Taurus, being the zodiacal sign that governs the creative larynx, that marvelous uterus where the Word, the Verb is gestated, it is convenient that in this lesson we comprehend in a general manner, the words of John when he said:

"In the beginning was the Verb and the Verb was with God and the verb was God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made."

There are seven orders of worlds, seven cosmos that were created with the power of the Verb, with music, with sound.

The first Cosmos is submerged within the Uncreated Light of the Absolute.

The second order of worlds is constituted by all the worlds of infinite space.

The third order of worlds is the sum total of all the suns of starry space.

The fourth order of worlds is the sun, which illuminates us with all its laws and dimensions.

The fifth order of worlds is made up of all the planets of the solar system.

The sixth order of worlds is the Earth in itself, with its seven dimensions and regions inhabited by infinite beings.

The seventh order of worlds is formed by those seven concentric spheres or Infernal Worlds of the submerged Mineral Kingdom below the earth's cortex.

Music, the Verb, placed by the Logos in seven musical octaves, sustains the universe firm in its march.

The first order of worlds, the note Do. The second order of worlds, the note Si. The third order of worlds, the note La. The fourth order of worlds, the note So. The fifth order of worlds, the note Fa. The sixth order of worlds, the note Mi. The seventh order of worlds, the note Re. Then, everything returns to the Absolute with the note Do.

Without music, without the Verb, without the Great Word, the marvelous existence of the Seven Cosmos would be impossible.

Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Si. Si-La-So-Fa-Mi-Re-Do. The seven notes of the Great Scale of the Creative Verb, resound in all of creation, because in the beginning was the verb.

The first order of worlds is wisely governed by the only law, by the great law. The second order of worlds is governed by three laws. The third order of worlds is governed by six laws. The fourth order of worlds is governed by twelve laws. The fifth order of worlds is governed by 24 laws. The sixth order of worlds is governed by 48 laws. The seventh order of worlds is governed by 96 laws.

When one talks about the Word, one is also talking about sound, about music, Rhythms, the Fire with its three measures of the Mahavan and the Chotavan which sustain the Universe firm in its march.

Pseudo-occultists and pseudo esoterists only mention the Microcosm and the macrocosm; they merely mention two orders of worlds, when in reality there are Seven Cosmos, seven orders of worlds sustained by the Verb, by music, by the spermatic and Luminous Fiat of the first instant.

Each of the Seven Cosmos is beyond all doubt a living organism that breathes, feels and lives.

From the esoteric point of view, we can affirm that every progress upwards, is the result of a progress downwards. One cannot ascend without descending. First one has to descend and then ascend.

If we want to know a cosmos, we should first know the two adjoining ones, the one that is above and the one that is below, because both determine all the circumstances and vital phenomena of the cosmos that we want to study, to know.

Example: In this era in which scientists struggle for the conquest of space, tremendous, unfortunately perverse, advances are being made in the field of the infinitely small, in the atomic world.

The creation of the Seven Cosmos was only possible by means of the verb, by means of the word, by means of music.

Our Gnostic students should never forget what the three forces called Father-Son- Holy Spirit are. These three forces constitute the Sacred Triamazikamno.

This is the Holy Affirming, the Holy Denying, the Holy Reconciling; the Holy God, the Holy Firm One, the Holy Immortal.

In electricity, these are the three poles: positive, negative and neutral. Without the presence of these three poles, all creation is impossible.

In Gnostic esoteric science, the three independent forces have the following names: Surp-Otheos, Surp-Skiros, Surp-Athanotos; the Propelling, Affirming, Positive Force; the Denying Force, the Denying force, the Force of Resistance; the Reconciling Force, the Liberating Force, the Neutralizing Force.

These three forces in the Ray of Creation resemble three wills, three consciousnesses, three units. Each of these three forces contains in itself all the possibilities of the three.

But, in their point of conjunction, each of them manifest only its principle: the positive, negative or neutral.

