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Happiness Is Being Happy

Emotions follow physical expression smile and act happy and you will tend to feel and be happy. The same is also true for other emotions. Also, emotions can be purposely used (or programed) to replace other emotions. Using this technique, a magician is somewhat like an actor in that he learns how to turn his emotions on and off at will. Note that this is not 'fakeing it' the magician is probably more in touch with his true feelings than most people. And for these reasons we say that happiness is being happy.

Satisfaction Of Desire Yields Illusory Happiness Only

When there is desire, then alone is there pleasure. The cause for pleasure is desire. When there is no desire, there cannot be any pleasure. When there is no hunger, delicious food can give you no pleasure. When there is no thirst, any refreshing beverage will have no effect. So, hunger is the best sauce. The first cup of hot milk gives pleasure. The second cup induces disgust. After the enjoyment is over, Tripti comes. Hence, disgust arises when the second cup is taken. There is no real pleasure in milk. The happiness is in Atman only. It is reflected in the object (milk) owing to ignorance, owing to Bhranti (illusion). It is Bhranti-Sukha. If there were real happiness in milk, it should induce pleasure always and in every person. It is not the case. A desire arises in the mind. There is a Vritti now. This Vritti agitates your mind till you get satisfaction through enjoyment of the desired object. There is Santi or peace or happiness after the enjoyment is over. Another desire arises...

The Lord Of Material Happiness Nine of Chalices

Complete and perfect realization of pleasure and happiness, almost perfect self-praise, vanity, conceit, much talking of self, yet kind and lovable, and may be self-denying therewith. High-minded, not easily satisfied with small and limited ideas. Apt to be maligned through too much self-assumption. A good and generous, but sometimes foolish nature. Yesod of HB H (Complete success, pleasure and happiness, wishes fulfilled). Therein rule the Angels HB SALYH and HB a'aRYAL.

Real Happiness Lies Within

Why do you search, in vain, for your happiness, O worldly fools, outside, in objects, money, women, titles, honours, name and fame, which are false, worthless and like cow-dung You cannot get your happiness there. You are entirely deluded. Search within the heart, subjectively in the Atman, the source and fountain of all happiness. Real happiness is within you. It is in the Atman. It is subjective. It is in the Sattva Guna and beyond Sattva. It manifests when the mind is concentrated. When the Indriyas are withdrawn from the objects outside, when the mind is one-pointed (Ekagra), when there is Vasana-Kshaya (annihilation of the Vasanas) and Manonasa (annihilation of the mind), when you become desireless and thoughtless, Atmic bliss begins to dawn spiritual Ananda begins to thrill.

The Small Cards 177218

The Four Aces The Four Twos The Four Threes The Four Fours The Four Fives The Four Sixes The Four Sevens The Four Eights The Four Nines The Four Tens. The Root of the Powers of Fire Ace of Wands Dominion-Two of Wands Virtue-Three of Wands Completion-Four of Wands Strife-Five of Wands Victory-Six of Wands Valour-Seven of Wands Swiftness-Eight of Wands Strength-Nine of Wands Oppression-Ten of Wands. The Root of the Powers of Water-Ace of Cups Love-Two of Cups Abundance-Three of Cups Luxury-Four of Cups Disappointment-Five of Cups Pleasure-Six of Cups Debauch-Seven of Cups Indolence-Eight of Cups Happiness-Nine of Cups Satiety-Ten of Cups. Ace of Swords Peace-Two of Swords Sorrow-Three of Swords Truce-Four of Swords Defeat-Five of Swords Science-Six of Swords Futility-Seven of Swords Interference-Eight of Swords Cruelty-Nine of Swords Ruin-Ten of Swords. Ace of Disks Change -Two of Disks Work-Three of Disks Power-Four of Disks Worry -Five of Disks Success-Six of Disks Failure-Seven of...

Perceiving the Creator

G enerations come and go, yet every generation and every individual asks the same question about the meaning of life. This happens especially at times of war and global suffering, and during periods of misfortune that befall each of us at some point in our lives. What is the purpose of life, which is so costly to us And shouldn't the absence of suffering be deemed as happiness

From the Bhagavad Gita

Not shaken by adversity, Not hankering after happiness Free from fear, free from anger, Free from the things of desire. I call him a seer, and illumined. The bonds of his flesh are broken. He is lucky, and does not rejoice He is unlucky, and does not weep. I call him illumined. Without peace, where is happiness

The Art of Silence A Silent Meditation for 40 Days

In the yogic tradition, meditations practiced for a certain number of days have a certain effect. Forty days is the minimum to break a habit and set the stage for an internal shift. One student asked me once- Forty days in a row The whole class laughed. Yes, forty days in a row And if that seems like a long time, in the past many spiritual masters have taken 40 years to achieve enlightenment. I imagine that all of us on the KYList have done that path in other lifetimes. This lifetime, we are attempting to get quicker results, so that we can enjoy peace and happiness while still in the body.

The Boundaries of

Wealth, too, does not bring happiness. New research, headed by Prof. Daniel Kahneman,11 reveals that there is Moreover, negative moods (anger and hostility) were more frequent among the rich. One of the explanations for the absence of a stronger link between wealth and day-to-day happiness is that we quickly become accustomed to comfort and our new standard of living, and immediately want more. We are at a crossroads. We are beginning to sober up and see that a bright future is not a given. Instead, it seems far more likely that our children will not have lives as good as ours. The sense of comprehensive crisis at both individual and collective levels comes from our awareness that everything we have developed has failed to produce lasting happiness.

Question To every person meaning the whole of mankind not just the Jews

I did not invent these things, they are all written in all the books of Kabbalah. According to the plan of the upper world, all creatures without exception must rise from their present situation to a much higher degree, and that can be done only through the study of the upper force and the connection with it. Man can change his life while in this world. He can avoid unnecessary pains, attain happiness, wholeness and eternity. Then, there won't be any difference between life and a physical death for man will be living in both worlds at once.

Hiding Seeking But Not Finding

In Kabbalah, the term used for this change is Tik-kun (correction). To realize our oppositeness from the Creator means that we must acknowledge the split that occurred among us (human beings) five thousand years ago. This is called the recognition of evil. It is not easy, but it is the first step to true health and happiness.

Prebvjuastic Egvjpt 5000 PC

For thousands of years the ancient Promethean Sibling-hood had led mankind towards happiness. Then humans stole the method of creating permanent Stasis. The Orichalka Men spread the knowledge quickly, and they began putting the Nephilim into them and then hiding the Stases, so the Nephilim would never get out. This went on for centuries, spreading from village to nomad family to town.

Philosophical Disquisition Upon The Nature Of The Soul

He was a small man, dressed carelessly in a blue serge suit with a narrow dark red tie. His iron-grey hair was curly and irrepressible his complexion, although wrinkled, was clear and healthy his small mouth was a moving wreath of smiles and his whole being radiated an intense and contagious happiness.

