it around in a circle to bring rain. Carry in sachets or charms to protect against rape and other violent crimes. Hang or use in home decorations to promote peace. Burn with fern to bring rain.

Impregnation of the Astral Body with the Four Fundamental Divine Qualities

When the magician has arrived at this stage of development, he will begin to express his concept of God in concrete ideas. The mystic, being trained in one side only, or a Yogi, etc., sees in his Deity nothing else but a mere aspect to which he renders worship and adoration. The truly wise adept, who always considers the four elements in his development, will represent the concept of God in four aspects according to the laws of the universe, namely, the omnipotence, corresponding to the fire principle, the omniscience and wisdom belonging to the air principle, the immortality with the water principle, and the omnipresence with the earth principle. On this level, it will be the magician's task to meditate about these four divine ideas - aspects - in turn. Deep mediations enable the magician in a way to ecstacize directly with one of these divine virtues, fusing with it in such a manner that he feels himself to be the virtue in question. He has to experience the same will all the four...

The Nature of Theosis Deification

Theosis or deification is central to the Gnostic tradition. It represents the natural development of the Covenant process of Ancient Israel. We can see how Yahweh revealed knowledge to man first through Kingship in a theocracy, then through the Prophets and Shamans and finally directly to the human soul through initiation and Transfiguration. The essence of the Transfiguration process is the ability of an individual to enter the path of rebirth and escape the coils of the World of the Archons to return home as a immortal member of the God-family.

The Conjuration Of The Fire

I conjure thee, O fire, by him who made thee and all other creatures for good in the world, that thou torment, burn, and consume this Spirit N., for everlasting. I condemn thee, thou Spirit N., because thou art disobedient and obey-est not my commandment, nor keepest the precepts of the lord thy God, neither wilt thou obey me nor mine invocations, having thereby called thee forth, I, who am the servant of the most high and imperial lord god of hosts, iehovah, i who am dignified and fortified by His celestial power and permission, and yet thou comest not to answer these my propositions here made unto thee. For the which thine averseness and contempt thou art guilty of great disobedience and rebellion, and therefore shall I excommunicate thee, and destroy thy name and seal, the which I have enclosed in this box and shall burn thee in the immortal fire and bury thee in immortal oblivion unless thou immediately come and appear visibly and affably, friendly and courteously here unto me...

Magic Mental Training X

In the previous chapters we learned that there is a kingdom of elements populated not only by the element itself, but by the corresponding beings too. Then what is the difference between a human being and an elemental being The human being consists of four and five elements respectively, and is ruled by them, whereas an elemental being is composed of the purest element to which it belongs. According to our estimation of time, the duration of life of such a being probably is longer, but it has no immortal spirit. As a rule such a being is resolved into its element again. Let us disregard the description of details for a while, because the magician will learn everything by practical experiences. He will be able to do so by transference of his spirit. The magician is bound to understand how to transfer himself to the kingdom of the elements to contact the beings there. Later he will even manage to rule over these beings. In my next work, entitled The Practice of Magical Evocation, I...

Magic Psychic Training X

In the theoretical part of this course I alluded to the notion of God, and the magician who has made appreciable progress in his development can start on the meditation of this concept of God. Before he begins to work through this last chapter of his development, he has to examine whether or not he is already mastering the psychic training of all the previous steps, whether he has accomplished the magic balance and ennobled his psychic personality to such a degree that the Godhead can live in it. Many religions talk about the practical connection with God, giving expression to the personal point of view that this connection can be established by addressing God in the form of a prayer, of adoration, or of giving thanks to God. The magician who has trodden the stony path of development up to here is not at all satisfied with a statement like this. God for the magician is the highest, most true, most lawful concept that exists. For this particular reason, right at the beginning of his...

Third Series Advanced Exercises

He who readily knows what he wants, and dives into the source of all possible real, and imperishable wisdom, can rightly be called a wise man. If you realize that there exists a source of all knowledge and wisdom, unattainable by the clumsy, imperfect and uncertain way of mind and its thoughts, and only by a normal and logical process of raising one's awareness to the level of just that immortal source, then you must become a sincere follower of that way.

