Secret Legacy

The Secrets of Freemasonry and its Kindred Arts and Sciences were finally revealed to us one December morning, several years ago, when we chanced upon a lucky find in a second-hand book-stall, in Anaheim, California.

It seems that someone had dispensed with an extensive collection of books on Freemasonry. The usual exoteric subject matter was present and accounted for. However, a few gems of inestimable value were made available to us.

It became clear that we were being guided into the Mysteries. Was it a "mere" coincidence, like all the mysteries pertaining to the Great Pyramid? Or, were the Secret Chiefs and/or Unknown Superiors alive and well in Southern California in the late 1980s / early 1990s of the Common Era?

The first item on our agenda was to see if the claims made by Aleister Crowley in his writings were, after all, true, in reference his having found the Lost Secret of Freemasonry, and whether or not he actually was witin the scope of the Authentic Tradition, in reference to the Cairo Working of 1904 e.v.

Secondly, we wanted to ascertain, just how much of Holy Blood, Holy Grail could be proven -- not from the Merovingian side, nor from the Jesus theory, but from the material pertaining to the Knights Templars, to the Crusades, to the perpetuation of a very secret tradition, to Esoterica, Rosicrucians, Alchemists and Freemasons.

And, we wanted to find the truth, as to what is real Spiritual and Religious Truth, as far as the theories of it expounded over the ages, by churchmen and rabbis, scientists and philosophers, artists, Initiates, Mystics, and Magi.

We were not disappointed. In fact, we were a bit disturbed, in a positive manner, since it led to further research. We were disturbed at how uncanny it really is. That is to say, how accurate our own speculations keep turning out to be, like a successful case analyst in the Intelligence racket. Also, the accuracy of the teachings of often-maligned "Saints" like Aleister Crowley. Alongside this category are the controversial works of Research, called illegitimate by people who having nothing better to do with their college credentials. Works like

Holy Blood, Holy Grail, already mentioned, the Earth Chronicles of Sitchin, even though considered to be popular delusions by the "experts," and the works of others too numerous to mention.

When one is granted the vision of the total picture, notions such as faith, certainty, doubt, belief, etc., are pointless linguistic constructs. One comes to KNOW, that is, one attains GNOSIS. As Timothy Leary once said, Just say K - N - O - W!!!

Like the advertising slogan, This is the Real Thing.

What we have come to assert, namely, that the Pagan Mystery Tradition, the Gnosis, is the true and Authentic Tradition for humankind, bequeathed to us by our ancestral instructors, thousands of years ago, proves itself quite well, in the writings of the past, with a little help from the finds we made in that used book stall.

That which could only be considered a "mere opinion," an hypothesis, at best; or, at worst, a fanciful folly, is for us undeniable reality, with Sources reaching at least as far back as Sanchuniaton of Phoenicia, and then much farther back, if we consider all the unknown and unnamed priests, scribes, and artisans of Sumer, Egypt, Babylon, Greece, Crete, Asia Minor and the Indus Valley.

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