Understand the Laws of Thought

Think good of all. Do always good actions. Serve, love, give. Make others happy. Live to serve others. Then you will reap happiness. You will get favourable circumstances or opportunities and environments. He prepares himself to get always favourable circumstances. He who spreads happiness will always get such favourable circumstances as can bring him happiness. He who spreads pain to others will, doubtless, get according to the law of thought such unfavourable circumstances as can bring him misery and pain. Therefore, man creates his own character and circumstances, by the manner of his own thinking.

The Two Kinds Of Moods And Their Effects

People with negative moods of depression, anger, hatred do positive injury to others. They infect others and raise these destructive Vrittis in others. They are culpable. They do great damage in the thought-world. People with happy and cheerful moods are a blessing to society. They bring happiness to others.

Advancing toward Altruistic Pleasure

This sensation will award us immense happiness, and we will feel as if we have received the greatest gift in the world. We have this feeling because we are placing the Creator as King of the Universe, far above ourselves. Therefore, we are happy to have been singled out from among billions by the Creator Who, through books and teachers, informs us of what He wants from us. Once again, let us analyze the work that takes place in the middle line. We must begin our spiritual ascent by being in accordance with the right line, which represents a sense of perfection in the spiritual, happiness with our lot, and our desire to carry out the Will of the Creator selflessly and sincerely.

The State Of Nissankalpa

When your thoughts, which are now dispersed, shall be collected together and you will remain in a state of repose, then the eternally happy Atman will shine forth as the reflection of the sun is seen in a clear surface of water. Peace is not in money, woman or eating. When the mind becomes desireless and thoughtless, Atman shines and sheds forth eternal bliss and peace. Why do you search in vain for happiness in objects outside Search within for bliss in the subjective, Sat-Chit-Ananda Amrita Atman.

The Progeny Of Thoughts

Be careful of your progeny of thoughts. A good son brings happiness, name and fame to the father. An evil son brings infamy, discredit to his father. Even so, a noble thought will bring happiness and joy to you. An evil thought will bring misery and trouble to you. Just as you rear up your children with great care, so also you will have to rear up good, sublime thoughts with great care.

The Ten Quabbalistic Keys

Seven is the number of harmony, fertility, propagation and growing. It is also the number of love with all its phases, no matter whether the lowest form of love or the highest cosmic aspect of love is in question. Mercy, benevolence, virtuousness and happiness are also aspects of love and therefore appertain to number seven. Apart from this, seven is the number of beauty, purity and harmony. With regard to astrology, seven is the number of Venus so that all methods and practices of the Venus magic, scale magic, also belong to this numerical category. Amongst other things, the seven basic notes (octave) are also analogous to number seven, and so are the seven tattwas, the seven states of maturity (chakras), etc. The graphic representation of number seven is an equilateral heptagon (septangle). There are, however, also other symbols for number seven for instance, a great triangle with a square in its middle or, vice versa, a square with a triangle in its middle, depending on the number...

Being the Voluntary Emancipation of a certain Exempt Adept from his Adeptship These are the Birth Words of a Master of

Who is this Neapolitan boy that laughs in his happiness His lover is the mighty crater of the Mountain of Fire. I saw his charred limbs borne down the slopes in a stealthy tongue of liquid stone. 12. In our groves, in our cloistral cells, in our honeycomb of happiness, let us drink, let us drink

Desires Are Insatiable

As soon as a desire arises, you think you will get all happiness by its realisation. You exert yourself to achieve the desired object. As soon as you get it, a little satisfaction (false Tushti or gratification) is experienced for a short time. Again, mind becomes restless. It wants new sensations. Disgust and dissatisfaction come in. Again, it wants some new objects for its enjoyment. That is the reason why this world is termed as mere Kalpana (imagination) by Vedantins.

How To Control Desires

Whenever a desire arises in the mind, consult always your Viveka (power of discrimination). Viveka will at once tell you that the desire is attended with pain, that it is only a vain temptation set up by the mind and that Vairagya and Tyaga alone can bring about satisfaction and peace of mind. It will advise you to renounce the desire immediately and take to the study of Upanishads, repetition of OM and to have Samadhi-Nishtha in a solitary place on the bank of the sacred Ganga. Think deeply again and again whether the new desire will give you more happiness

Selfish Love And Divine Love

Repulsion is Vikarshana-Sakti. When I see myself in another man, when I see him as my own self, I begin to love him as my own self. When I find something in you that I myself possess, I am naturally drawn towards you and begin to love you. This is Vedantic way of explaining love. Love is pouring forth one's affection (Prema) on another. Love is God. Love is of two kinds, viz., selfish or physical love and real Love or divine Love which is unselfish and lasting. The first kind is love with attachment. The second one is love without attachment. He who is a real aspirant of Vedantic path, who feels his own self everywhere and a real Bhakta who sees Narayana everywhere in everything can really love others. When an inferior person hangs on another person for his happiness or existence, physical attachment crops up. Attachment causes slave mentality and weak will. Attachment is death. Physical love is death. Asangasastrena dridhena chhitva Cut all sorts of attachment by the...

Absence Of Ragadvesha Makes For Freedom

He who has no Raga but possesses Titiksha (power of endurance) can do anything. He can move about wherever he likes. He is as free as the atmospheric air. His happiness, freedom and peace are unbounded. Their extent can hardly be imagined. The freedom and joy of such Sannyasins cannot be imagined by the poor, petty-minded worldlings. It is Raga and luxury that have enfeebled the householders.

Pleasure Arises From Vrittilaya Not From Senseobjects

There is no happiness at all in any of the objects of the world. It is sheer ignorance to think that we derive any pleasure from the sense-objects or from the mind. Whenever we feel our desires are satisfied, we observe that the mind moves towards the heart, towards Atman. In pleasure also, there is exercise of the mind. It expands. It turns inward and moves to its original home, the place of its origin, Atman and enjoys Atma-Sukha (Bliss of the Self).

Antisthenes 440370 BCE

Like Socrates, he regarded virtue as necessary -- indeed, alone sufficient -- for happiness, and to be a branch of knowledge that could be taught, and that once acquired could not be lost. Its essence consists in freedom from wants by the avoidance of evil (by evil meaning pleasure and desire). Regarding his religious views, Antisthenes maintained that, in the universe, everything is regulated by a divine intelligence, from design, so to benefit the good person who is the friend of God. For the sage shall possess all things. This doctrine was connected with his ethical views, by indicating the physical conditions of a happy life. However, it led him to declare that there is but one natural God, but many popular deities that God cannot be known or recognized in any form or figure, since he is like nothing on earth. Hence undoubtedly arose his allegorical explanation of mythology.

