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Here in this Directory you will find the list of herbs in alphabetical order and what they are used for in dealing with Magic/Magick.

Herbal Grimoire

Understanding the magickal properties of herbs and some ways that you can use them for your own rituals and purposes.

Herb Names Magickal Uses

ACACIA: Protection, psychic and spiritual enhancement, money, platonic love and friendship. Use to anoint candles and censers ant to consecrate chests or boxes that hold ritual tools. Used in incense to promote a meditative state.

ACONITE: Used as a magickal wash for ritual tools and space. Wear as an amulet for protection from vampires and werewolves. Note: Poisonous, do not consume. Also called: Wolfsbane, Monkshood.

ACORN: Good luck, protection, wisdom and personal power. A dried acorn is an excellent natural amulet for keeping a youthful appearance.

ADAM AND EVE ROOT: Principally used by lovers; one lover carries the Eve Root and the other lover carries the Adam Root. This keeps your lover true to you and discourages rivals. Carry both roots in a small bag at all times for attraction, to bring a love to you, or for a marriage proposal.

ADDER'S TONGUE: Stop gossip and slander, promotes healing. Sacred to serpent goddesses. Used in divination, healing magick, lunar magick and also with dream magick. It is also called: Dogtooth Violet.

AFRICAN VIOLET: Spirituality, protection, and healing. Wear in an amulet for protection. Keep in the home to increase spirituality. Frequently burned as incense during the spring Equinox sabbat.

AGAR AGAR: Promote joy and success, attract opportunities and blessings to the household. Mix with Fast Luck powder and rub on hands before playing bingo or other games of chance.

AGRIMONY: Use this to overcome fear and inner blockages; dispelling negative emotions. Also used for reversing spells. Sew into a dream pillow with Mugwort to get the best results. Use as a wash or as an oil to increase the effectiveness of all forms of healing rituals. Wards off evil entities and poison.

Agrimony for matrimony, is a perfect herb for the couple soon to hand fast. Place a red sachet filled with this herb and place it between the mattress of lovers to ensure a long lasting relationship or marriage.

Agromony belongs to the element AIR, and is also used for protection spells. This herb has also been used to reverse spells sent against the magician. It is also used in sleep, sachets, placed under the pillow for a deep sleep or rest. Beltane herb.

AGUE: Good for protection, hex breaking. Used in amulets to protect against evil. Mix with incense and burn to break a hex that has been placed on you. This is also called: Ague Root, Ague Weed.

ALDER: Associated with divination, music, poetry, wind magick, weather magick, teaching and decision making. Also used in rituals of death and dying to provide protection for the deceased.

ALFALFA: Money, prosperity, anti-hunger. Put a small jar in the cupboard or in your pantry to ward off poverty and hunger. Burn in a cauldron and use the ashes in amulets for protection from hunger and poverty.

ALKANET: This is good for purification, prosperity. Protects from snakebites and helps ease fear of snakes. Burned as an incense to replace negativity with positive influence. Also called: Anchusa, Dyer's Bugloss, Orchanet, Spanish Bugloss.

ALLSPICE: Healing, luck, money, obtaining treasure. Provides added determination and energy to any spells and charms. Burn crushed allspice to attract luck and money. Use in herbal baths for healing. Also called: Jamaica Pepper.

Whole Allspice, berries, hold a wonderful sent of cloves. They actually look and feel like wood berries or beads. A very vitalizing spice, this herb is perfect for health amulets. Put out a small dish of Allspice in a sick persons room to uplift. It also promotes determination and energy.

ALMOND: Money, wisdom, fruitfulness, and prosperity. Invokes the healing energy of the deities. Provides magickal help for overcoming dependencies and addictions. Associated with Candlemas and Beltane. Carry, wear, or use as incense to attract abundance. Also it is called: Greek Nuts, Shakad.

ALOE: Good for protection and luck. Place on the grave of a loved one to promote peaceful energy. Thought to relieve loneliness and assist with success. Hand in the home to attract luck and protection for those who live there. Grow in the home to provide protection from household accidents. Burn on the night of a full moon to bring a new lover by the new moon. Also it is called: Burn Plant, Medicine Plant.

ALTHEA ROOT: Burn or place in a sachet to bring protection, calm an angry person, and aid psychic powers. Keep on the alter or burn on a candle to attract good spirits.

