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Reading Tarot Cards Revealed

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A STRONG and beautiful Amazon figure with rich brown hair, standing on grass or flowers. A grove of trees near her. Her form suggests Hebe, Ceres, and Proserpine. She bears a winged ram's head as a crest: and wears a mantle of sheepskin. In one hand she carries a sceptre with a circular disk: in the other a Pentacle similar to that of the Ace of Pentacles.

She is generous, kind, diligent, benevolent, careful, courageous, persevering, pitiful.

If ill dignified she is wasteful and prodigal. She rules over one quadrant of the heavens around the North Pole of the Ecliptic.

Earth of Earth

Princess and Empress of the Gnomes. Throne of the Ace of Pentacles.


W :King :Winged black:Black horse, waving flames, :Red-gold :Grey A : :horse's :club, scarlet cloak : :or

D :Queen :Leopard's :Leopard, steady flames, wand :Red-gold :Blue S : :head, :with heavy head or end : :or : :winged : : :brown

:Prince :Lion's head,:Waved and salient flames, fire :Yellow :Blue-: :winged :wand of Zelator Adept : :grey :Princess:Tiger's head:Tiger, leaping flames, gold :Red-gold :Blue : : :altar, long club, largest at : :

C :King :Peacock with:White horse, crab issuing from :Fair :Blue U : :opened fan :cup, sea : :

P :Queen :Ibis :Ibis, crayfish issuing from :Gold-brown:Blue S : : :cup, river : :

:Prince :Eagle :Scorpion, eagle; serpent :Brown :Grey : : :issuing from cup, lake : :or

:Princess:Swan :Dolphin lotus, sea with spray, :Brown :Blue : : :turtle from cup : :or

S :King :Winged :Winged brown horse, driving :Dark-brown:Dark W : :hexagram :clouds, drawn sword : :

O :Queen :Winged :Head of man severed, cumulus :Light- :Grey R : :child's head:clouds, drawn sword :brown :

D :Prince :Winged :Arch fairies winged, whirling :Dark :Dark S : :Angel's head:hair, nimbi, drawn sword and : : : : :sickle : :

:Princess:Medusa's :Silver altar, smoke, clouds, :Light- :Blue : :head :drawn sword :brown :

P :King :Winged :Light-brown horse, ripe :Dark :Dark

A :Queen :Winged :Barren land, fan, light one :Dark :Dark

C : :goat's head :side only, sceptre with cube, : :

E :Prince :Winged :Flowery land, bull, sceptre :Dark-brown:Dark

S : :bull's head :with orb and cross, orb held : : : : :downwards : :

:Princess:Winged ram's:Grass, flowers, grove of trees,:Rich brown:Dark : :head :sceptre with disk, pentacle : : : : :like that in ace : :


HERE follow the descriptions of the smaller cards of the four suits, thirty-six in number, answering unto the thirty-six Decans of the Zodiac.

Commencing from the sign Aries, the "Central" Decans of each sign follow the order of the Days of the Week. Thus --CARD CENTRAL MEANING DAY DECAN OF 3 of Wands Aries Established Strength Sun 6 " P. Taurus Material Success Moon 9 " S. Gemini Despair and Cruelty Mars 3 " C. Cancer Abundance Mercury 6 " W. Leo Victory Jupiter 9 " P. Virgo Material Gain Venus 3 " S. Libra Sorrow Saturn 6 " C. Scorpio Pleasure Sun 9 " W. Sagittarius Great Strength Moon 3 " P. Capricorn Material Works Mars 6 " S. Aquarius Earned Success Mercury 9 " C. Pisces Material Happiness Jupiter Being thus the Four Threes, Sixes, and Nines.

The first and third Decans follow the same order: Sunday beginning the First Decan of Virgo and in the Third Decans of Gemini and Capricorn.

The planets govern respectively Decans with the following Titles --Saturn 1. Leo Strife 5 of Wands. 2. Libra Sorrow 3 " Swords. 3. Sagittarius Oppression 10 " Wands. 4. Pisces Abundant Success 8 " Cups. 5. Taurus Success Unfulfilled 7 " Pentacles. Or in Taurus Leo Libra Sagittarius Pisces two wands: 1 each of the other suits.