The Principles Of Ritual

The magician who wishes to invoke Bacchus by this method must therefore arrange a ceremony in which he takes the part of Bacchus, undergoes all His trials, and emerges triumphant from beyond death. He must, however, be warned against mistaking the symbolism. In this case, for example, the doctrine of individual immortality has been dragged in, to the destruction of truth. It is not that utterly worthless part of man, his individual consciousness as John Smith, which defies death --- that consciousness which dies and is reborn in every thought. That which persists (if anything persist) is his real John Smithiness, a quality of which he was probably never conscious in his life.

The Cabalistic Trinity

Finally, in both doctrines, the active generative element, by perpetual union with the passive or mother element, was continually shooting into space the rays of life, from which souls escape and accomplish their progressive destinies in the universe, and gradually ascend and are absorbed in the immortal source from which they originally spring, or, in other words, in unity.

Asana Or Posture

Or too cold, because of chances of increase in body-consciousness thereby). When the student is seated in Asana, with a harmonious flow of the Prana through the nerve-channels, he has already entered the gates of meditation. Asana has a spiritual import. One knocks at the door of the palace of the immortal, here. While in Yama and Niyama one is in preparation, in Asana the gates of Reality are reached, though they are yet to be opened. The soul is there ready to meet the Sovereign of the universe. This is the first step in actual Yoga.

Consciousness And Transformation

Consciousness is the point of awake and existent in the world around you. This does not define being aware of the 'self' on any particular level. The Luciferian who seeks the concept of spiritual immortality must have the 'trshna' or 'thirst' for continued existence. The Luciferian utilizes the practices of Yoga and Buddhism as a means of self-control and development, however the Luciferian is an anti-Buddhist in result. To achieve control and destroy the mind into the concept of 'oneness' of God is self-hate. The Luciferian recognizes divinity within, seeking to materialize it and refine consciousness becomes the 'Azothoz' point of Magick itself, the beginning and end. 2. Self-deification of the core essence of the self, before initiation - a sense of something more, a hunger for knowledge. During and beyond - the core essence being similar to a devouring serpent, the immortal daemon reflecting the illumination of the fallen angels - divinity with the knowledge and power of darkness...

Chapter Illo By Nathan

So why would someone take the plunge to become an adept The reasons are as many and as varied as there are adepts. For most adepts, it's the lure of the power and how it can transform the landscape of the world. For prodigies, it's the drive from within, the need to express the power that defines who they truly are. In most cases, though, the prospective mage is a lot like the assholes you knew from school who were always running for student-body office and who eventually went on to hold public office. On some level, they honestly view themselves as doing the right thing, that they're somehow responding to a higher calling. Fundamentally, though, they just get turned on by the idea of seeing themselves in a special position, wielding a power and authority above that of mere mortal ken. It's a pretty piss-poor reason to take on a job that has such an impact on everyone else around them, but assholes are always lining up for their chance. All in all, when it comes to the reasons for...

The Mystery of Breathing

If we put a thought, an idea or an image, no matter whether it s concrete or abstract, in the air to be inhaled, it will take in the akasa principle of the air concerned and convey it through the electric and magnetic fluids to the air substance. This impregnated air will play a double role when it is conveyed to the lungs through the blood vessels. In the first place, the material parts of the elements are destined to preserve the body secondly, the electromagnetic fluid, charged with the idea or the image, will lead the electromagnetic air coloured with the idea from the bloodstream through the astral matrix to the astral body, and from there to the immortal spirit through the reflective mental matrix.

The Grand Bewitchment

But only with the result of fortifying the immortal and divine self which was within his victim, so that 264 he would return with added power and wisdom while all his success in aggrandizing himself -- as he foolishly called it -- would leave his better part exhausted and disintegrated beyond refreshment or repair. He was like a man who should collect all his goods about him, and set fire to his house while the true adepts beggar themselves (to all appearances) by transforming all their wealth into a shape that fire cannot touch.

Receiving for the Sake of Giving

Are reading a book that deals with the Creator, with immortality, with the supreme goal in life, with the benevolent purpose of creation. This ultimate separation of a human being from the Creator the Source of all pleasures is caused by our egoism, and is the source of all our suffering. Realizing this is known as the realization of the evil, because in order for us to be repelled from egoism by a hatred toward it, we must fully feel and recognize that it is all of our evil, the single most deadly enemy, that stands in the way of our being able to attain perfection, pleasure and immortality.