ALYSSUM: Protection and moderating anger, protection.

AMARANTH: Good for healing, summoning spirits, healing broken hearts, protection from bullets and invisibility.

AMBER: Protection from harm, outside influences, and psychic attacks. Mental clarity and focus. Transforming negative energy to positive energy.

AMBERGRIS: Enhance dreams and psychic ventures, also attract men.

ANEMONE: Good for healing and protection.

ANGELICA: Very powerful protection herb - protects against negative energy and attracts positive energy;

creates a barrier against negative energy. Used in healing and exorcism incense; scatter for purification, protection, and uncrossing. Add to incense to promote healing or to the bath water to remove curses, hexes, or spells. Also thought to promote temperance.

Sprinkle ground herb in the shoe to prevent tiredness and weakness. Sprinkle around the outside perimeter of the home for protection and exorcism. Burn to bring a lost love back to you. Also called: Masterwort, Archangel, Garden Angel, Angelica Root.

Grow in gardens as a protection. You can carry the root with you as an amulet. You can burn the dried leaves in exorcism rituals.

ANISE: This herb is used to help ward off the evil eye, find happiness, and stimulate psychic ability. Fill a sleep pillow with anise seed to prevent disturbing dreams. Use to invoke Mercury and Apollo.

Great for aromatherapy. Used in purification baths with bay leaves. A sprig of Anise hung on the bedpost will restore lost youth. Use in protection and meditation incenses. Also called: Aniseed, Anneys, Anise Seed.

Many people use this herb for purification as well as for protection. A good, general cleansing bath is made with a handful of Anise seeds and a few Bay leaves. A pillow or sachet of Anise will keep away nightmares.

APPLE: Love, garden magick, immortality, friendship, healing. Place seven apple seeds in a bag with Orris Root to attract sexual love. Use in rituals to give honor to gods and goddesses of fertility.

Considered the food of the dead, which is why Samhain is called the "Feast of Apples". Symbolizes the soul and is burned at Samhain in honor of those who will be reborn in the spring. When doing a house blessing, cut an apple in half, eat half and put the other half outside of the home as an offering.

Also is called: Fruit of the Underworld, Fruit of the Gods, Silver Brough, Silver Branch, Tree of Love.

Apples are also the symbol for immortality and sexuality, and it is associated with the planet Venus. Perfect for couple magic especially on Friday the 13th In the language of flowers, the apple stands for Temptation, Love and Fertility. The apple was held in high esteem by witches, as Apples possesses a Natural Pentacle at its center. In Celtic lore "Avalon" was an isle of enchantment. Avalon means the, "Apple Place".

APRICOT: Love, and leaves and flowers to love sachet or carry apricot pits to attract love.

ARABIC GUM: Good for protection, psychic and spiritual enhancement, money, platonic love, and friendship. Use to anoint candles and censers and to consecrate chests or boxes that hold ritual tools. Use in incense to promote a meditative state. Also is called: Acacia, Gum Arabic.

ARNICA FLOWERS: Increases psychic powers.

ARROW ROOT: Used for purification and healing; can be used as a substitute for graveyard dust.

ASH: Sea spells/magick/rituals, image magick, invincibility, protection from drowning, general protection, and good luck. Burning an ash log at Yule tide brings prosperity. The leaf of this plant is used for travel safety. Place one tablespoon of ash leaf in a bowl of water in the bedroom overnight, then toss out in the morning, doing this daily is said to prevent illness.

ASOFOETIDA: Is good for protection and danishing negativity. Be forewarned that this herb is powerful, but has an awful smell when burned. This herb is also called: Devil's Dung, Food of the Gods.

ASPARAGUS: Male sex magick.

ASPEN: Eloquence, clairvoyance, healing and anti-theft. Plant in your garden for protection against thieves.

ASTER: Love. Also called: China Aster, Michaelmas Daisy, Starwort.

ASTRAGALUS ROOT: Protection and energy.

AVOCADO: Is good for love, lust and beauty. Also used for sex magick. Is also called: Ahuacotl, Alligator pear, Persea.

AZALEA: Is used for happiness, gaiety and light spirits, first love. (Note: Poisonous, do not consume.)


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