Sepher Ha Debarim

Sepher ha 'Debarim is the Hebrew title Albert Pike applied to The Book of the Words, 1° - 32°. Words (our abbreviation) is a piece of etymological research into the origins and meanings of the words employed in the rituals of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite (AASR). Included is a lot of secret lore which Freemasons should study, but rarely do. In fact, a lot of the denials made by eminent writers, in the case of the past couple of centuries, namely, Mackey, Clegg, Waite, and company; and those whose names came to the fore in more recent years in the war against the Fundagelicals, who have carried forward the denials of their predecessors, can be debunked and disproven.

However, to do so would give more ammunition to the Fundagelicals, which is not our objective. Our objective here is to show how a very secret tradition has been concealed for centuries underneath the myths, symbols, and rituals of high-grade Freemasonry, and in the rites which preceded it, namely, Ancient York Masonry (which is the Authentic Masonry, as opposed to the contrived Masonry of the Grand Lodge Masons)... and of course, the various schools of Alchemists and Scientists who made up the early R + C.

The denial of Templar origins, the denial of links to the Rosicrucians and Illuminati; the denial that there exists more than three degrees; the denial that Freemasonry is a religion or practices religious principles, or was originally designed to foster and/or practice these; the denial of descent through the Dionysian Artificers, which several "eminent" authorities went far to debunk, but cannot in the light of archaeological discoveries throughout the Mediterranean world; the denial of Scottish Templar inheritance, and the importance of the Stuart Monarchy in the history of Freemasonry: In short, the denial of the true history of the Authentic Tradition, otherwise known as the Western Esoteric Tradition (in at least one of its branches).

Actually a great deal of what is accepted as legitimate is so full of holes, you could get a nice moire pattern were you to use it as a filter for an airbrush.

Now, more recently, it has been necessary to employ the aid of the scientific establishment, and other "experts" to show that the people who hold to Nephilim ancestry theories are deluded crazies. It is not so crazy at all, if one examines what exists keeping in mind a small set of rules or standards. We do not blindly believe the writings of Sitchin or

Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln, or any of the rest, who write along these lines. No, we test what we can, and have found amazing things that even these authors have missed. A lot of the present work was anticipated, (not knowingly, of course), by Picknett and Prince, whose Templar Revelation (1998 c.e., but written earlier) demonstrates a lot of the same conclusions we were arriving at independently, at roughly the same time, several thousands of miles removed. And they did it again this past year, with The Stargate Conspiracy, which was an expose of the Intelligence community's usage of Occult Practices to assist in spying and other tactics.

At this stage in the game, it is true, who really cares anymore? The window of opportunity came during the early years of the World Wide Web, when people started publishing this material. Most notably the site that everyone bookmarks, namely, The Underground Streams site of Richard Shand. It is a remarkable production, but it still hints at being an exposé.

Is it possible that anyone can appreciate this Tradition? That anyone can understand that humankind was created as slaves, not merely evolved out of the mud, but deliberately engineered like cattle, to serve the whims of a race from another world? Is it so far fetched, when we are planning colonization of Mars? Why, even Alternative 3 is rearing its ugly head when we see Dan Rather on the news talking about the possibility of the employment of prison labor in building structures on the Red Planet. Our opinion about Martian colonization is simply this: They don't want us there!

We are in a new paradigm, the paradigm shift isn't about to occur, it has already happened! There are still people around who are looking for it to come, but wake up, please and smell the chai latte! At some point in the past fifty years or so, someone manipulated the SpaceTime continuum, and made the fulfillment of prophecies, like those of Nostradamus (if indeed they were prophecies), Cayce, and others, like the Church's Fatima script, null and void. Y2K came and went, and similar things will come and go, and we shall all go to sleep and wake up the next morning refreshed knowing that it is all being brought to us by the latest heart pill, diarrhea medication, allergy pill, antacid or diaper for grownups who have become incontinent thanks in part to all the medications forced on us all, and in part to the low-rent culture which has become so vogue over the past eight years. Have we flipped? Perhaps, but it is important to us, and (to use an over-popular buzz word) important to the children (!) because what will the future really be like for those who come after us? A future in which Quantum

Computing will replace PCs, in which machine intelligence will replace human intelligence, and ultimately a place where the machines will determine that humankind is the most dangerous disease that was unleashed on this planet. Are we merely paraphrasing from the excellent film, The Matrix? Perhaps, but take a look at the cutting edge in technology and see if it indeed is not so far fetched.

