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SAFFLOWER: Mix with jinx incense to cause destruction to an enemy, (Note: Not recommended). Gay men rub this on the insides of their knees to attract exciting sexual encounters.

SAFFRON: Aphrodisiac, healing, love, happiness, wind raising, lust and strength. Burn, wear, or carry for healing and strengthening psychic awareness. Commonly used in love magick, healing spells, and to control the weather. Wash hands with water and saffron or keep saffron sachets in your home to bring happiness.

Also know as: Kum Kuma, Zaffran, Kesar, Autumn Crocus, Spanish Saffron, Dyer's Saffron, Thistle Saffron, Bastard Saffron, American Saffron, and Parrot's Corn.

SAGE: (White). This herb is used for self purification and dealing with grief and loss. Carried to improve mental ability and to bring wisdom.

Used in healing sachets and incense. Promotes spiritual and mental, emotional and physical health and longevity.

Removes negative energy. Place near a personal object of a person who is ailing when performing healing spells or rituals. Write a wish on a sage leaf and place it under your pillow for 3 nights, if you dream of your wish, it will come true; if not bury the leaf in the ground so that nothing bad will come to you.

Also known as: Garden Sage, White Sage, Red Sage, and Sawge.

Burn the herb to purify a ritual area or magical tools. Use as a main ingredient in, "Smudgesticks" and "Herb bundles".

Put in with "Tarot Cards" or "Runes", to protect and keep clean.

This herb is also used for: wishes, fertility, longevity, wisdom, protection, money attraction, purification, healing, and health magick.

Sage that is being gathered for magickal use should not be cut with a metal knife known as a Boline. It is said that if you eat Sage you will become more wise and also immortal. Sage is often a herb used at handfastings, since it will help bring about a long life and domestic virtue for the happy couple.

Sage can also be added to almost any healing spell. A good healing amulet may be made by putting a clove of Garlic, a bit of Eucalyptus and Cinnamon, two pinches of Sage and one pinch of Saffron into a small blue bag. This bag can then be worn or carried to promote healing. Sage can be used for attracting money and for wish manifestations.

SALT PETRE: This is for women who do not want their partner to have outside relationships. Stops sexual tension. Also called: Salt Peter, Petre Salt, Saltpetre, and Saltpeter.

SANDALWOOD: Scatter sandalwood powder around the home to clear it of negativity. Burn during protection, healing, and exorcism spells. Use the wood for healing wands. Write your wish on a chip of sandalwood and burn it in the censer or cauldron while visualizing your wish to make it come true. Helps in healing by aligning the chakras for better energy flow. Good for meditation, healing, and manifestation. Facilitates concentration.

Also known as: Sandal, Santal, White Saunders, White Sandalwood, Red Sandalwood, and Yellow Sandalwood.

SANICLE: This herb is used for safety in travel. Also called: Sancile, American Sanicle, Black Snakeroot, Wood Sanicle, Pool Root, Butterwort, and Alum Root.

SARSAPARILLA: Good for sexual vitality, health, love and money. Mix with sandalwood and cinnamon and sprinkle around the home or business to draw money. Alleged to prolong life, hinder premature aging, excite passions, and improve virility when it is worn or carried.

Also known as: Black Creeper, Sariva, Kalisar, Dudhilata, Sugandhi, Red Sarsaparilla, Tu Fu Ling, and Dwipautra.

SASSAFRAS: Magickal uses include health, money, and overcoming addictions. Place in the wallet or in purse to attract money and/or make the money you have go farther. Used as a prosperity incense. Added to sachets for healing his herb is also known as: Ague Tree, Cinnamon Wood, Saloip, and Saxifrax.

SAVOURY: Good for sexuality, sensuality, and passion; great for sex magick.

SAW PALMETTO BERRIES: Magickal uses of this herb includes healing, protection, exorcism, passion, and spiritual openings.

Also is called: Dwarf Palm Tree, Cabbage Palm, Sabal, and Sabal Serrulata.

SCULLCAP: This herb is worn by women to keep their husbands faithful. Used in sleep pillows for relaxation and peace. Used to bind oaths and consecrate vows and commitments, such as handfasting and initiations.

Used in bath magick to calm the aura of tensions and stress. Burned for relief of disharmony and disruptive situations.

Place a pinch in a lover's shoes to keep them from being affected by charms of others. Also known as: Skullcap, Scullcap, Hoodwort, Quaker Bonnet, Helmet Flower, European Skullcap, Greater Skullcap, American Skullcap, Canadian Skullcap, Blue Skullcap, Blue Pimpernel, Hoodwart,

Hooded Pillow Herb, Side-Flowering Skullcap, Mad Dogwood, Madweed, and Mad Weed.

SEA SALT: Uses include cleansing crystals, purification, grounding, protection magick and ritual magick. Used on the alter to represent the Earth. Used with water for asperging, sea spells, consecration and casting circles. Used with garlic and rosemary to banish evil.

SENNA: Magickal uses include all matters of lust and love. Enhances tact and diplomacy. Bathe with mate in an infusion of senna to ensure faithfulness. Also known as: Senna Pod, Rajavriksha, Fan Xia Ye, American Senna, Locus Plant. Fan Xie Ye, and Wild Senna.

SESAME: Used for money, lust, and passion.

SHALLOTS: Add an infusion of shallots to the bath for luck.