How They Gathered The Silk For The Weaving Of The Butterflynet

Once again Lisa felt a pang of something like distrust. His trick of saying the simplest things as if they bore a second meaning, hidden from her, annoyed her. He had been strangely silent on the voyage, and wholly aloof from her on those planes where she most needed him that was a necessary condition of the experiment, of course but none the less it tended to disturb her happiness. Such talks as they had had were either purely educative, Magick in Six Easy Lessons, he called it, or Magick without Tears, or else they were conventional lover's chats, which she 133 felt sure he despised. He would tell her that her eyes were like the stars and she would think that he meant What am I to say to this piece of wood Even nature seemed to stir his contempt in some way. One night she had noticed him rapt in a poetic trance leaning over the bows watching the foam. For a long while he remained motionless, his breast rising quickly and falling, his lips trembling with passion -- and then he turned...

How To Develop Vairagya

Those who do not develop the painless Vairagya inherent in one's self and that with great felicity and happiness are, at best, but vermins in human shapes. When a bee finds that its feet are stuck in the honey, it slowly licks its feet several times and then flies away with joy. Even so, extricate yourself from the mind's sticking and clinging to this body and children-honey owing to Raga and Moha through Vairagya and meditation and fly away from this cage of flesh and bone to the Source, Brahman or Absolute.

FAQs About Kabbalah

In the beginning, the Creator alone existed. He created a general desire to receive. This desire to receive is called The First Man (Adam HaRishon). In order to enable The First Man to communicate with the Creator, the general desire to receive has been divided into many parts. The purpose of the creation is to achieve communion with the Creator, because only in such a state can man achieve fulfillment, endless tranquility and happiness. The general idea of all religious and mystical teachings is to commune with an upper entity. Every person comes with his own reason for seeking communion with this entity. For example, some people wish to enjoy an enriched and happy life in this world, to merit prosperity, health, confidence, a better future. They want to understand this world as much as possible in order to better manage their lives. Others wish to learn how to manage in the world to come after death. All of these goals are selfish and arise from man's egoism.

How To Destroy Vasanas Sama

Sama is peace of mind produced by the eradication of the Vasanas (Vasana-Tyaga). The Antahkarana of a man who possesses this virtue is cooler than ice. Even the coolness of the moon cannot compete with coolness of the Antahkarana of a man of Sama. Generally, the Antahkarana of a worldling is a blazing furnace. A man of Sama is neither exalted when he gets a desired object (Ishta) nor depressed when he gets an undesired thing (Anishta). He keeps a balanced mind always. He has no enemies. The happiness of an emperor is nothing, nothing when compared with the supreme spiritual bliss of a man of Sama. Sama is one of the four sentinels of Moksha. If you have Sama, you will get the company of the other three friends, viz., Santosha (contentment), Vichara (enquiry into Atman) and Satsanga (association with the wise and saintly).

Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation for Evolutionary Change

Well at least we want things to be different in our lives. We want to be happier and at peace within ourselves. We want more satisfying relationships. We want to be healthier. We want more meaningful work and to be more prosperous. We want to break destructive habits and stop indulging in certain addictive behaviors. The question is how can we effect these changes in our lives.

Magic Of The Male Fern Dryopteris filixmas L

The Magicians from darkness will terribly attack the performers of this ritual on the night of Saint John, in order to stop them from collecting the seeds of the Male Fern. Whosoever achieves the collecting of the seeds will fill himself with good luck and fortune. Money will smile upon him everywhere. This person will be filled with happiness and his business affairs will be triumphant. The whole world will envy him because of his fortune.

Twitching Of Body Parts

Gain from foreign tour Happiness and gain Relations with the opposite sex Happiness through children Happiness. Gain of good wealth Happiness Happy news from son Pleasures and honour Honour. Happiness Quarrels stolen articles Happiness, wealth and victory over enemies Happiness Promotion in rank Danger of injury Happiness. Gain Happiness and comforts from loved Happiness, respect and repute Journeys Happiness work Happiness

Mythological Origin Of The Werewolf Myth

An Osage warrior is in search of a wife he admires the tidy and shrewd habits of the beaver. He accordingly goes to a beaver-hut to obtain one of that race for a bride. In one corner of the room sat a beaver-woman combing the heads of some little beavers, whose ears she boxed very soundly when they would not lie still. The warrior, i. e. the beaver-chief, whispered the Osage that she was his second wife, and was very apt to be cross when there was work to be done, which prevented her from going to see her neighbours. Those whose heads she was combing were her children, he said, and she who had made them rub their noses against each other and be friends, was his eldest daughter. Then calling aloud, 'Wife,' said he, 'what have you to eat The stranger is undoubtedly hungry see, he is pale, his eye has no fire, and his step is like that of a moose.' Without replying to him, for it was a sulky day with her, she called aloud, and a dirty-looking beaver entered. 'Go,' said she, 'and fetch...

Galdr Verbal Uvne Magic

This rune provides success, advancement in career, a turnabout in luck for those in difficulty. The good luck it provides is not permanent, but a single event or a short period of good fortune. After that the charm must be renewed, not only magically but through an act of binding or connection in the social sense. This act can be a gift to charity, help to another, or some other action to like oneself to a social order. This rune is good for areas of money, friendliness, and gaining merit. Fehu is a sign of hope and plenty, success and happiness, but also the responsibilities of those at the top and a social binding at all levels. Cooper, Esoteric Rune Magic.

Do you actually expect me to believe this kind of magic works

King Solomon Conjuring Spell

One - but I know for a fact that there is a real and magical spirit of mad generosity personified merrily in the minds of billions of people as Santa Claus. In fact, each year (during the months when this spirit is at the zenith of its power to possess people) this subjective, intangible spirit is in a very real way responsible for the manifestation of an unimaginable number of material objects and immeasurable wealth and happiness.

Q People asked about the meaning of their lives in previous generations but in our generation everyone can study

Humanity is approaching a state of searching for the meaning of life, but not at the level of our world, as they realize that there is no happiness in high technology, or the development of our culture and ethics. Drugs and other accessories for pleasure produce a desire to avoid such questions as the desire to understand the meaning of life, but nonetheless, it remains as vital.

Aleister Crowley Liber Tzaddi

When you first enter here you will be caught up in the jjoyous atmosphere. The Angels will dance and sing and will all appear extremely happy. Crowley saw the Dance of Salome where Salome was a reflex of the goddess Nuit. Whatever you actually see, the happiness and gaiety of the Aethyr will flood your being as it does all who enter here.

The impure force of the world Atzilut step

No feeling can be born out of a vacuum there must be a definite desire to attain that feeling. For instance, a person should be taught to understand, and thus to love, music. An uneducated person cannot grasp the happiness of the educated one, who after strenuous efforts discovers something new that was being sought for a long time.