And, before humankind came into existence, the same problems plagued the ancients responsible for the deed.

And, so, it is important for us to know the past, for those who do not remember the past, are doomed to repeat it, as the wise one once said who first coined the phrase, and today it is important to rewrite history, not because new findings in archaeology are giving light to it, but because experts are uncomfortable at what they are finding. If Revisionist History is so vogue, then, we shall be Revisionist Historians, by revising present day notions about what the past was, shredding to hamburger the sacred cows of respectability, cherished theories and notions, revealing them to be the cheap superstitions that they really are. In fact, let us be better than revisionist historians, and be Surrealistic Historians, producing Historical Surrealism, using the cut-up as a template with which to create our script.

This digression aside, let us now apply the reasoning presented above to the denials of the orthodox Freemasons. The denials we referred to above, can all be proven to be valid. They have, in fact, been demonstrated more than once already. To deny any longer that these connections exist is equal to a Christian denying Christ. The children-^ that write works on Freemasonry today know little or nothing about their past, and about the Fraternity they claim expertise in, especially in the Traditions that figure in the story at large.

Albert Pike's works (i.e., Morals and Dogma, the Legendas, the Words, etc.,) are not entirely his own and he said as much in the introduction to M&D. To continue to hem and haw about M&D being merely his own minor opinion is invalid. These works are not merely his own insignificant opinion. In fact, the passages that the children have trouble with pertaining to Lucifer, were penned by Saint Alphonse Louis Constant (Eliphas Levi), the great, wise, 19th Century French Magus. Of course, there are some who hold that Levi was merely a charlatan, they have yet to understand the real genius concealed in his writings. Pike acted "merely" as a translator of doctrines expounded by Levi, who got them from his Initiators and employers, who have received them from theirs, in a long succession going back to hoary antiquity. This is but one example of the low level of scholarship that exists today.

Even Waite was better than that!-*2

In any matter concerning Magick, Levi is by far a more trustworthy authority than any has-been Christian hack writer-^ that condemns him today. And, Pike, too is an authority, considerably more so than Pat Robertson ever will be, or David Icke, or any of the other incompetents like them, concerning not only Freemasonry and Occultism, but of Christianity, the History of Civilization, Morals, Ethics, even Traditional Family Values. That's the problem when you condemn the lifestyle of the person who did your ghost-writing! As Aleister Crowley once said, "The Christians to the Lions!" But with a hefty dose of Imodium, please.

That which is written in M&D, the Legenda, and Words, in reality has no author. They are eternal mysteries. The Holy Doctrine. (Even a concept like a real Secret Tradition underlying all esoteric traditions and exoteric schools alike, has been denied by some of these all-knowing experts, but they haven't been doing their homework.) The truth laid bare where the chicanery ends.

As we shall see later, Words is the capstone for the entire series of works used by the AASR Bodies, at least according to Pike's Recension. Today, it is different, since there are no longer 33 degrees in the AASR, there is the 4th, the 14th, the 18th, the 30th, 32nd, and 33rd. And all but the 33° is given over a series of weekends, with the favorite chosen son to play the role of candidate while the rest get to sit and watch.

Another work related to Pike's Ritual, is Blanchard's Scottish Rite Illustrated (In 2 Volumes, paperback edition, Chicago: Ezra Cook, 1996). This work is a classic in the literature of the anti-Masons. It is in fact a copy of the rituals used by the Cerneau Rite, and is not really a part of the corpus of the Southern Masonic Jurisdiction at all, but a part of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. Yet there are parts of the Legendas, in those rituals, and there are things which it is clear had Pike's influence.