Yogi Spiritual Breathing

This is the gist of the Yogi meditative breathing methods, and if persisted in will give one a wonderful sense of the reality of the Soul, and will make him seem almost independent of the body. The sense of immortality will often come with this increased consciousness, and the person will begin to show signs of spiritual development which will be noticeable to himself and others. But he must not allow himself to live too much in the upper regions, or to despise his body, for he is here on this plane for a purpose, and he must not neglect his opportunity to gain the experiences necessary to round him out, nor must he fail to respect his body, which is the Temple of the Spirit.

The Work Of The Mind

Accustomed to his particular scheme of ideas. The mere sight of him, or of some part of his weird regalia, is enough to paralyze the guilty or to awaken new hope in the disease-stricken. It is not his actual robe or mask on the material level which has this power, so much as the image in the subject's mind that image forms a connecting link between outer and inner, a bridgehead from which the work begun externally can continue within. This is an indication that the power of a symbol does not derive from the object or phenomenon as it exists in the outer world, but from the corresponding mental reality. Given a suitable setting, this power can transform the whole personality. The candidate who entered the Mysteries of Eleusis had probably many times seen fields of barley or other grain ripening without being profoundly moved by them, but we have reason to believe that a single ear of barley provided the culminating revelation of these Mysteries, after due preparation, and that the...

The Philosophers Stone

The principle of creating the Stone is quite simple -- extract all impurities from ordinary matter and recreate it into its pure, perfect form (the Prima Materia). Thus, every thing has its very own Philosopher's Stone (usually called a Quintessence), but gold, being the purest metal (immortal, uncorroding, and everlasting) and in perfect balance to all things, is the main objective. The Philosopher's Stone for creating gold could not only turn lead to gold, but cure the sick and grant immortality. Blood is the universal conveyer of Life, the water of the primordial sea from which all living things were created. Blood is nearly gold in that it is in close to balance between the elements (the color red is close to the color of gold). When the elements of the blood become harmonious to the elemental base metals, immortality and eternal life may be achieved.

Peace Of Mind And Selfcontrol

The senses live in a world of objects, of Samsara or earthly existence, and the need for Pratyahara therefore is on account of the necessity to rise from the mortal to the immortal. The Upanishad prayer is 'Lead me from the unreal to the real, from darkness to light, from mortality to immortality.' This is the aim of self-restraint, of Pratyahara in Yoga.

An Introduction to Bro Albert Pikes Morals and Dogma

Pike regarded Masonry as a potential framework upon which to retain the noblest and highest ideals once held by the defeated South. Hear his words, then, written in occupation and defeat, regarding this Brotherhood And Masonry, like History and Philosophy, has eternal duties - eternal, and, at the same time, simple. The people that would be Free and Independent, must possess Sagacity, Forethought, foresight, and careful Circumspection, all which are included in the meaning of the word Prudence. It must be temperate in asserting its rights, temperate in its councils, economical in its expenses it must be bold, brave, courageous, patient under reverses, undismayed by disasters, hopeful amid calamities. She must, above all things, be just, not truckling to the strong and warring on or plundering the weak she must act on the square with all nations, and the feeblest tribes always keeping her faith, honest in her legislation, upright in all her dealings. Whenever such a Republic exists, it...

The Spiritual Reality

Just as behind the Prana there is the mind, behind the Tanmatras there is the Cosmic Mind. Beyond the Cosmic Mind are the Cosmic Ego and the Cosmic Intellect, the last mentioned having a special name, Mahat. Beyond the Mahat is what is called Prakriti, in which the whole universe exists as a tree in a seed, or as effect in its cause. Transcending Prakriti is the Absolute-Consciousness, called Brahman, Paramatman and the like. So, whether we dive deep here or there, within ourselves or within the cosmos, we find the same thing-Consciousness. And the stages of manifestation in the individual correspond to those in the universe. The purpose of Yoga is to effect a communion between the individual and cosmic structures and to realize the ultimate Reality. The Yoga places before us the goal of a union wherein infinity and eternity seem to come together. The aim of Yoga is to raise the status of the individual to the cosmic level and to abolish the false difference between the individual and...

