The Dai Vernon Wand Spin

In order to master The Dai Vernon Wand Spin, you must not only be completely familiar with the finger mechanics of the wand spin itself, but you must also carefully study and understand the tinting and misdirection.

The professor tells me that most people who have trouble with the spin do so because the ball flashes during the drop from the left hand into the right This is basically a timing problem. They catch the ball successfully, but that isn't the only point For the ball to pass undetected from one hand to the next, it must be traveling at the same speed as the descending hand. The two must travel at the same speed, the hand passing in front of the ball, before moving back toward the body to catch it. Therefore, don't wait until the right hand is below or even parallel with the left hand before releasing the ball. The ball must be released from the left hand when the right is in front or toward the upper part of the left hand, yet descending somewhat briskly while executing the spin.

As for the misdirection, that is somewhat tougher to convey. As it was taught to me by the Professor, it is a system of controlling the attention through a series of predetermined fixed looks. Look at the ball as you slowly close the left hand around it. Then shift attention immediately before the move as you LOOK AT and SPEAK TO the viewers. This provides the extra control over their attention needed for those occasional times when your timing may be a split second off. Again, we want to control the attention away from the move, and this projects the energy up and away from the hands as the move itself is executed.

Dai Vernon
The end of the wand originally pointing left Starts to move under the right foreann. The wand is still held between the first and second fingers, but the thumb has moved away and the fingers have begun to ; k-x.
Magic Wand Hand

The Magic of Michael Ammar

The end of the wand which previously pointed left now points as the palm points away from you and the fingers tinue to extend. This illustration catches the right hand at a point just prior to the you catch the ball. Notice that the right hand actually and closes during the swing itself, making the both deceptive and possible. It is the feature of this move which the wand spin so deceptive.

Vernon Wand Spin Vanish

The right palm is starting to swing around until it faces the left. The fingers arc fully extended at this point and the wand is held by only the first and second fingers. The ball should probably be released at this point, as the right hand U dosing and turning back toward yourself.

Dai Vernon
The thumb has moved down to up the end of the wand which previously poinled lo the left The right hand should have caught the baJi by this time.

The right hand would have the tialJ concealed if the move had been performed. The continuing action of the right handisto continue turning toward the body, with thi wand moving back to its position.

The right hand would have the tialJ concealed if the move had been performed. The continuing action of the right handisto continue turning toward the body, with thi wand moving back to its position.

Dai Vernon


Dai Vernon Mark WilsonDai Vernon Mark Wilson

Here is the move in it's entirety. Notice the path that the right ii:«^1: takes. It is crucial to the success of the vanish that the right hand's path be exact.

The Magic of Michael Amnx r

Dai Vernon Stars Magic

My! Don't we look pleased with ourselves? As this unretouched photo proves, at one point in my life my head was completely covered with hair! This rare photo also features the jumpsuit and ascot I carefully copied from the poster of another hero, Mark Wilson.

No, these are not special order Paul Fox cups with the beach ball final loads! I had a West Virginian friend with her own darkroom, and while we often made things develop there, this is one of the only remaining shots from our experiments with trick photography.

Nature Magic Spells

Chapter Two

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