Live But Live Well The Te of Piglet pg 155

Taoism is not the reject-the-physical-world theory of living that some scholars (and a few Taoists) would have others believe. Even Lao-tse, the most reclusive of Taoist writers, wrote, Honor all under Heaven as your body. To a Taoist, a reject-the-physical-world approach would be an extremist absurdity, impossible to live without dying. Instead, a Taoist might say Carefully observe the natural laws in operation in the world around you, and live by them. From following them, you will learn the morality of modesty, moderation, compassion, and consideration (not just one society's rules and regulations), the wisdom of seeing things as they are (not of merely collecting facts about them) and the happiness of being in harmony, with the Way (which has nothing to do with self-righteous spiritual obsessions and fanaticism). And you will live lightly, spontaneously, and effortlessly.

How to elicit an emotional state

If you want to elicit the state of happiness, put a smile on and BE HAPPY 3. As they look at this event from a future location tell them this was the start of the time in between of happiness, total satisfaction, great sex, and the love affair they had always dreamed of. On the other hand, (use your left hand) your sensitive nature can CREATE AN OPENING for comPASSION, understanding, and TRUE INTIMACY almost IMMEDIATELY. I realty value someone that cares what I think. When we are in a relationship,it is important to GET APPROVAL from the other person. Wouldn't it be nice to finally HAVE SOMEONE, RIGHT IN FRONT TO YOU, that can totally approve, and love, and respect you for who you really are. ISN'T THAT A GREAT FEELING When someone truly cares, it can simply FEEL like WARM BATH washing all over your body and the energy just PULSATES through your chest and that FEELING OF happiness just radiates CAN YOU SENSE THAT CLOSENESS NOW That is one part of your personality that I...

What Is Bloodroot Good For In Voodoo Curses

Devil Shoestring Hoodoo

BEECH Wishes, happiness and divination. Improves literary skills. Place a leaf of beech between covers of Book of Shadows to increase inspiration. BLACK COHOSH Love, courage, protection and potency. Use in love sachets or in the bath water to prevent impotence. Carry in your pocket or amulet for courage and or strength. Sprinkle around a room to drive evil away. Add an infusion of the herb to bath water to ensure a long and happy life.

The Belief In Mediating And Inspiring Spirits According To The Jewish Cabalists

From their source, this is my answer Their case is like that of a king, to whom a son was born, and who took him into the country, to be there reared and educated until he had grown older, and had been instructed in the customs of his father's palace. When the king was informed that his son's education was finished, what does his love for him prompt him to do He sends for the queen, his mother, to celebrate his return. He brings him back to the palace, where the whole day is spent in rejoicing. The saint also had a son by the queen, blessed be his name. This son is the superior and sacred soul. He sends him to the country, or, in other words, into the world, to grow up and become acquainted with the usages of his father's palace. When it comes to the knowledge -of the Ancient of Ancients that his son is grown, and that the time has come to introduce him into his presence, what does his love then prompt him to do As a mark of honor, he sends for the queen, and brings her son home to...

Activating the Kundalini

Each of us in our own way is charming, creative and alive. We are each born with the innate capacity to able to both master and accept our circumstances. If we use our gifts wisely we can accomplish much and achieve happiness. The human path is about learning to connect with our soul essence, tap our vital energy and discover our gifts so that we can successfully navigate our life.

Worry Its Meaning And Eradication

Another way is to train the mind to rest on the Good Law, thus establishing a habit of content. Here the man dwells on the thought that all circumstances work within the Law, and that nought happens by chance. Only that which the Law brings to us can reach us, by whatever hand it may outwardly come. Nothing can injure us that is not our due, brought to us by our own previous willing and acting none can wrong us, save as an instrument of the Law, collecting a debt due from us. Even if an anticipation of pain or trouble come to the mind, it will do well to face it calmly, accept it, agree to it. Most of the sting disappears when we aquiesce in the finding of the Law, whatever it may be. And we may do this the more easily if we remember that the Law works ever to free us, by exacting the debts that keep us in prison, and though it bring us pain, the pain is but the way to happiness. All pain, come it how it may, works for our ultimate bliss, and is but breaking the bonds which keep us...

Lovage Herb Court Spell

LILY Removal, Fertility, Rebirth, marriage, happiness, and prosperity. Also called Tiger Lily, Easter Lily. LILY OF THE VALLEY Used for soothing, calming, draws peace and tranquility, and repels negativity. Assists in empowering happiness and mental powers. Use in magick workings to stop harassment. Married couples should plant Lily of the Valley in their first garden to promote longevity of the marriage. (Note Poisonous, please use with caution.)

Benefits Of Pranayama

This body becomes lean, strong and healthy. Too much fat is reduced. There is lustre in the face. Eyes sparkle like diamonds. The practitioner becomes very handsome. Voice becomes sweet and melodious. The inner Anahata sounds are distinctly heard. The student is free from all sorts of diseases. He gets established in Brahmacharya. Semen gets firm and steady. The Jatharagni (gastric fire) is augmented. The student becomes so perfected in Brahmacharya that his mind will not be shaken even if a fairy tries to embrace him. Appetite becomes keen. Nadis are purified. Vikshepa is removed and the mind becomes one-pointed. Rajas and Tamas are destroyed. The mind is prepared for Dharana and Dhyana. The excretions become scanty. Steady practice arouses the inner spiritual force and brings in spiritual light, happiness and peace of mind. It makes him an Oordhvareto-Yogi. All psychic powers are obtained. Advanced students only will get all the benefits.

The Secret Of Peace Of Mind

Desire for spiritual progress is of great value so long as the lower desires entangle and fetter the aspirant he gains strength to free himself from them by the passionate longing for spiritual growth but it does not, it cannot, give happiness, which is only found when the separate self is cast away and the great Self is recognised as that for the sake of which we are living in the world. Even in ordinary life the unselfish people are the happiest - those who work to make others happy, and who forget themselves. The dissatisfied people are those who are ever seeking happiness for themselves. The more we desire, the more the craving for happiness - which is unhapiness - must grow. The Secret of Peace is the knowledge of the Self, and the thought that Self am I will help towards the gaining of a peace of mind that nothing can disturb.

Magical Figures

But at the time when Aba-aner was working magic by means of wax figures, probably to the harm and injury of his enemies, the priests were making provision for the happiness and well-being of the dead also by means of figures made of various substances. According to one very early belief the dead made their way to a region called Sekhet-Aaru, where they led a life which was not very different from that which they had led upon earth. From the pictures of this place which are painted on coffins of the Xlth dynasty, we see that it was surrounded by streams of water, and that it was intersected by canals, and that, in fact, it was very much like an ordinary well-kept estate in the Delta. The beings who lived in this place, however, had the same wants as human beings, that is to say, they needed both food and drink, or bread-cakes and ale. The existence of bread and ale presupposed the existence of wheat and barley, and

Helping The Socalled Dead

In the world into which those freed from the physical body have gone, a loving thought is as palpable to the senses as is here a loving word or tender caress. Everyone who passes over should, therefore, be followed by thoughts of love and peace, by aspirations for his swift passage onwards throught the valley of death to the bright land beyond. Only too many remain in the intermediate state longer than they otherwise would, because it is their bad karma not to have friends who know how to help them from this side of death. And if people on earth knew how much of comfort and of happiness is experienced by the wayfarers to the heavenly worlds from these truly angelic messengers, these thoughts of love and cheer, if they knew the force they had to strengthen and console, none would be left lonely by those who remain behind. The beloved dead have surely a claim on our love and care, and even apart from this how great is the consolation to the heart, bereaved of the presence that gave...