The Importance of Ceremonial Magic

THE ordinary fields of psychological inquiry, largely in possession of the pathologist, are fringed by a borderland of occult and dubious experiment into which pathologists may occasionally venture, but it is left for the most part to unchartered explorers. Beyond these fields and this borderland there lies the legendary wonder-world of Theurgy, so called, of Magic and Sorcery, a world of fascination or terror, as the mind which regards it is tempered, but in either case the antithesis of admitted possibility. There all paradoxes seem to obtain actually, contradictions coexist logically, the effect is greater than the cause and the shadow more than the substance. Therein the visible melts into the unseen, the invisible is manifested openly, motion from place to place is accomplished without traversing the intervening distance, matter passes through matter. There two straight lines may enclose a space space has a fourth dimension, and untrodden fields beyond it without metaphor and...

Methods To Control Lust

It is through constant Vichara and Brahma-Bhavana that the mind has to be weaned from lustful thoughts and tendencies. You must remove not only the sexual craving and the sexual impulses, but also sex-attraction. Think of the miseries that you get from a married life with its various entanglements and bondage. Make the mind understand by repeated auto-suggestions and hammering that sexual pleasure is false, worthless, illusory and full of pain. Place before the mind the advantages, bliss, power and knowledge of a spiritual life. Make it understand that the exalted, eternal life is in the immortal Atman. When it hears constantly these useful suggestions, it will slowly leave off its old habits. The attraction for the sex will slowly die. Then only real sex-sublimation will take place. You will become then only an Urdhvaretas.

Arcang Hcaicrs

The society of arcane healers arose in an early age when the gods disfavored the acts of mortals. According to legend, the demigod Asclepius, half-mortal son of a solar deity and a powerful oracle, refused the ways of heaven and walked among mortal-kind. When the other gods denied the prayers of clerics, Asclepius worked miracles for the mortals he encountered on his travels. The gods of fate and the underworld, angered with Asclepius' interference with death, demanded that the high god of heaven punish Asclepius. The high god declared that if Asclepius ever accepted payment for his miracles, the demigod would lose his powers forever. Many years later, Asclepius forgot himself and accepted a golden laurel for resurrecting a mortal king. The high god struck Asclepius with a thunderbolt, burning away his immortality. Now humbled, Asclepius spent the remainder of his days dedicated to medicinal rather than miraculous healing, refusing recompense except when necessary to continue his...

On Religion

One God supreme the universe does sway With rev'rence his omnipotence obey And know, that all we possibly can name, From heav'n itself originally came Let no mean thoughts of dissolution fright, Or damp you spirits with the dews of night. The soul's immortal and can never die For frail existence no vain efforts make, For fear to lose what he wants power to take. Another world is ready to receive Immortal souls, that earthly bodies leave To dust the perishable parts return, But at the grave eternal spirits spurn. And if in virtue's path they trod below, In heav'nly mansions 'tis their fate to glow But if by vice enslav'd, their doom's to roam Without a heav'nly, or an earthly home.

The Pleroma

There is a universe of created beings which exist in the Pleroma and which fulfil the creative directive expressed by the Lord of Wisdom. In one Gnostic tradition, Michael (as a manifestation of the Logos Ray) and first estate predecessor of Jesus, was the first created immortal.

How To Read the Text

Rather than rushing to complete reading the text, it is recommended to concentrate on the sections that appeal to us the most. Only then will the text be able to help and guide us in our search for personal spiritual ascent. The goal of this text is to help us become interested in the mysteries of life, such as Why were we born into this world Can we enter the spiritual worlds from here Can we ever understand the purpose of the creation Is it possible to perceive the Creator, eternity and immortality How can we begin to grow spiritually

