Black Robes

Every once in a while, one will hear of a custom that "only Patriarchs may wear a black robe" and that if a Patriarch does so he may not wear at the same time the symbol of any Order other than the one he is the Patriarch of. All this is "in honor of the first Patriarch" and is an insider joke concerned with the fact that David Fisher, Founder of the RDNA and the Patriarch of Grannos, wore a black cassock and eventually became an Anglican Priest. In point of fact, hardly anyone (including the Patriarchs) ever wears a black robe at Druid services.

Also note: this fun about black robes has nothing to do with either a postulated historical phenomenon called "Black Druidism" (supposedly a system of "Black Magic" - a racist term that- used by Evil Renegade Druids, way back when) nor a modern cult called "The Druidic Craft of the Wise" (whose leaders wore black robes and practiced some rather unsavory techniques of psychic manipulation). The reason there is no connection with either of these two concepts is twofold: none of the Founders ever heard of them, and no reputable scholar ever has either. For more details on these two concepts, see Other Druids.

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