Necessity For A Guru

He removes the veil of ignorance and blesses the ignorant Jivas. The aspirant should regard his immediate Guru in the physical form as an incarnation of that Guru of Gurus and should have equal devotion to him also. Guru in the physical form is the main source and embodiment of all good and happiness that can accrue to the Chela. The disciple should realise the supreme necessity of obeying the Guru's commands and behests and keeping his faith in him unsullied and staunch.

The Lord Of Perfected Success Ten of Cups or Chalices

Permanent and lasting success and happiness, because inspired from above. Not so sensual as Lord of Material Happiness, yet almost more truly happy. Pleasure, dissipation, debauchery, quietness, peacemaking. Kindness, pity, generosity, wantonness, waste, etc., according to dignity.

Suffering Sent As Absolute Kindness

Pleasure is a derivative of the desire that preceded it appetite, suffering, passion, and hunger. A person who possesses everything is terribly unhappy because there is nothing more worth seeking for gratification. Hence, one may become depressed. If we were to measure a person's possessions by the perception of happiness, then poor people would be the richest, because even the most insignificant things please them.

The Twelveinch Rule And The Common Gavel

It is but a shallow scoff to say that prayer is absurd, because it is not possible for us, by means of it, to persuade God to change His plans. He produces foreknown and foreintended effects, by the instrumentality of the forces of nature, all of which are His forces. Our own are part of these. Our free agency and our will are forces. We do not absurdly cease to make efforts to attain wealth or happiness, prolong life, and continue health, because we cannot by any effort change what is predestined. If the effort also is predestined, it is not the less our effort, made of our free will. So, likewise, we pray. Will is a force. Thought is a force. Prayer is a force. Why should it not be of the law of God, that prayer, like Faith and Love, should have its effects Man is not to be comprehended as a starting-point, or progress as a goal, without those two great forces, Faith and Love. Prayer is sublime. Orisons that beg and clamour are pitiful. To deny the efficacy of prayer, is to deny...

Meditation for Gurprasad

Note There is a slightly different version of the same meditation - time unlimited and the following comments Gurprasad means gift of the Guru . As you practice this meditation, feel yourself showered by all the blessings of heaven - health, wealth, happiness, your ultimate caliber and capacity. Just let it happen. Fill your heart and soul with all the bounties of nature. Simply meditate on the boundless flow of the Universal Soul, and feel a deep inflow of spirit. This is a very restful posture. The subtle pressure against the meridian points in the rib cage gives immediate relaxation.

The Lord Of Ruin Ten of Swords

Almost a worse symbol than the Nine of Swords. Undisciplined, warring force, complete disruption and failure. Ruin of all plans and projects. Disdain, insolence and impertinence, yet mirth andjollity therewith. A marplot, loving to overthrow the happiness of others a repeater of things given to much unprofitable speech, and of many words. Yet clever, eloquent, etc., according to dignity.

The Work Along the Three Lines

This state is known as the left line because it is in need of correction. We have now perceived our own emptiness and must turn to the right line, to the feelings of completeness, satisfaction, and full happiness with our lot. Previously, it was not considered that we were in the right line because we were still in one line, simply because there was no second line, and thus, no self-criticism existed. The right line should be so pronounced that there should be no need for any other attributes in order to attain the feeling of absolute happiness. This process symbolizes the controlled departure from personal egoistic deliberations. Thus, it signifies perfection, since it requires nothing else to feel joy.

To The Mind And Sensesi

O Skin You rejoice in touching women and other soft things but you do not experience happiness in touching the feet of the Lord and the saints. O Feet You take delight in going to cinemas, clubs, restaurants, hotels but you do not find happiness in going to places of pilgrimage, temples and Ashrams.

Question If the nation of Israel is concerned with corrections will the hatred increase toward it or decrease

But in spirituality you must follow the individual. In spiritual evolution it is the individual who decides, through his soul, what to do and how. He determines the connection between himself and the Creator, and his approach to the other parts of life. We must awaken ourselves, not only to change the physical state of the world, to bring peace and happiness, but act toward the spiritual goal in order to bring every thing to the end of its correction.

The Spirit of Serenity

The last landmark ability of a White Mage is the ability to help those around them. A White Mage is dedicated to helping humanity and ensuring that people around them are benefitted by their presence. More often than not, they use their unique powers of prayer and blessing to increase the success, happiness, or general well-being of those around them. The White Mage can create nodes of blessing in another person's home to bring them good luck, can bless their objects and make them somewhat enchanted in that way, and a host of other blessings that can improve the life of themself or someone else.

Of The Zonei And Their Attributes

Ogun Png Images

The Goddess of Venus is the most excellent Queen INANNA, called of the Babylonians ISHTAR. She is the Goddess of Passion, both of Love and of War, depending upon her sign and the time of her appearance in the heavens. She appears as a most beautiful Lady, in the company of lions, and partakes of a subtle astral nature with the Moon God NANNA. When they are in agreement, that is, when their two plants are auspiciously arranged in the heavens, it is as two offering-cups split freely in the heavens, to rain the sweet wine of the Gods upon the earth. And then there is great happiness and rejoicing. She sometimes appears in armour, and is thereby a most excellent guardian against the machinations of her sister, the dread Queen ERESHKIGAL of KUR. With the Name and Number of INANNA, no Priest need fear to walk into the very depths of the Underworld for being armed, in Her armour, he is similar to the Goddess. It was thus that I descended into the foul pits that lie gaping beneath the crust...

Passionflower In Spells

NEROLI Good for joy, happiness, confidence, and overcoming emotional blockages. Soothes, relaxes, and uplifts the spirit. Instills confidence and courage when carried or worn. ORANGE Attracts abundance and happiness through love and marriage. Concentrate on a yes no question while eating an orange, then count the seeds, the even number of seeds means the answer is yes. Use the leaves and flowers

Saffron Spells For Money

SAFFRON Aphrodisiac, healing, love, happiness, wind raising, lust and strength. Burn, wear, or carry for healing and strengthening psychic awareness. Commonly used in love magick, healing spells, and to control the weather. Wash hands with water and saffron or keep saffron sachets in your home to bring happiness.

Dharana Concentration

Close your eyes. See what happens when you think of an apple. You may think of its colour, shape, size, different parts such as skin, pulp, seeds, etc. You may think of the places, Australia or Kashmir, wherefrom it is imported. You may think of its acidic or sweet taste and its effects on the digestive system and blood. Through the law of association, ideas of some other fruits also may try to enter. The mind may begin to entertain some other extraneous ideas. It may begin to wander. It may think of meeting a friend at the Railway Station at 4 p.m. It may think of purchasing a towel or a tin of tea or biscuits. You should try to have a definite line of thought. There should not be any break in the line of thinking. You must not entertain any other thought which is not connected with the subject on hand. The mind will try its level best to run in its old grooves. You will have to struggle hard in the beginning. The attempt is somewhat like going up a...