Parting The Waters

As Moses and Jesus knew, 'stilling the waves' or 'parting' or 'walking upon' the waters of myth enable us to cross over to get to the other side -- the land of immortality. These 'waters of life', the primal waters of cosmic energy, are the waters of wisdom (the Holy Light) which separate the mortals from the immortals. In seeking this Holy Light my goal is to cross the real 'Great Lake' and join the great storytellers on the other side. One thing I know, these 'waters' are the same as those which conceal the mysteries at Rennes-le-Chateau. They are not necessarily those you drink (although they may be). They are the living waters, the waters of immortality prophesied to appear in our time by the prophet Isaiah who said the Earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea. 16


This is a rune of luck, good fortune, good fortune, immortality, divine impulse of human beings, and the invocation of divine power or help. Compare this to the rune thorn, which calls upon the chaotic or evil powers of the universe. Os is also good for writing poetry or prose or for success in public speaking. In Odin's list of eighteen runes, the fourteenth tells the names of the gods and elves one by one. Cooper, Esoteric Rune Magic.

What are the Aeons

According to the Gnostic traditions these two forces further manifest through a series of forms or entities. These forms can be expressed in many different ways, the most traditional is to know them as Aeons, while in Egypt they would have been called Sacred Principles or Neters. In the Zoroastrian tradition they are known as the Holy Spirits (Spenta Amesha). (These are akin to the Seven Spirits before the Throne in the Book of Revelation). These forces can, in some sense, be even understood as the seven aspects of The Lord of Wisdom. This links interestingly with some western traditions, which see the Seven Spirits before the throne (Revelation 4 5) as seven phases of the Holy Ghost. These Aeons or spirits have many different aspects and facets. They work against the fallen Archons to awaken mankind and in every age they reveal a different mystery and gnosis to awaken slumbering humanity. They may also be related to the Seven Rays of the Theosophical and Rosicrucian Mystery...

The Ductless Glands

The occultist speaks of these finer vehicles as the vital body, made of ether, and the desire body, made of desire stuff, the material whence we draw our feelings and emotions, and with the addition of the SHEATH OF MIND and the physical body these complete what may be termed the personality which is the evanescent part distinct from the immortal Spirit that uses these vehicles for its expression. These finer vehicles interpenetrate the dense physical body as air permeates water and have particular dominion over certain parts thereof, because the physical body itself is a crystallization of these finer vehicles in the same manner and upon the same principle that the soft fluids of a snail's body gradually crystallize into the hard and flinty shell which it carries upon its back. For the purpose of this dissertation we may say broadly that the softer parts of our bodies which we commonly call flesh may be divided into two kinds, glands and muscles.

The Spirit

It has been said before that the spirit of man has been created in the image of God and consists of body, soul and spirit. The preceding chapters have made it evident that body and soul serve only as a veil or garment for the spirit. The spirit is the immortal part and the image of God. It is not easy to define something divine, immortal, imperishable, and to put it into the correct terms. But here, as well as with any other problems, the key of the four-pole magnet will be a great help for us. From the supreme prototype (akasa), the original source of all beings, has proceeded the spirit, the spiritual EGO with the four specific elemental qualities, proper to the immortal spirit, which was created in God's image.

The Secret Masters

About such things include Simon Magus himself, still alive after 2,000 years Emperor Constantine, the first Christian Roman emperor the medieval Jewish mystic Abulafia Count Cagliostro, the Italian alchemist who claimed to be immortal the Comte of Saint Germain, another self-styled immortal the great Houdini and the 19th-century occultist Aleister Crowley, among others.


The world is a chess-board on which the battle between light and darkness is played out, the physical world is both a cage and an opportunity for growth. On a practical level we may understand the world as a school or educational facility through which we come to experience the innermost self. Various ideologies and perspectives are played off against each other through many incarnations offering a chance, a glimpse at immortality. This does not occur naturally as the sparks of light (our Selves) are caught in matter and hence the transition to Godhood is difficult. We must study hard and apply what we learn so that we can graduate to the higher worlds. The Dialectic kingdom is hence a cage, a battlefield and a school and only a few learn to use it to advantage

Part Three

Tradition, and it was said that if ignorant people would read the Torah they would profit from the experience. The Talmud was called the Jew's Rational Soul, and those who were learned would profit in its study. The Kabalah was called the Jew's Immortal Spirit, and the wise were advised to meditate upon it.

