In Defense Of Traditional Values

What are the true secrets of Freemasonry? Just what is it about the lure of the Secret that has driven people to search and seek, to speculate, to make wild assumptions, to shrink in terror, to become Wise, and perhaps, to engage in honest research?

Baphomet? Devil Worship? The Secret Cabal? Jewish Bankers, Socialists, and the World Revolution? The New World Order? The Jesuits? The Illuminati? The Stuarts? the Prieuré de Sion? The Knights Templar? The mysterious alignments of certain sacred sites? Ancient Astronauts and Atlantean Adepts? The Nephilim? Zeta Reticuli Greys? Billy Graham's Masonic biography? Spermo-Gnostics and Neo Templars?

Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe some, maybe none. In the end, who will care, when we are forced to come to terms with our past in order to survive in the future?

Is there some big, terrible secret, a Great Secret, that will shake the world when it is made aware, if, and only if, that is to take place? In a world that is anaesthetized by television, talkshows, sitcoms, trivia 24/7, game programs with 3D graphics and the most mythology a lot of people get is occasionally dished out on shows like Jeopardy and Who Wants to be a Millionaire? In a land that recently participated in the greatest fiasco in its entire political history?


Imagine the Earth. The third stone from the Sun, spinning ceaselessly upon its axis: day in, day out, one rotation per day, 365.24 per year; one year to rotate around the Sun.

This Sun, in its turn, rotates around some central point in its portion of the Galaxy, and all rotate around Galactic Central.

Our Sun, too, is perhaps a star in a constellation of importance to citizens who live on planets in other regions of the Milky Way Galaxy.

And all of these, one Galaxy, when added to all the other galaxies in our Universe paint a very grand picture.

This Earth, spinning and spinning in space, with a satellite we call "the Moon," spinning around it, and at least nine other bodies, known as planets, plus moons, and asteroids, and rings, adding variety to the canvas before us.

On this Earth is Nature, consisting of microbes, single cell creatures, marine life, insects, plants, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, hominids, and humans. The humans have been appointed (perhaps by themselves) to rule over the other orders of being (or so they believe).

What about the humans? Grouped together in a multitude of races, cultures, languages, genders, ideologies, and orientations, they do not seem to be really aware of what the Universe is.

For the most part, they are against Nature. That is not their fault. They have been so conditioned by those who came before them. God for them is either an old man, an invisible tyrant, a bearded redeemer, a seated man contemplating, a beneficent Mother, or a cold laboratory with petrie dishes.

Yet the Earth still rotates. The other planets rotate. The stars chart their courses constantly. Man, in the immensity of all this has an inferiority complex. Do other beings comparable to humans in other worlds have inferiority complexes, too? Or, is the Earth unique with respect to low self-esteem?

Have we achieved thousands of years of human history by carving up the Earth and exploiting precious resources for the sole purpose of reaching a particular point in time when the twilight of the gods takes place?

Will those of us who care, be spared? Oh, we do stand firm and confident in our own beliefs, and vain in our own conceit, for will not the Earth continue to spin, as it has, after all?

What, then, are we speaking of, when we speak of the Secrets of Freemasonry (or perhaps any Occult Tradition)?

With so much rubbish published in the past century, it is not necessary to invent ominous infamies. Nor to we desire to. That is the domain of writers of exposés.

In fact, the present work really touches on a lot more than mere Freemasonry. We have investigated and discovered things which reach to the core of humankind as a whole.

We have written this material by and for ourselves. Not to revel in mere self-obsession, as if that was really a sin anyway. It is to some, and usually to those who harbor severe doubts about their self worth.

Nor are we concerned with serving someone else's secret agenda. Of course there are those who will snort, "Aha! A double agent!" Snort Snort Snort. As this material is written out of a personal desire to see the connections in history tie together, we hope that others, too, will become curious and interested enough to take up this quest for themselves.

When the connections are assembled in one place and tied together, it is quite rather like a good detective story. The detective tying up all the loose ends.

To begin, we must state that there is no unique line of transmission, from "Adam" to the present, for example. Or, from Pythagoras even, to our times, no unbroken line of transmission exists. There is not one Secret Tradition, or as we term it ourselves, Authentic Tradition. There are several. We realize we are contradicting what we stated in the first chapter, however, for what we mean is this: The continuous master to pupil idea is untenable, but the long circuitous route IS constant and continuous, and this is what we are pursuing in our investigation. Further, there are several secrets, not only one. The Barbarian hordes saw to it that this would be necessary, and the Islamic Expansion also. We will get to this as we proceed.