Soparshan Chakra Kriya

If you can do this meditation for 62 minutes to start with and develop it to the point that you can do it for two and a half hours a day, it makes out of you a perfect super-being. It purifies, takes care of the human life and makes a human perfect, saintly, successful, and qualified. This meditation also gives one the pranic power. This kriya never fails. It can give one all the inner happiness and bring one to a state of ecstasy in life.

The book of talismans

In Sanskrit its name means Happiness. Pleasure, Good Luck, Su good, or well Asli being, making it Good Being '' and it is still used ill Indie, China, and Japan as an Amulet for long life, good fortune, and good luck. The 'llustration shown or. Plate I, No. 14 is from a shield of the Bronze Age, the. backgrourd bring of dull red enamel, and the arms turned to the left whilst No. 18, which turns to the right, is taken from between the feet of a statue of Buddha from Ceylon, and is also commonly found i i the footprints of this Deity, sometimes both forms bring used in the amp impression. In China the Swastika sign is pronounced Wan, meaning a great number, a multitude, great happiness, longevity both forms are used, but most commonly that which is turned to the left. The Jains of India regard it as a symbol of human progress, the right arm A (Illustration No. 18) representing the lowest stage of life, as protoplasm the lower arm B indicating the soul's evolution, and through plant and...

Radiating Rosicrucian Love

Think of all the people, plants, and animals that you know very well. Encompass them in the golden light of your heart. Forgive them for everything hurtful they have ever done to you, and know that they are forgiving you on some level. Send them love and happiness and peace. 7. Think of all the people, plants, and animals that you know moderately well. Encompass them in the golden light ofyour heart. Forgive them for everything hurtful they have ever done to you, and know that they are forgiving you on some level. Send them love and happiness and peace. 8. Think of all the people, plants, and animals in the town where you live. Encompass them in the golden light of your heart. Forgive them for everything hurtful they have ever done to you, and know that they are forgiving you on some level. Send them love and happiness and peace. 9. Think of all t he people, plants, and animals in the region where you live. Encompass them in the golden light of your heart. Forgive them for everything...

Matos Spells And Magic Anger Of Hurricane

That is precisely the idea. You keep on reversing it and it gets funnier and more serious every time, and it spins faster and faster until you cannot follow it, and your brain begins to whirl, and presently you become That Spiral Force which is of the Quintessence of the Absolute. So it is all a simple and easy method of attaining the summit of perfections, the stone of the Wise, True Wisdom and Perfect Happiness.

Dharana Or Concentration

It appreciates only system, symmetry, harmony, beauty, order, etc. The mind dislikes any thing thrown pell-mell, because it is made in an orderly fashion. Without knowing the why of it one does not like anything spontaneously. The way in which the mind functions is what is known as logic. One should not hastily move to things and jump into any conclusion. Many people suffer from this travesty, because they cannot take all aspects of the matter into their judgements. All persons cannot consider every side of an issue, and this pinches the mind from various directions. A programme that one may have to change constantly is not a well-thought-out programme. Let there be no need to change what one has decided to do. Let it be thought and arranged well, even if it would take many days to make the decision. Let there be beauty in thinking, as there is beauty in the outer world. The more is one logical, the more is also one's happiness. Hence, it is...

Explanation of the Second Bardo

If read literally, The Tibetan Book of the Dead would have you expect the Master of All Visible Shapes (or his opposite, the fondness for stupidity) on the first day the Immovable Deity of Happiness and his consort, attendants and opposite on the second, etc. The manual should, of course, not be used rigidly, exoterically, but should be taken in its esoteric, allegorical form.

Asana Or Posture

Apart from the spine being straight, and the extremities being locked, the legs are to be bent in three or four ways. There are Padma-Asana, Siddha-Asana, Svastika-Asana and Sukha-Asana. One can choose any of these postures for meditation. The purpose of a fixed Asana is to enable the mind to slowly forget that there is a body at all. The body will attract attention, somehow. But the mind cannot, in meditation, afford to remain conscious of the body. The student gradually loses sensation of the limbs. He forgets that he is seated, that he has a body or the limbs. The first sign of successful practice in Asana is a sense of levitation. The body is felt to be so light that it may appear to be ready for a rise. This sensation comes when there is a thorough fixity of posture. This is the test. One will begin to feel a creeping sensation as if ants are crawling over the body. That should show the student's readiness for a rise above body-consciousness. Together with these sensations, he...

Magic Psychic Training IV

These exercises are of great importance, because they establish the harmony between the material as well as the astral body and the universal rule of the elements. If the magician should ever get into disharmonies through any peculiar circumstance, all he ahs to do is practice these exercises and he will immediately redress the harmony. He will experience the comforting influence of the entire universal harmony no only for a few hours but for days, which is creating and keeping in him the feeling of peace and happiness. The harmony of the elements in the body offers more advantages, of which I shall mention only a few. First of all, the scholar is protected against the pernicious

The Pantacle

All that we are from mind results on mind is founded, built of mind Who acts or speaks with evil thought him doth pain follow sure and blind. So the ox plants his foot, and so the car wheel follows hard behind. All that we are from mind results on mind is founded, built of mind Who acts or speaks with righteous thought him happiness doth surely find. So failing not the shadow falls for ever in its place assigned.

St Chakra Identifying Needs and getting them

In dealing with any challenge, the first step is to identify the need. The second step is to embrace it, NOT deny it or try to suppress it. The third step is to figure how we can satisfy these needs, without hurting ourselves, but instead by promoting our health and happiness.

Obstacles To Meditation

Laya (sleep), Vikshepa (tossing of mind from one object to another), Kashaya (memory of sensual pleasures) and hidden Vasanas and Rasasvada (the happiness derived from Savikalpa Samadhi) are four stumbling blocks in meditation. Even the happiness of Savikalpa Samadhi is an obstacle, because it prevents you from entering into the Nirvikalpa state. It produces false Tushti (contentment) and you stop your further Sadhana.

Preface by M Nostradamus to His Prophecies

Greetings and happiness to Cesar Nostradamus my son. Your late arrival, Cesar Nostredame, my son, has made me spend much time in constant nightly reflection so that I could communicate with you by letter and leave you this reminder, after my death, for the benefit of all men, of which the divine spirit has vouchsafed me to know by means of astronomy. And since it was the Almighty's will that you were not born here in this region and I do not want to talk of years to come but of the months during which you will struggle to grasp and understand the work I shall be compelled to leave you after my death assuming that it will not be possible for me to leave you such writing as may be destroyed through the injustice of the age. The key to the hidden prediction which you will inherit will be locked inside my heart. So in conclusion, my son, take this gift from your father M. Nostradamus, who hopes you will understand each prophecy in every quatrain herein. May Immortal God grant you a long...