SHAVE GRASS: Magickal uses for this herb includes snake charming and fertility. Place in the bedroom to increase fertility. Also called: Scouring Rush, Equisetum, Pewterwort, Corncob Plant, Bottle Brush, Horsetail, Dutch Raisins, and Paddock Pipe.

SHEEP SORREL: Carry to protect against heart disease.

Place in sickrooms to aid in recuperation from illnesses and wounds.

SHEPHERD'S PURSE: Good for healing: Also known as: Mother's Heart, Shepard's Purse, Shepard's Heart, Cocowort, Pickpocket. Toywort, Pick Purse, St. James' Weed, St. James' Wort, St. Anthony's Fire, Pepper Grass, Case Wort, and Permacety.

SKUNK CABBAGE: Legal Matters.

SLIPPERY ELM: Magickal uses include protection and stopping gossip. Tie a knotted yellow thread around slippery elm and throw it into a fire to cease all gossip about you. This is also called: Red Elm, Moose Elm, Sweet Elm, and Indian Elm.

SNAPDRAGON: Good for protection, purification, and exorcism.

SNOWDROP: Passing of sorrow.

SOLOMON'S SEAL ROOT: The magickal uses of this herb includes protection, and cleansing.

Used in offertory incense. Used to bind magickal workings and keep sacred oaths and promises forever binding. Carry in an amulet or in a sachet for all-purpose protection.

Use in protection magick to exorcise spirits and ward off negative influences and demons. Keep on alter to promote success in all rituals. Sprinkle an infusion of the root to drive away evil.

Also known as: Lady's Seal, St. Mary's Seal, Sigillum, Sanctae Mariae, and Scean de Solomon.

SOW THISTLE: This herb increases strength and stamina, repels witches, and provides invisibility from enemies.

SPANISH MOSS: Good for protection, opening blockages, and dispelling negativity.

SPEARMINT: Healing, love, and protection while sleeping. Burn for healing magick, especially of respiratory conditions. Carry for healing. Use in ritual bath for strength and vitality. Write a wish on a paper and wrap it in spearmint leaves; place in a red cloth and sew with red thread, then keep in a safe and secret place, by the time the scent is gone, your wish should have come true.

Also known as: Garden Mint, Mackerel Mint, Our Lady's Mint, Spire Mint, Green Mint, Lamb Mint, Yerba Buena, Sage Of Bethlehem, and Fish. Mint.


SPIKENARD ROOT: You can wear this herb in a sachet around the neck to brink luck and to ward off illness. It is said that wetting a picture of a loved one in an infusion of spikenard will keep them close to you.

It is also known as: Spignet, Life of Man, Pettymorell, Old Man's Root, Indian Root, Bitter Root, Nard, and Nardo.

SQUAW VINE: The magickal uses of this herb includes all matters of fertility and childbirth. Pregnant women can add an infusion of squaw vine to bath water once a week to protect the unborn child from jealousy. Also called: Squawvine.

SQUILL ROOT: Good to draw money, place in a container with a dime, a quarter, and a dollar and say a prayer for prosperity.

ST. JOHN'S WORT: Worn to prevent colds and fever. Place under pillow to induce prophetic dreams. Protects against all forms of black magick and witchcraft.

Place in a jar in a window or burn in a fireplace to protect from lightning, fire and evil spirits.

Used for banishing, protection and blessing. Carry to strengthen courage and convictions or when confronting nasty situations.

Burn to banish spirits and demons. Used in divination for the care of crystals. (Note: Can be poisonous, so handle with care).

Also known as: Goat Weed, Herba John, Tipton Weed, and

Kalimath Weed.

Depressed? Then see St. Johnswort. Now in many herbal remedies. Noted for its calming effects, valuable for nervous disorders such as insomnia, depression and bedwetting. The oil has remarkable soothing and healing action when it is rubbed into painful joints and strained muscles.

Celtic tradition held that the Druids wore it in battle for invincibility.

Burn to exorcise negative spirits.

Make a tea with 1 tbsp to 8 oz. of water, for a storage antidote for depression.

STAR ANISE: Burned as an incense to increase psychic awareness and powers. Placed on the alter to increase the power generated. Carried to bring good luck. Also called: Chinese Anise.

STRAW: Good for image magick and luck.

STRAW FLOWER: Protection, luck, and longevity. Use in magick to make the effects to last. The flower of Samhain, signifying the transition from one type of life to another. (Note: This herb is poisonous, so use with caution.)

STRAWBERRY: Attracts success, good fortune, and favorable circumstances. Served as a love food. Leaves are carried for good luck. Pregnant women carry a packet of the leaves to ease the pains of pregnancy and childbirth.

SUGAR: Good for love magick and sex spells.

SUGAR CANE: Love, lust, and sympathy.

SULFER POWDER: Dispels or prevents hexes that are put upon you; destroys an enemy's power over you. Also known as: Brimstone.

SUNFLOWER PETALS: Good for protection, energy, power, wishes, and wisdom.

The Sunflower belongs to the Sun, its gender is male (God) and belongs to the element of Fire. Magical uses are Fertility, Wisdom and Health.

Powerful flower to use on Sunday as an offering to the God of home as well. Use for May day and Beltane offerings and charms.

SWEET BUGLE: This herb is crushed and placed under the mattress to attract love and marriage prospects.

SWEET PEA: Attracts friends, and allies; Draws the loyalty and affection of others.

SWEET POTATO: Good for image magick.

SWEETGRASS: This herb is used for unity, peace, and for calling spirits.

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