Jupiter 1. Leo Victory 6 of Wands. 2. Libra Rest from Strife 4 " Swords. 3. Capricorn Harmonious Change 2 " Pentacles. 4. Pisces Material Happiness 9 " Cups. 5. Gemini Shortened Force 8 " Swords. Or in Gemini Leo Libra Capricorn Pisces two swords: 1 each of others. Mars 1. Leo Valour 7 of Wands. 2. Scorpio Loss in Pleasure 5 " Cups. 3. Capricorn Material Works 3 " Pentacles. 4. Pisces Perfected Success 10 " Cups. 5. Aries Dominion 2 " Wands. 6. Gemini Despair and Cruelty 9 " Swords. Or in Aries Gemini Leo Scorpio Capricorn Pisces 2 W. 2 C.: 1 each of others. One more Decan than the others. Sun 1. Virgo Prudence 8 of Pentacles. 2. Scorpio Pleasure 6 " Cups. 3. Capricorn Earthly Power 4 of Pentacles. 4. Aries Established Strength 3 " Wands. 5. Gemini Ruin 10 " Swords. Or in Aries Gemini Virgo Scorpio Capricorn 2 pentacles: 1 each of others. Venus 1. Virgo Material Gain 9 of Pentacles. 2. Scorpio Illusionary Success 7 " Cups. 3. Aquarius Defeat 5 " Swords. 4. Aries Perfected Work 4 " Wands. 5. Cancer Love 2 " Cups. Or in Aries Cancer Virgo Scorpio Aquarius 2 Cups: 1 each of others. Mercury 1. Virgo Wealth 10 of Pentacles. 2. Sagittarius Swiftness 8 " Wands. 3. Aquarius Earned Success 6 " Swords. 4. Taurus Material Trouble 5 " Pentacles. 5. Cancer Abundance 3 " Cups. Or in Taurus Cancer Virgo Sagittarius Aquarius two Pentacles: 1 of each of the others. Moon 1. Libra Peace Restored 2 of Swords. 2. Sagittarius Great Strength 9 " Wands. 3. Aquarius Unstable Effort 7 " Swords. 4. Taurus Material Success 6 " Pentacles. 5. Cancer Blended Pleasure 4 " Cups. Or in Taurus Cancer Libra Sagittarius

Liber LXXVIII - A description of the cards of the Tarot

Aquarius two Swords: 1 of each of the others.

There being thirty-six Decans and seven Planets, it follows that one of the latter must rule over one more Decan than the others. This is the Planet Mars, to which are allotted the last Decan of Pisces, and the first of Aries, because the long cold of the winter requires a great energy to overcome it, and initiate spring.

And the beginning of the Decanates is from the royal Star of Leo, the great Star Cor Leonis: and therefore is the first Decan that of Saturn in Leo.

Here follow the general meanings of the small cards of the suits, as classified under the nine Sephiroth below Kether.

HB:ChKMH The Four Twos symbolize the Powers of the King and Queenjust uniting and initiating the Force; but before the Prince and Princess are thoroughly brought into action. Therefore do they generally imply the initiation and fecundation of a thing.

HB:BYNH Realization of action owing to the Prince being produced. The central symbol on each card. Action definitely commenced for good or evil.

HB:ChSD Perfection, realization, completion: making a matter settled and fixed.

HB:GBVRH Opposition, strife and struggle: war; obstacle to the thing in hand. Ultimate success or failure is otherwise shewn.

HB:ThPARTh Definite accomplishment. Thing carried out.

HB:NTzCh Generally shew a force transcending the Material Plane: and is like unto a Crown; which, indeed, is powerful, but requireth one capable of wearing it. The Sevens then shew a possible result: which is dependent on the action then taken. They depend much on the symbols that accompany them.

HB:HVD Solitary success: "i.e." success in the matter for the time being: but not leading to much result apart from the thing itself.

HB:YSVD Very great fundamental force. Executive power, because they restore a firm basis. Powerful for good or evil.

HB:MLKVTh Fixed, culminated, complete Force, whether good or evil. The matter thoroughly and definitely determined. Ultimating Force.

Follow the particular descriptions of each of the thirty-six cards: with full meanings. Decan-cards are always modified by the other symbols with which they are in contact.

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