Pratyahara Or Abstraction

When we are suffering, we are made to think that we are enjoying pleasures. In psychoanalytic terms, this is comparable to a condition of masochism, wherein one enjoys suffering. One is so much in sorrow that the sorrowful condition itself appears as a satisfaction. Man never has known what is true bliss, what happiness is, what joy is. He is born in sorrow, lives in sorrow and dies in sorrow. This grievous state he mistakes for a natural condition. On account of the consequence that follows satisfaction of a desire, the anxiety attending upon the wish to perpetuate it, the impressions produced by enjoyment, and the perpetual flux of the Gunas of Prakriti, everything is painful , say Patanjali. It is only the discriminative mind that discovers the defects inherent in the structure of the world. happy and when it goes down we are unhappy. In a moving wheel, no spoke can be fixed or be in the same position always. Happiness in this world, thus, is...

The Power of a Directed desire

So far, no one has scientifically experimented with the possibility to control fate, except Kabbalists. The reason for that is that for the purpose of influencing the conduct of reality, we have to learn the science of Kabbalah, which deals with the purpose of creation and the system to approach it. Those topics are the essence of the wisdom of Kabbalah. The acts by which man influences the system of conduct is called aims, and those are acquired only through the method of the Kabbalah. The wisdom of Kabbalah is the discovery of the laws and the collective mechanism of reality, to a person living in our world. It is called The revelation of the Creator to his creatures. That discovery gives us the ability to approach the useful and stay away from the harmful, and to know the reason for the good and the bad. The purpose of the study and its implementation is to attain the best possible results for man. The goal is simple to attain happiness and peace both in the body and outside it, to...

Notes On Freemasonry Considered As A Moral School

The Egregore of all high human spirituality, the Collective of that which all Humanity considers most noble, most pure and most selfless in its natural aspirations, Freemasonry must watch out that no foreign disease manages to disturb its own eurythmy. As an inevitable consequence, it cannot then open its Temples to any desire or ambition, and welcome in any type of person. Comprising the Elite of the elite, an athanor in perpetual motion, Freemasonry must ever put into practice its old motto Ordo Ab Chao in the very heart of its Workplaces, its Chapters, and its Assemblies. That is to say that goodwill from the profane alone does not suffice to justify and motivate opening its Temples. Just the opposite. It must demand more than it is in a position to give. This done, Freemasonry will show itself worthy of the confidence it formerly enjoyed from the Illumined Ones who presided at its origin it will be thus in possession of all the means needed to realize this ideal of Justice,...

How To Control The Indriyas

When you walk along Mount Road, Madras, each Indriya tries its level best to get hold of its objects of enjoyment and revelry. The Indriyas revolt vehemently if you do not procure them these objects. Tongue drags you to the coffee hotel or Hotel de Angelis. Tvak (skin) says, Let me go to the Bombay Sait's shop and have a piece of fine China silk. Ear says, Let me have a gramophone or harmonium. Nose says, Let me have a bottle of Otto de Rose. The mind is at the bottom of these Indriyas to instigate. A tumultuous internal fight goes on between the five organs of knowledge, each trying to have a lion's share of enjoyment. Use Viveka, power of discrimination, always. Indriyas tempt and deceive you. Indriyas are the jugglers. Maya spreads her Moha-Jala through mind and Indriyas. Be on the alert. Practise Dama through Vairagya and Vasana-Tyaga. Happiness comes through calmness of Indriyas, through calmness of mind (Uparati). Go to the

The Tuat Hath Gained The Mastery Over His Diadem

Thee to fall away from me in the presence of the Keeper of the Balance. Thou art my KA, the dweller in my body, the god Khnemu who makest sound my members. Mayest thou appear in the place of happiness whither we go. Let not make my name to stink Shenit Chiefs, who make men to be stable. Let it be satisfactory unto us, and let the listening be satisfactory unto us, and let there be joy of heart to us at the weighing of words. Let not lies be told against me before the Great God, the Lord of Amentet. Verily, how great shalt thou be when thou risest up in triumph

Cultivation Of Virtues

Maitri (friendliness), Karuna (compassion), Daya (sympathy), Visva-Prema (cosmic or universal love), Kshama (forgiveness), Dhriti (spiritual patience), Titiksha (power of endurance, forbearance) and tolerance are Sattvic qualities of the mind. They contribute to the peace and happiness of human beings. They should be cultivated to a very high degree.

The Lord Of Blended Pleasure Four of Chalices

Success or pleasure approaching their end. A stationary period in happiness, which may, or may not, continue. It does not mean love and marriage so much as the previous symbol. It is too passive a symbol to represent perfectly complete happiness. Swiftness, hunting and pursuing. Acquisition by contention injustice sometimes some drawbacks to pleasure implied. 0. IF the question refers to spiritual matters, the Fool means idea, thought, spirituality, that which endeavours to transcend Earth. But if question is material, it means folly, stupidity, eccentricity, or even mania. 1. Skill, wisdom, adaptation, craft, cunning, or occult wisdom or power. 2. Change, alternation, increase and decrease, fluctuation whether for good or evil depends on the dignity. 3. Beauty, happiness, pleasure, success. But with very bad dignity it means luxury, dissipation. 4. War, conquest, victory, strife, ambition. 5. Divine wisdom, manifestation, explanation, teaching, occult force voluntarily invoked. 6....

Breath Is Life

The Occidental teachings show that the physical health depends very materially upon correct breathing. The Oriental teachers not only admit that their Occidental brothers are right, but say that in addition to the physical benefit derived from correct habits of breathing, Man's mental power, happiness, self-control, clear-sightedness, morals, and even his spiritual growth may be increased by an understanding of the Science of Breath.

Publishers Note

To everyone striving for success in life, the invariable stumbling block proves to be the turbulent vagaries of the mind. An undisciplined mind makes a man slave and wrecks his life. Controlling and subduing it is the most vexing of problems to the earnest seeker of happiness. The vital importance of the subject, therefore, prompted H.H. Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj to write this comprehensive work MIND ITS MYSTERIES AND CONTROL. It is meant to serve as a valuable guide to all aspirants and it is also of immense help to anyone in any walk of life. Being the outcome of personal experience of the revered author and written with a practical end in view, Mind Its Mysteries AND Control is a treasure worthy to be possessed and studied constantly.

The Wand

But even though every man is determined so that every action is merely the passive resultant of the sum-total of the forces which have acted upon him from eternity, so that his own Will is only the echo of the Will of the Universe, yet that consciousness of free-will is valuable and if he really understands it as being the partial and individual expression of that internal motion in a Universe whose sum is rest, by so much will he feel that harmony, that totality. And though the happiness which he experiences may be criticised as only one scale of a balance in whose other scale is an equal misery, there are those who hold that misery consists only in the feeling of separation from the Universe, and that consequently all may cancel out among the lesser feelings, leaving only that infinite bliss which is one phase of the infinite consciousness of that ALL. Such speculations are somewhat beyond the scope of the present remarks. It is of no particular moment to observe that the elephant...