It is an historical curio mostly, and is used by the hack writers even today. It is also used by the Cerneau Masons to this day, because that is where their rituals come from. The rituals included do not correspond to Blanchard's opinions, since he is angry with Albert Pike. He is a Northerner, so we can expect this. Pike had nothing but sneering contempt for the Cerneau Rite, as can be seen in our collection of antiCerneau pamplets authored by him in the 1880s. The compiler of Scottish Rite Illustrated blames the Civil War on Pike, calls High Grade Masonry a Jesuit invention, a Papist plot, in fact blames the Catholic Church for everything which we see Nesta Webster blaming the Jews for in her series of inflammatory handbooks on the conspiracy.

Since we are dealing out hot potatoes and knocking sacred cows by the truckload already, we shall not get into our "mere" opinions concerning the American Civil War. We won't discuss how the South was raped by the North; and how the North was fueled by pro-Hanoverian interests and the Republican party was formed on the ashes of the Antimasonic Party; while the Southern Masons were offshoots in America of adherents to the Stuart Cause. We won't discuss the subject of Northern Slavery, and the desolation of Society brought on by the Industrial Revolution in the North. There are several competent studies pertaining to these subjects.

To minimize the size and scope of the Southern Jurisdiction, as some of the good-intentioned but historically inaccurate apologists maintain, is to lie. Charleston, in addition to being the first Supreme Council of the AASR, was the Mother Supreme Council in the World (even though the Rite it was based upon was established much earlier in New York by Andrew Francken) and took precedence over all the others. That being the case, Pike was indeed the Sovereign Pontiff of the Rite. Maybe not international, global Freemasonry, but of the AASR. There are Rites higher than the AASR, as we shall see.

The words given by Blanchard do not correspond well enough to those in Words. For example, in the 22°, Knight of the Royal Axe, Words gives the Sacred Word as Al-Shaddai. Blanchard gives, "Noah, Bezaleel, Sadonias." The 25°, Knight of the Brazen Serpent, in Words, gives us Holati, Al-Hanan, John Ralph. In Blanchard, we get INRI, John Ralph, Moses. The Legenda of the 25° is about the Druzes of the Lebanon, and a lecture on dualities that formed the basis of some of the Lucifer material in the Leo Taxil scandal. Blanchard doesn't give a lecture for the 25°. Rather, the Ritual deals with the uplifting of the Serpent in the Wilderness, when the Children of Israel were afflicted, and concerns the Initiation of the High Priest.

All things considered, though, we found out how the system of the AASR was originally constructed, and how it was conceived by Pike when he revised it, for information in one area to be necessary to another area in order to reveal something greater. We found out what the Intermediate Level Initiation is, and this led us to the Knowledge of the High Initiation. By creating overlaps between degrees, by relating one "angle" of a "degree" to an "angle" of another "degree" it is possible to instruct the worthy candidate in a mystery very few in any generation (except perhaps the present generations), are capable of perceiving. And, too, it was possible to conceal all this, in a series of books, only a few repositories had complete sets of, so that it would be impossible to reconstruct the data unless one had access to it all.

[NOTE: In the next paragraph, and the chart that follows, it is necessary to have the fairly standard font, Wingdings, installed.]

The Rituals give astrological attributes. The Tribe of Benjamin, for example, is classically attributed to Sagittarius. In the AASR, Benjamin is attributed to Gemini. & (Sag.) is the 9°; dealing with the vengeance dealt to Hiram's assassins. The 10° or ^ (Cap), is similar in tone to the Burning of Melkarth as depicted by Frazer in the Golden Bough. The Tribe associated with the 9°, is Manasseh, while Benjamin gets the 15° or H. The 15°, Knight of the East, or Sword, of all the degrees in the AASR, and of all the explanations in Words, is perhaps the closest one could get to the story of the Benjaminites given in Holy Blood, Holy Grail, Chapter 10. And, we are told by the Encyclopaedists of Freemasonry, that the 15° was written by the Baron Tschoudy, who will assume great importance in the next section of the Work, Qadosh: The Johannite Tradition.

There is another mystery. The astrological attributes, we found, were askew. The attributes should run as follows: On the left is Blanchard, on the right is the corrected version:

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