Sex Magick Workings

Vision And The Voice

BABALON may best be described as the embodiment of Lilith, Az and Kali as the mother of Sexual awakening, thus Shakti, power and the hunger for eternal life. In Aleister Crowley's The Vision and the Voice he writes that the sign of the Mother and the four-fold word of CHAOS is equal to the seven-fold word of BABALON 156.

The Star

The left hand, lowered, holds a silver cup, from which also she pours the immortal liquor of her life. (This liquor is the Amrita of the In the left-hand corner of the picture is the star of Babalon the Sigil of the Brotherhood of the A.'. A.'. For Babalon is yet a further materialization of the original idea of Nuith she is the Scarlet Woman, the sacred Harlot who is the lady of Atu XI. From this star, behind the celestial sphere itself, issue the curled rays of spiritual light. Heaven itself is no more than a veil before the face of the immortal goddess.

Les Pommes Bleues

Blue Apples is the last line of a mysterious parchment that appeared at Rennes at the turn of the twentieth century. Since ancient times the apple has symbolized the science of immortality. Like Eve's apple of knowledge of the Garden of Eden. Where there are apples in myths there's usually serpents or dragons. The Celts called Eve's paradise Avalon, or Appleland, the land across the western sea where heroes and gods fed on the apples of immortality. The famous winged serpent or flying dragon that many heroes of yore have sought to slay guarded these apples. On the other hand, if you believe and discover the other half of the Rennes mystery lode, you might just join the immortals.

Muladhara Vrittis

When Kundalini is taken to the Sahasrara and when it is united with Lord Siva, perfect Samadhi ensues. The Yogic student drinks the Nectar of Immortality. He has reached the Goal. Mother Kundalini has done Her task now. Glory to Mother Kundalini May Her blessings be upon you all

Section Gg

I am He asserts the destruction of the sense of separateness between self and Self. It affirms existence, but of the third person only. The Bornless Spirit is free of all space, having sight in the feet , that they may choose their own path. Strong is G B R, The Magician escorted by the Sun and the Moon (See Liber D and Liber 777). The Immortal Fire is the creative Self impersonal energy cannot perish, no matter what forms it assumes. Combustion is Love.

Physician Symbol

The Greeks and the Latins claimed Hephaistos and Vulcan as his later names. Hephaistos was an early smith god, cast down from the Olympian's heaven by Zeus, for trying to protect his mother Hera (Earth). Like Asclepius, he was associated with lightning.25 A lightning bolt from Zeus killed Asclepius because he was afraid that such a skillful physician could make all men immortal.

The Shroud Of Turin

Similarly, there are beliefs in mythology that don't make any sense. For example, gods in space ships, apples of immortality, enlightened beings appearing out of thin air. These events will remain a mystery until we can think hyperdimensionally and unlock ourselves from a flat two-dimensional view of our past and our present.

To be Born again

The actual nature of the process of Transfiguration is important to define, so is the way of entering into it. The fundamentalist Christian concept of simply giving your life to Jesus is utterly alien to the real teachings of the Master Jesus. The process of being born again is just that, a process. Just like a child takes nine months from conception to birth, so the process of being reborn takes a long period of time, perhaps even many lives. It is an apt description, birth brings us into the fallen words, rebirth takes us out of it The moment of conception is that time when you decide to enter onto the Path of Transfiguration. From that conception you begin to grow and transform from a person of the flesh to a being of spirit, from a slave of the Archons to a centre of Light. The choice of reproductive imagery is deliberate, since the Gnostic tradition is anti-reproductive, in some sense to be born again is to be de-born as well as reborn, you have chosen to create a new self within...

The Yellow Square

Save it be that thou art fled immortal Love Because swift Sorrow hath stricken me, I sing Here in wavering gloom, the sunless deep, Calling slow dreams from their immortal sleep Wakening the murmuring sigh, the spirit's spring The bitter pangs of the birth of everything, Immortal Matter and the wandering Soul. And they have sought to slay me in the night, Because I am blind, and hear not the dark wings Because I am prisoner in the flesh Because I am mortal, O immortal Rose