Book Ii

But having heard before from the great seer Asita his destined future, which was to embrace transcendental happiness, the anxious care 1 of the king of the present Sakya race turned the prince to sensual pleasures. 37. He bathed to purify his body and mind with the waters of holy places and of holy feelings and at the same time he drank the soma-juice as enjoined by the Veda, and the heartfelt self-produced happiness of perfect calm.

The Mantras

Finally I should like to direct the reader's attention to those Oriental monks who use so-called prayer-mills for their meditations. These prayer-mills are devices similar to gramophone records on which mantras, possibly also tantras, have been recorded which are repeated a thousand times, occasionally over a hundred thousand times, by simply turning the mill. These monks believe that their progress on the way to supreme happiness will be the greater, the oftener they rattle off the mantra or tantra by turning the mill. If, however, such a prayer-mill is only an id for the Buddhist or monk in his concentration exercises and if the mill is used like the rosaries or lhoks,

Second Part

Feet of Vischnou, and came down to earth to wipe out the sins of mankind, to purify them from their uncleanness, and to obtain happiness for them you are the refuge and stay of all animated creatures that live on this earth. I have confidence in you take back again your holy water from this river in which I am about to perform my ablutions in this manner you will purify my soul and body.

Slay The Impure Mind

Sattvic minds and Rajasic minds move in diametrically opposite directions. Sattvic mind unifies. Instinctive mind separates and divides. Voice from the instinctive mind will mislead you. Purify the mind and hear the voice of conscience (Sattvic mind). You will have to develop the Sattvic part of the mind by annihilating the lower, impure, instinctive mind. If the lower mind is done away with through the higher mind alone, then only will you have eternal happiness and peace. Then alone will you attain Moksha, supreme knowledge and perennial bliss. Slay this mind through constant Vichara and meditation on Om and rest in your own Svarupa, Sat-Chit-Ananda state.

Q Who is the Creator

To Kabbalists, this is not an idea, but a fact they discover within their sensation of the Creator. People cannot begin to understand how there could have been a holocaust if there is a Creator, because they do not feel Him In fact, the benevolence of the Creator appears only in our corrected desires (vessels). If we are not corrected, then to the extent of the corruption compared to the Light, we will feel the opposite of the goodness of the Creator, feeling torment instead of happiness.


Ed. Smith, affirm that the plant is susceptible to diverse sensations and that it knows happiness. Finally, the sage Theodorus Fechner wrote a book entitled Nanna Oder Uher Das Lenleben der Pflansen, within which he sufficiently proves that plants have souls. The hour in which we have to liberate ourselves from every social bondage (schools and sects, religions and dogmas) has arrived, in order to return with happiness into the temple of Nature

Striving For Balance

All of our inquiries of the world and of ourselves are carried out by science. Regrettably, progress in science and technology has not made us happier. For all our efforts to arrive at a state of tranquility, wholeness, and happiness, our reality is growing harsher and more threatening each passing day.


Man, ignorant of his true Divine nature, vainly tries to secure happiness in the perishable objects of this illusory sense-universe. Every man in this world is restless, discontented and dissatisfied. He feels actually that he is in want of something, the nature of which he does not really understand. He seeks the rest and peace that he feels he is in need of, in the accomplishment of ambitious projects. But he finds that worldly greatness when secured is a delusion and a snare. He doubtless does not find any happiness in it. He gets degrees, diplomas, titles, honours, powers, name and fame he marries he begets children in short, he gets all that he imagines would give him happiness. But yet, he finds no rest and peace. The so-called educated persons are refined sensualists only. Sensual pleasure is no pleasure at all. Indriyas are deceiving you at every moment. Pleasure mixed with pain, sorrow, fear, sin, diseases is no pleasure at all. The happiness that depends upon perishable...

Book V

Having then obtained the highest happiness sprung from deliberation 2 , he next pondered this meditation--having thoroughly understood in his mind the course of the world 76. 'Companions are easy to be found in battle or in the happiness obtained by winning worldly objects or in attaining wealth but companions are hard for a man to find who has fallen into misfortune or when he flies for refuge to Dharma.

Muladhara Vrittis

All agree that the one aim which man has in all his acts is to secure happiness for himself. The highest as well as the ultimate end of man must, therefore, be to attain eternal, infinite, unbroken, supreme happiness. This happiness can be had in one's own Self or Atman only. Therefore, search within to attain this eternal Bliss. During concentration you will have to collect carefully the dissipated rays of the mind. Vrittis will be ever-rising from the ocean of Chitta. You will have to put down the waves as they arise. If all the waves subside, the mind becomes calm and serene. Then the Yogi enjoys peace and bliss. Therefore real happiness is within. You will have to get it through control of mind and not through money, women, children, name, fame, rank or power.


Controlling emotions in yourself and others is perhaps the key to success and happiness in your life. All persuasion is based on some form or another of eliciting emotions in others. If consider what makes musicians so well loved is that their music elicits specific states that fans find compelling. Their music is an auditory anchor that triggers memories, feelings, and emotions across the spectrum.

What Should We Do

This is first and foremost an internal work, at the level of thought. It is important to contemplate this thought, and not let it out of our minds. We should ascribe such thoughts great importance, since our happiness and well-being depend on them. It is through them that we will be saved from our problems and adversities. At first, it may seem abstract, but a positive future depends precisely on that, and only on that.

Bad Memory

Now, it is just here that a very definite and widely-felt difficulty arises. How can the will take the place of the attraction What is to move the will itself Attraction arouses desire, and desire impels the moving towards the attractive object. This is, in the case supposed, absent. How is this absence of desire to be made good by the will The will is the force prompting action when that force is determined in its direction by the deliberate Reason, and not by the influence of external objects felt as attractive. When the impulse to action, that which I have often called the outgoing energy of the Self, is motivated by external objects, is drawn forth, we call the impulse desire when it is motivated by Pure Reason, is sent forth, we call it will. What is needed then, in the absence of felt attraction from without, is illumination from within, and the motive for the will must be obtained by an intellectual survey of the field, and an exercise of the judgement as to the higher good,...

Queen Of Disks

Persons signified by this card possess the finest of the quieter qualities. They are ambitious, but only in useful directions. They possess immense funds of affection, kindness, and greatness of heart. They are not intellectual, and not particularly intelligent but instinct and intuition are more than adequate for their needs. These people are quiet, hard-working, practical, sensible, domesticated, often (in a reticent and unassuming fashion) lustful and even debauched. They are inclined to the abuse of alcohol and of drugs. It is as if they could only realize their essential happiness by getting outside themselves.

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