The Daughter Of Hiram Abiff

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Hiram Abiff

"Thrill with lissome lust of the light. Oh man! My man! Come careering out of the night Of Pan! IO Pan!

Io Pan! Io Pan! Come over the sea From Sicily and from Arcady! Roaming as Bacchus with fauns and pards And nymphs and satyrs for thy guards, On a milk-white ass, come over the sea To me, to me,

Come with Apollo in bridal dress,

(Shepherdess and Pythoness)

Come with Artemis, silken shod,

And wash thy White thigh, beautiful God,

In the moon of the woods, on the marble mount,

The dimpled dawn of the amber fount!"

-- Aleister Crowley, Hymn to Pan.

"Shepherdess No Temptation. Poussin, Teniers hold the Key..." -- the Parchments of Berenger Sauniere.

"THE PRIESTESS. Should be actually virgo intacta, or specially dedicated to the service of the Great Order. She is clothed in white, blue, and gold. She bears the Sword from a red girdle, and the Paten and Hosts, or Cakes of Light." -- Crowley, Liber XV (The Gnostic Mass), In Appendix VI of Magick.

"The weeping virgin with disheveled hair, in the monument of the 3°, used in the American Rite, is interpreted as a symbol of grief for the unfinished state of the Temple. Jeremy Cross, who is said to have fabricated the monumental symbol, was not, we are satisfied, acquainted with Hermetic Science. Yet a woman thus portrayed, standing near a tomb, was a very appropriate symbol for the 3°, whose dogma is the resurrection. In Hermetic Science, according to Nicholas Flamel (Hieroglyphica, Cap. 32), a woman having her hair disheveled and standing near a tomb is a symbol of the soul." -- Mackey's Encyclopaedia, Vol. II, 842.

"1. The height of the main block is 42", the length is 100"... "3. The width is 54"..." -- David Wood, Genisis, dimensions of the Poussin Tomb, abridged by us, on p. 234 of that work.

"In the East ... is a shrine or High Altar. Its dimensions should be 7 feet in length, 3 feet in breadth, 44 inches in height. It should be covered with a crimson altar-cloth, on which may be embroidered fleur-de-lys in gold, or a sunblaze, or other suitable emblem." -- Crowley, Op. Cit.

"ET IN ARCADIA EGO..." -- Inscription on the Poussin Tomb in Les

Bergers d'Arcadie. T

HE Daughter of Hiram Abff is a curious little work, with enough in it to warrant a separate essay. It was written by John J. Lanier, and published in 1922, by Macoy Publishing and Masonic Supply Company. It is subtitled "a Story of Three Thousand Years Ago" and is dedicated to "Masons, their Wives, and Daughters."

Taken literally, this would be circa 1088 BCE. Probably it is a figurative 3,000 years, and fits the story we just related in the previous chapter.

The piece consists of Three Acts, 15 Scenes.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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