It is very interesting to see the three forces in action. They separate, move away from each other and then come together again in order to form new trinities which originate new worlds, new creations.

In the Absolute, the three forces are the One Logos, the Army of the Verb within the Great Unit of life free in its movement.

The Creative Process of the Sacred Cosmic Common Triamazikamno was initiated with the sexual marriage of the word because in the beginning was the verb, and the verb was with God and the verb was God. Because of him all things were made and without him nothing that is made would have been made.

In accordance with the Sacred Law of Heptaparaparshinokh (the Law of Seven), seven temples were established in the Chaos for the construction of this solar system.

In accordance with the Sacred Law of Triamazikamno (the Law of Three), the Elohim divided into three groups within every temple to sing in accordance with the Litur of Fire. The work of making fecund the Prakriti, In other words, the Chaos, the Cosmic Mother, the Great Womb, is always the labor of the very sacred Teomertmalogos, the Third Force. The three groups organized themselves within each temple in the following manner: First, a Priest. Second, a Priestess. Third, a Neutral group of Elohim.

If we take into consideration that the Elohim are androgyny it is then clear that they had to polarize themselves at will in a Masculine, Feminine and Neutral form, in accordance with the Sacred Cosmic Common Triamazikamno.

The Priest and the Priestess were before the altar and, on the ground floor of the temple, the Androgyny Choir of the Elohim.

The Rituals of Fire were sung and the sexual marriage of the word fecundated the Great Womb of the Chaos and the Universe was born.

The Angels create with the power of the word. The larynx is a uterus where the word is gestated.

We should Awaken Consciousness in the Word, in the Creative Larynx, in order for it to one day also be able to pronounce the Spermatic and Luminous Fiat of the first instant.

Consciousness sleeps in our larynx; we are unconscious with the word; we need to become fully Conscious of the Word.

It is said that silence is golden. We say that there exist criminal silences. It is as bad to speak when one should remain silent as it is to remain silent when one should speak.

There are times when to speak is a transgression. There are times when to remain silent is also a transgression.

Words are lovely but sterile of he who does not act as he says, like a beautiful flower, full of color, but lacking in fragrance.

But similar to a beautiful flower, full of color and fragrance, are the words that are lovely and fertile of he who acts according to how he speaks.

It is urgent to end the mechanicity of words. It is necessary to speak with precision, in a conscious and opportune manner. We need to be conscious of the verb.

There is responsibility in words and to play with the verb is sacrilege. Nobody has the right to judge anyone; it is absurd to slander our fellowinen. It is stupid to murmur about others' lives.

Accusing words fall upon us sooner or later, like a ray of vengeance. Slanderous, infamous words always return to the one who pronounced them, converted into rocks that hurt.

In other times, when human beings were not yet so mechanized with this false civilization, cowboys led the cattle to the stable singing in a delightful and natural manner.

The Bull, the Cow, the calf become touched by music; they correspond to the zodiacal sign of Taurus, the constellation of the verb, of music.

In the Great Puranic Allegory, the land that is persecuted by Prithu flees, transforming itself into a Cow and taking refuge in Brahma. But this Brahma is the first person of the Hindu Trimurti. Vach (Vaca), the Cow, is the second and Virah, the Divine Male, the calf, the Kabir, the Logos, is the third person.

Brahma is the Father, The Cow is the Divine Mother, the Chaos; the Calf is the Kabir, the Logos.

Father, Mother and Son; that is the Puranic Trimurti. The Father is Wisdom, the Mother is Love, the Son is the Logos, the Verb.

The five-legged Astral Cow which Colonel Olcott believes to have seen physically in front of the hypogeum of Karli, the strange and mysterious cow that a certain young miner sees in the Andes as an exotic guardian of those treasures that the miners of his ranch sought, represent the Divine Mother, Rhea, Cybele, totally developed in the Authentic Man, in the Self-Realized Master.

