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Reading Tarot Cards Revealed

Reading Tarot Cards Revealed

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My interpretation is as follows:

Cards 1 and 2 indicate that this act would lead to great creativity (Empress) even though it could be seen as a wrongful use of magickal abilities (Magician (R)).

Card 3 indicates that it could lead to power and effectiveness (Emperor).

Card 4 indicates that inwardly I seek spiritual power more than just a sex partner (Strength).

Consciously, as card 5 indicates, I really do want a new love relationship (Lovers).

Card 6 gives me the practical advice that magick alone will not be enough to keep a good relationship, and that I must show mercy and goodness (Hierophant).

The Final Outcome, according to card 7, is that if I follow the advice given here, especially in card 6, my success in this matter is assured (Universe).

I would add to this interpretation that as card 6 indicates, I do not just need anybody; rather, I need someone who would enhance my spiritual practices.

The only way to learn the Tarot is to use it constantly. Try memorizing the meanings of the cards, one card per day. Also try giving yourself small readings on a daily basis. However, don't count on the accurateness for at least a month. You were probably not too "accurate" when you first learned to ride a bicycle or drive a car. Be sure to also continue with the Tarot Contemplation Ritual. Doing a reading or a ritual does not overcome the need for doing both.

For the purpose of this course, only the major arcana is important. You will learn more of its importance later. But it is necessary to say a few words about the minor arcana here. For giving general readings to yourself and others, the minor arcana should be brought in, especially for in-depth readings. Since the minor arcana does not play an intrinsic role in this book's study of magick, the minor arcana will be left to other authors.

After studying and practicing the system explained here for at least two months, feel free to study the Tarot on your own. I would add that there is no ultimate, correct meaning for each card. Thus different authors may give different meanings to the same card. Use their ideas to add to what you have learned here. Some suggested books on the Tarot are listed in this lesson's bibliography.

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