The Tarot Contemplation Ritual

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Reading Tarot Cards Revealed

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STEP ONE. Remove the 22 cards of the Major Arcana. Take from the 22 cards (which should be numbered from 0 to 21) the cards numbered 6,7,10,13,15, and 18. These will not be used at this time, so put them with the remainder of the deck. Keep the remaining cards of the Major Arcana with you while you perform the relaxation ritual.

STEP TWO. Immediately after completing the relaxation ritual, take the 16 cards which remain from the Major Arcana and mix them up (shuffle them) in any manner you desire until you feel it is time to stop.

STEP THREE. Select any one card and look at the picture on it for no more than three minutes.

STEP FOUR. Take three deep breaths and the Tarot contemplation ritual is complete.

STEP FIVE. Record the card name and number in your magickal diary. Also record any feelings, sensations or ideas you received while looking at (contemplating) the card.


0 FOOL: Folly, foolishness, extravagance. (R) Hesitation, carelessness, trouble from ignoring foolishness.

1 MAGICIAN: Skills, will power, self-confidence. (R) Wrong use of same, conceit, lack of skill.

2 HIGH PRIESTESS: Science, education, knowledge. (R) Ignorance, superficial knowledge.

3 EMPRESS: Fruitfulness, action, creativity. (R) Inaction due to vacillation, losing power.

4 EMPEROR: Power, effectiveness, reason. (R) Immature emotions, obstructions to plans.

5 HIEROPHANT: Mercy and goodness, a person who shows these qualities. (R) Overkindness, weakness.

6 LOVERS: A test which you will pass, a new love. (R) A foiled test, lost love.

7 CHARIOT: Triumph, overcoming obstacles. (R) Defeat, obstacles overcome you.

8 STRENGTH: Spiritual power. (R) Physical power.

9 HERMIT: Caution or spiritual advancement. (R) Fear, overly cautious, unwise acts.

10 WHEEL OF FORTUNE: Good fortune, success, luck. (R) Bad luck, ill fortune.

11 JUSTICE: Balance, justice, equilibrium. (R) Imbalance, bigotry, bias.

12 HANGED MAN: Wisdom as a result of self-sacrifice. (R) Selfishness, trying to fit in with the crowd.

13 DEATH: An evolutionary change or transformation. (R) Stagnation.

14 TEMPERANCE: Combine or unite seemingly unlike things, moderation. (R) Clashing interests.

15 DEVIL: Something must happen, but in the long run it is for the good. (R) Something must happen, but for evil.

16 TOWER: Ruin, catastrophe, disruption. (R) The same, but to a lesser degree.

17 STAR: Hope and a bright future. (R) Expectations disappointed, barrenness.

18 MOON: Deception, hidden enemies. (R) Deceptions only slight.

19 SUN: Happiness and contentment. (R) The same, but to a lesser degree.

20 JUDGEMENT: Renewal, rebirths. (R) Setbacks and delays.

21 UNIVERSE: Assured success, completion. (R) Failure, inertia, evil reward.

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