The Number Fourteen

Socrates and Pythagoras, Plato and Aristotle, resume, in explaining them, all the aspirations and all the glories of the ancient world the fables of Homer remain truer than history, and nothing remains to us of the grandeur of Rome 56 but the immortal writings which the century of Augustus brought forth. And, see how she marches, how she swings herself, how she struggles, how she grows great Often deceived and wounded, never cast down, enthusiastic over her triumphs, daring in her adversities, she laughs, she sings, she dies, and she teaches the world faith in immortality. 57 The old guard does not surrender, but neither does it die The proof of it is the enthusiasm of our children, who mean, one day, to be also soldiers of the old guard

The Two Paths

The Path of the Dove has seven stages as shown in figure 18. These seven stages illustrate the process of the Terrestrial path, after the Gnostic has worked through these stages he can rightly be called a Child of the Treasury of Light. At this point, depending on his destiny, he will reincarnate and teach and assist others or he will enter the Celestial or Secret Path. The destiny of those who remain as Children of the Dove is to be reborn as Immortal beings living on the restored Light world which will be the replacement for Earth. The Earth will be rectified and return to the Static Kingdom and will exist in a dimension of Light populated by those of the Terrestrial Path of Rebirth. Immortals on Earth.

The Mysteries

The Mysteries are very different from the more traditional Gnostic paths for they include no moral or ethical restrictions, for as a man becomes part of God, he will act as the voice of God directs. These Perfected Ones or Parfait as the Cathars called them, are few and far between. As it is all too easy for a man to claim immortality and perfection, it is another thing to actually achieve it. In many cases the Ecclesia themselves administered the Mysteries , that is, they recognised or denied the state of Perfection to avoid charlatans and false prophets claiming the title without right.

Dream Lich

While a powerful necromancer may seek eternal life within a skeletal shell, a master oneiromancer can take a different approach. Through dark rituals culminating in the taking of his own life, an oneiromancer can abandon physical existence entirely, becoming an immortal spirit haunting the dreams of others a dream lich.

The Poet Speaks

When for an age of craft-long loveliness I lay mine head against thy beating heart, And hear thy bosom throb, and soft sighs start Through all thy hot young breath, ah canst thou guess How the artist longs to frame thy murmured yes In Parian marble, wrought with subtle art To immortal wonder, so to rend apart The curtains of the tomb with easy stress

The Blood Of Life

The Greeks applied it to the supernatural red wine of the Greek mother goddess Hera, who gave the Greek gods immortality. Saxons worshipped her at Heresburg (Hera's Mount), where the phallic column of the world called Hermeseul (Herme's Soul or Stone Soul) was planted in the Earth-goddess's yoni (womb).3 The hare provides a link between Osiris the Good Hare, and the secrets of the Crucifixion revealed on the first Easter Sunday, now symbolized by a rabbit. In addition, the Chinese H-Sien alchemists were among those who are believed to have found the elixer of life and transformed themselves into material but immortal 'light' beings.4 Their secrets of immortality were also symbolized by the hare. Being immortal and confined to Earth might not be a lot of fun. The myths of the hare's hole in space we have examined and the connections we have made between the hare and stories featuring interdimenstional travel indicate that the rabbit's hole of myth was actually a wormhole or stargate....

Of The Supreme Being

The immortal germ, went on the Guru, whose terrible name should not be spoken, is the ancient of days. Nothing existed without him nothing was apart from him he causeth life, motion, and light to shine through infinity everything comes from him and everything goes back to him he is constantly fertilizing the universe, through an intimate union with his productive thought. These qualities of reason, wisdom, intelligence, goodness, power, majesty, creation, preservation, transformation, and union, which are being constantly diffused throughout nature, under the influence of the superior spirits, are the unceasing product of the love of the divine husband for his celestial spouse. In this way the great being maintains his eternal life, which is that of all beings. Everything that exists is composed of atoms that reproduce themselves by threes--the germ, the womb, and the offspring--the father, the mother, the child--after the pattern of that immortal Trinity which is welded together in...


Elementals are usually only visible to those with clairvoyant sight and are more likely to be seen at night in the mountains or country away from cities -- especially if you are tired or sleepy. Although elementals exist naturally, it is also possible to create one which will exist for a limited time -- no elemental has immortality. A created elemental is called an 'artificial elemental'.


