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Now we come to consider the Royal Art from our understanding of the term. We shall speak of blood. Blood plays a major role in any history of the Authentic Tradition. Blood is a medium for History. Trevor Ravenscroft and Kenneth Grant both have spent a great deal of time on the subject of Blood Atavisms, though both have covered it in a flawed manner. When we speak of the power of Blood, or of Bloodlines, we shall not apologize, if what we say "seems" to be "racist" in tone. For, we do not hold racist beliefs, like the kind which state that God chose one particular race of people and made a covenant with only this particular race, to the damnation of everybody else and the confiscation of real estate that still belongs to other people. We do not hold that one particular race of humanoids is superior, on account of its blue eyes, blond hair, big foreheads, and its desire to create supermen and destroy its adversaries, known to its members as subhumans.

Nor do we hold the yarmika superior to the fedora. Oy!

We do not hold any of these views. That would be far too limiting to us. Not only that, these views are unsound, and have made Mother Earth weep exceedingly for far too long.

To say there is one particular race that excludes all others is like saying the Pope is the sole vicegerent of Christ on Earth. And we do not fancy ourselves as perjurors. We do, however, believe that one racial group exists, which is greater than all others, and this group resides in EVERY RACIAL and ETHNIC group on the Planet. The Nephilim have sired offspring on human mothers in every land, and these survive today in WE their descendants, all of us. Just like Karmic Propensities, in Buddhism, the tendencies one inherits as a result of past lives, the tendencies one carries past death, through the Bardo States, to the Bardo of Seeking Re-Birth, to closing the womb-door, to being reborn, Blood Atavism is one's physical inheritance. Karmic Propensities, then, constitute one's spiritual inheritance, one's spiritual genealogy, as it were, the spiritual sang-real, Blood Royal.

Blood Atavism is related to Genetics. We are the products of countless numbers of permutations of the gene pool. What our ancestors did with their lives is reflected in our physical bodies. And in our brain chemistry, and general disposition. Even things which can be modified, like character, behavior, likes, dislikes, reflect to some extent our ancestors' behavior patterns.

We inherit the various qualities and tendencies of the families, clans, tribes, races our parents came from, as they inherited the same from their parents, and so on, as far back as it all goes. This is Karmic Propensity applied to the Physical Vehicle. Dion Fortune has written negatively about persons of Celtic descent in Psychic Self-Defence. Celts are prone to irrational behavior, hysteria, Black Magick. She did not like Celts. Yet, the Celtic Race is one such race as the Merovingians.. The Celts were (and still are, today, although not recognized as such) the Dynastic Rulers of the British Isles. This may seem absurd, yet an analysis of history will show that all the other groups, like the Angles and the Saxons, for example, were usurpers.

The Celts trace their Royal Dynasty in the days of Robert the Bruce, back through Kenneth MacAlpin, to the TARA Kings of Ireland. The Celts of Ireland migrated to the northern part of the island when "St. Patrick", an Anglo-Saxon Catholic missionary, came hollerin' all that Jesus stuff, and snuffed out the Natural Religion and Culture that has never really died out in Ireland. And, he was out of place too, since the Celtic Christian Church had been in existence in Ireland for centuries before Saint Patrick and was one of the highest centres of learning in all of Europe. Later, the Celts moved across the sea to Scotland, and mingled with the Picts. Thus was born the Celtic Royal House of Scotland. Legend has it that the Celts or Scots, and the TARA Kings, have Hittite and Phoenician and sometimes Semitic ancestry. Indeed, one of the most important Scottish Clans, Clan Chattan, is derived from Chatti, Katti, Hatti, Hittite, and Khassi. The Gauls of France, Phrygia, Galatia, Galicia in both Spain and Poland are all from the same race which emerged in Anatolia, as we shall see elsewhere.

The ancestors of the Merovingians appear in Flanders, as late as 418 c.e., with a ruler named Faramund. They came there from Pannonia, at the northwestern end of the Balkans. To Pannonia they migrated via the Danube route. It is said they travelled as far as the source, in the Alps. They travelled to where the source of the Danube meets the source of the Rhine. This would be Switzerland.

The Alemanni, before they occupied Swabia, (now called Baden-Wurtemmburg), occupied the whole of Switzerland. So, then, the ancestors of the Merovingians, before they show up in Flanders, are in Allemanni territory. Gradually, the Franks made their way north to Flanders, using the Rhine as the principal border. Once they crossed the Rhine, they overran the Gauls, and inherited the remains of the Roman Civilization that had been dying out. They preserved the culture and developed a high style of their own, even though they seem to be a pack of Brutes. In 496 c.e., Clovis I, with the urging of his wife, was converted to Catholic Christianity. The Merovingian Franks became the first "Barbarian Tribe" to make a pact with Rome, and the First Holy Roman Empire, so-called, was born. This lasted until 679 c.e., when Dagobert II was assassinated by order of the Mayors of the Palace. The Merovingian heirs-apparent were at the mercy of the Carolingian Mayors of the Palace, and it was Pepin who urged the Pope to recognize the Carolingians and depose the feeble Merovingians. It was this event that effected perhaps the most wicked forgery the Church had ever made outside of the bad cut and paste job they did with Scripture. We are, of course, referring to two versions of the same forgery: The Donation of Pepin, which came out first, in the 7th Century c.e., and to a version of it rewritten a couple centuries later, the Donation of Constantine. This put temporal power in the hands of the Papacy. This meant that the Popes could select and invest rulers as they saw fit, and that rulers were subject to the arbitrary whims of the Church and its gigantic protection racket scam; and that if the ruler disobeyed, his subjects had no alternative but to side with the Church or face eternal damnation. It was this act which brought on the Dark

Ages more than anyhing else. We shall return to this topic. (In the meantime, see Jacobus Burgundus Molensis, be thou remembered! )

So, then, we are discussing Blood Atavism and the Royal Art. We know about Alchemy. Sun-Moon, Gold-Silver, Male-Female, King-Queen.

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