Gautama the Buddha or Gotama, literally means the conductor of the Cow. Every Cowherd, every conductor of the Cow can use the Jam fire of the Cow to enter the Jinas lands, palaces, temples and cities.

With the power of the Divine Mother, we can visit Agarthi, the Jinn cities of the subterranean world.

Taurus invites us to Reflection. Let us remember that Mercury stole the Cows of the Sun. Taurus governs the Creative Larynx. It is urgent for the Kundalini to flourish in our fecund lips made Verb; it is only in this manner that we can use the Jam fire to enter the Kingdom of the Jinn.

In this period of Taurus we should take light to our creative larynx with the purpose of preparing it for the advent of the Fire.

The disciple should sit in a comfortable armchair; he should close his physical eyes in order for nothing of this vain and stubborn world to distract him; he should empty the mind, cast out of his mind all kinds of thoughts, desires, worries, etc. He should now imagine that the Light accumulated during Aries, in his chalice, in his head, moves with Taurus to the creative larynx.

The devotee should sing the mantra AUM He should open his mouth properly with the A, imagine that the Light descends from the head to the larynx; vocalize the U, vividly imagining that the Light floods the throat; the mouth should be rounded properly to sing the U. The last letter is the M, closing the lips, expelling or casting out the breath with force, as if eliminating the refuse from the throat. This work is done singing the powerful mantra AUM four times.

In the Thyroid Gland which secretes the biological iodine is located the magnetic center of the Magical Ear. With the exercises of Taurus one develops the Magical Ear, the power to hear the cosmic symphonies, the music of the spheres, the Rhythms of the Fire which sustain the seven cosmos in accordance with the law of the octaves.

The Thyroid Gland is located in the neck, in the creative larynx.

The Thyroid Gland is governed by Venus and the Parathyroids are governed by Mars.

Taurus is the house of Venus. The stone of Taurus is the agate; the metal of this sign is copper.

In practice we have been able to evince that Taurines should not marry persons of Aquarius because they inevitably fail due to the incompatibility of characters.

The sign of Taurus is fixed, an earth sign; it tends towards stability and since the sign of Aquarius is aerial, mobile, revolutionary, it is clear that they are incompatible.

Taurines are like oxen, humble and hard. workers, but when they become furious they are terrible like the bull.

In their lives, Taurines undergo great amorous deceptions; they are reserved, conservative; they follow step-by-step, like the ox, the outlined path.

Taurines are very sensitive. Anger in Taurines is of slow growth and customarily culminates in strong volcanic outbursts.

The mediocre type of Taurus is customarily very egotistical, gluttonous, quarrelsome, passionate, irate and proud.

The superior type of Taurus is full of Love, loves classical music, wisdom, works happily for humanity, is very intelligent, comprehensive, faithful, sincere in friendship, a good Father, Mother, good friend, good brother, good citizen, etc.

The mystical greatness of the Mithraic Bull that is not comprehended by the superficial people of this tenebrous era of the twentieth century, later degenerated into the worship of the Golden Calf.

The Sacred Cow symbolizes Isis, the Divine Mother and her Calf or Heifer represents Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, the Kabir, the Logos.

Esoterically included in the sign of Taurus are the Pleiades, the Celestial Pleiades or Cows; the latter appear to be seven, but in reality they are more than two thousand, with their reflection nebulae, Alcyone their principal star and its companions Atlas, Taigete, etc.

Around the red eye of the Bull or Aldebaran, the only one, together with Antares, heart of Scorpio, that can compete in coloring with Mars, the telescopic Hyades, another Celestial Cow, group together in an extraordinary and marvelous manner.

Behind the Bull comes the gigantic Orion. Above and towards the north of the constellation of the Bull, there is this celestial group, symbolic of King Cefeo, Zephyr or Zephyrus, of Queen Cassiopeia; that of the liberator Perseus with Medusa's head in his hands, and Andromeda, the liberated one; while in front the whale appears surrounded by Pisces and Aquarius.

The panorama of Taurus and its neighboring sidereal regions is truly amazing.

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