This distinction grows up unconsciously, and the student finds himself becoming conscious of a duality, of something which is controlling, and something which is controlled. The lower concrete mind is separated off, and the I is felt as of greater power, clearer vision, and there is evolved a feeling that this I is not dependent on either body or mind. This is the first realisation, i.e., feeling, in a consciousness of the true immortal nature, already intellectually seen as existing, such vision having, in fact, prompted the very concentration which is thus rewarded. As the practice goes on, the horizon widens out, but as though inwards, not outwards, inwards and inwards continually, illimitably. There unfolds a power of knowing Truth at sight, which only shows itself when the mind, with its slow processes of reasoning, is transcended. The reader must never forget that the mind is used throughout as meaning the lower mind, the mental body plus manas. For the I is the expression of...

The Yechidah

The Yechidah is the potentially immortal part of man and in mans fallen state does not come into action naturally. The average human experiences life through his instincts (the soul) and through his mind (Ruach). The Soul and Mind while of importance, cannot offer a truly discrete, individual self. Ultimately, death, after a cycle of lives and many lost opportunities, becomes the end for most people. Only through the awakening of the Yechidah can immortality be achieved. According to the Valentinian tradition however, only Psychics and Pneumatics have the Yechidah or Lightspark within them and hence the potential for liberation. The average man on the street is a Hylic and does not have this potential, but lets be honest, what he does not have, he does not miss. When man was expelled from the First Estate and into the fallen physical world of matter, he lost his right to immortality and hence became truly mortal. His true self, which had evolved through many cycles was contaminated by...

Cubeb Berries Magick

CHERVIL Brings a sense of the higher self, placing you in touch with your divine, immortal spirit. Helps in making CORIANDER Health, love, immortality, and protection. Tie a fresh coriander with a ribbon and hang in the home to bring peace and protection. Add to love charms and spells to bring romance or use it in ritual work to ease the pain of a broken love affair.

The Door Of Wisdom

In the Pyramid Texts, in which the pharaoh's journey to immortality is described, the two TET pillars are shown on either side of the Door of Heaven. The doors remain sealed until the pharaoh utters the word of power. Then, suddenly, the double doors of heaven open up the aperture of the celestial windows is open. And soaring as a great bird, the pharaoh's Ka has reached the land of the living.

Feara Dire Disease

You may face without fear the trials and difficulties of the spiritual path. It has its root in the recognition of the unity of the Self. Abhayam (fearlessness) is one of the Daivi Sampats (divine qualities). Constantly think you are Atman. You will slowly develop immense courage. The one idea that you are the Immortal Self (Atman) can destroy efficiently fear of every description. This is the only potent tonic, the one sure panacea for this dire disease of fear. Think you are immortal (Amrita), fearless (Abhaya) Atman. Slowly the fear will vanish. Develop the positive virtue, namely, courage. Fear will slowly disappear.


The third point of the rite opens in the temple of Ghuedhe-Zariguinou, Baron of the spider-sorcerors, who instructs the Zombi in how to become living men again, by use of the magickal venom, which he generates. They receive this venom and become living men who can at will become Zombi and thus immune from all mortal dangers. Zariguinou also leads them into the mysteries of Bacaloubaca, Loa of Black Magick divination and initiation. Depending upon the high-priest, then, this rite reaches magick, divination, the use of the 16 types of magickal venoms (seminal fluid of the spider-sorcerors), methods of immortality possessed by the undead, as well as the first points of the esoteric temple of the spiders (Secret-des-Peristyle-Zariguines), and thus connects with the following mysteries (these are the hot-points)

The Tower

Interestingly, the Hebrew root Dud means 'love, that which unites together', an apt description of the Stau-ros Pillar.40 Dud, Duw or Dovydd is also the dew of the alchemists, the elixir of immortality. In many myths the revelation of the dew (love) is brought by the Morning Star, an epithet for Jesus who was of the Royal House of David. From our investigation we can see that the term Royal House of David may mean either the House of the Dove, the House of the Pillar or the House of the Dew. Its function is to produce the elixir of immortality, the nuclear mother substance. This is precisely what the Bible claims Jesus did at his Crucifixion. This mother substance is the Blue Apples.

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