James Burke, in his remarkable contribution to the history of Science, CONNECTIONS (in Three Series, plus THE DAY THE UNIVERSE CHANGED), went a long way to demonstrate what we, in our contribution to the History of the Authentic Tradition, labor to do. The connections do exist, as connections in a long and twisting family tree. They rarely stay in one place.

What do legends of fish-men coming out of the sea in the Persian Gulf have to do with non-conformists and magicians in California? Stick with us, and you shall see. Not only that, but for no extra cost, you will also see that some of the most important personalities in the History of Western Civilization were connected to and/or influenced by the long list of successors in the Authentic Tradition. So that, in the end, you will see which persons were acting in accordance with Nature, and hence, the True Will of the Planet, and which persons have acted against Nature. Some of you will, indeed, be interested and enthusiastic. Some will be outraged. The ideal is a perfect mixture of both, since the outrage leads to doubt, and doubt leads to discovery. Discovery leads to Enlightenment, and Enlightenment is Energized Enthusiasm. Scientific Illuminism. Full Circle. "Bingo!" to Quote James Burke.

To those who will say to us, "Where do you get off saying all this? You better watch out or else you will be struck dead!" We can reply -- "We have done our research and this is what we found." We could never even desire to live in a world where everyone agreed on the same thing. That was tried by the Church, by Hitler, Stalin, and has in the past eight years, to some extent, been attempted in the United States of America, for the "children." As Stefan of Tuzla once said: "Examine for yourself the claims your shepherds use to bind you to them!"

To accuse Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Illuminati, or those who practice

Magick (with or without a "k", but usually with it)---of worshipping the Devil in secret enclaves (perhaps with some sophisticated dope and electronics) -- is to betray one's ignorance. The Devil, semantically understood, is the archetype for one's most potent adversary, as when Saddam Hussein declared George Bush to be the Great Satan. (We make an exception, though, in that the God known as the Devil, originally never was any such monster. We highly recommend the writings of Margaret A. Murray...)

Furthermore, to continue the story that the Templars were Devil worshippers, shows just how gullible people really are. The Templars were the Central Intelligence Agency (and even more, really) of their time, and, after initial successes, proved to be equally effective in the end.

Those who make these accusations are people who are mad with lust for power, possess little or no self-esteem, and are envious of decent people who mind their own business and are successful with their lives. Indeed, positive self-esteem is considered to be one of the most heinous sins by these people. It shows. These people might consider Orwell to be a commie, and one of the Illuminati, perhaps he was one of the Brethren. Yet, his works might as well be books of prophecy to these people, for the general tone of these fanatics is Orwellian, to say the very least. "Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength; Don't Trust

Your Friend, Report Him!" That is virtue, according to the likes of these frauds in the bunco racket of Conspiracy Theory.

Reality is what we make it to be, and these people paint a really sick, distorted and perverted picture, as sick and twisted as anything Stalin, Hitler, or any other dangerous fanatics have painted.

These people are hypocrites. They accuse us of hypocrisy, yet we are every bit as genuine as it is possible to be genuine while they are cheap knock-offs, to be found in the parking lot sale. We are well aware that there is always bound to be a contradiction in something we say or do. That is the harmony of opposites, equlibrium.

They, on the other hand, expect their believers to accept their utterances as if they possess the same authority as the gospels they disfigure regularly, which they claim to believe in, but rarely practice.

For we are, they say (and you know the kind of things THEY SAY!) the architects or builders, at least, of the plot to destroy civilization, and enslave God's true chosen people of the new covenant!

But... wait a minute, Vern! As you shall see, it is these very people we have researched, who Built Civilization, who have devoted their existence to the development of man's awareness, which is real, as opposed to implied salvation. We who follow our great ancestors and predecessors aren't out to destroy civilization, or religion, even; but to discover error where we find it and rout it out, by exposing it, and transmuting it in the alchemist's lab of pen and paper. The real conspiracy, then, is that conspiracy dreamed of and fantasized by these hack-writers (we shall reveal the origin of that term, even) and fanatics, because were it up to them they would only change the orientation from secular and pluralistic to ecclesiastic and one way.

They seek the New World Order, because it makes them seem significant. It gives them a crusade to fight. They give it life, what happens with it is up to the belief they put into it. To cover up their culpability they pass the blame onto us, and their followers and subscribers can then go on to attack us, blacklist us, wherever they can find us, and make life unnecessarily grim and miserable for everybody.

Instead of worshipping gentle Jesus, they sacrifice their very souls to the Devil they fear, and condemn us for being his High Priests.

Instead of Gentle Jesus, meek and mild: Horus we hail, Crowned and Conquering Child!

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