The Supreme Invoking Ritual Of The Pentagram

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1. From behind your altar face east and perform the Kabalistic Cross. 2a. While making the Equilibrated Active Pentagram of Spirit vibrate: EXARP. 2b. While making the Wheel vibrate: EH-HEH-YEH.

3a. Make the Invoking Pentagram of Air while vibrating: ORO IB AH AOZPI. 3b. Make Aquarius symbol and vibrate: YHVH.

carry line to south

4a. Make Equilibrated Active Pentagram of Spirit, vibrate: BITOM. 4b. Make Wheel, vibrate: EH-HEH-YEH. 5a. Make the Invoking Pentagram of Fire, vibrate: OIP TEAA PEDOCE. 5b. Make Leo symbol, vibrate EL-OH-HEEM.

carry line to west

6a. Make Equilibrated Passive Pentagram of Spirit, vibrate: HCOMA. 6b. Make Wheel, vibrate: AGLA. 7a. Make Invoking Pentagram of Water, vibrate:

EMPEH ARSEL GAIOL. 7b. Make Eagle sign, vibrate: EL.

carry line to north

8a. Make Equilibrated Passive Pentagram of Spirit, vibrate: NANTA. 8b. Make Wheel, vibrate: AGLA. 9a. Make Invoking Pentagram of Earth, vibrate:

EMOR DIAL HECTEGA. 9b. Make Taurus sign, vibrate: AH-DOH-NYE.

carry line to east, completing circle

10. Return to your original position behind the altar, facing East. Do the Evocation of the Archangels and the Kabalistic Cross as in the LBRP.

11. When practicing this ritual, ALWAYS, finish by doing the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.

Four Worlds from an earlier lesson at this time. I There are other systems which claim that there are far more ¡planes of existence. Many systems hold that there are seven planes. ¡Others hold that there are 33 or more planes. Some believe that there lis only one other plane, and the philosophy known as materialism ¡claims that there is only the physical reality we know in our everyday I existence and nothing more. Soon we will be studying Grey Magick, i and although the practice of White Magick necessitates the knowledge of all of the Kabalistic Worlds (especially the spiritual world of Atziloot, in Grey Magick there is really only one plane other than the physical [plane which is of interest. This is the emotional plane, the Kabalistic i world of Yetzirah.

As you should recall, Yetzirah is also considered to be the so-called "Astral Plane." As I said in the lesson discussing the Four Worlds, Yetzirah, the Astral Plane is "the basis for everything which exists in the physical universe." You may have passed over this quote, ignoring it or you may have wondered what was meant by the claim that the Astral Plane was the basis for everything in the physical universe, including of course all people and things in our world. This gives me a chance to urge you to go back occasionally and review past lessons. Each time you read them you will get more out of them. They should not merely be read and forgotten. If you had really thought about it, you might have realized that the quote from that earlier lesson may be the most important thing you will ever read. In fact, it may indicate a turning point in your life.

It tells, in a simple manner, the basis of all Grey Magick But to fully understand the importance and meaning of it we have to start by looking again at reincarnation. However, this time we will approach it from a different angle. We need to look at the question, "Where did I come from?"

Quite obviously, the human being is more than just flesh, bone and blood. There is also an energy which animates the body. As already stated, in the Kabalah this energy is known as Ruach. But merely having a piece of meat which is animated by Ruach does not make a human being. The thing which really makes you different from other pieces of animated meat is your personality and what is commonly called your "soul."

The soul and personality are not the same. Rather, the personality relates to your ego, or that aspect of the personality known in the Kabalah as the Ruach (not to be confused with the animating energy of the same name). The soul, in Freudian terms, is the superego; in Kabalistic terms it is the Yeh-chee-dah, your higher self.

According to the Kabalah, when you die, the body immediately starts to decay and should go into "Shee-ool." As an interesting side note, Shee-ool is usually translated when it appears in the Old Testament as "ground" or "earth." However, in some instances (when the translators wished to convey the idea that if you are a "sinner" when you die you will be punished), the same word is translated as "hell." The Kabalah does not have any such place of eternal punishment. According to both the Kabalah and correct translation of the Old Testament, there is no hell.

The Kabalistic tradition says that when you go through the change known as death the personality (ego or. Ruach) does not realize exactly what has occurred. This is especially true in cases of sudden or traumatic death. The personality of the dead person, suddenly freed from the physical body, tends to wander back and forth between the body (in Shee-ool, the grave) and the previous home of the person for a period of seven days. Traditionally, Jews stay in their home for a week after the death of a member of the household. In Hebrew, the word for the number seven is sheevah, and this practice is commonly known as "sitting sheevah." However, what most modern Jews who follow this practice do not know is the purpose of this ritual. The purpose is the same as the purpose of such books as the Egyptian and Tibetan Books of the Dead: to tell the personality that it has gone through the change known as death and that it is free to move on. It is probable that there may be a lost Hebrew text similar in nature to the Books of the Dead. If so, it was probably lost along with most of the texts concerning Merkabah mysticism.

According to the Kabalah, after about one week the personality begins to realize what has happened and eventually dissolves to nothingness (remember, it is mortal). However, people with extremely strong personalities can will themselves to stay in a shadowy world of semi-existence. This may be one of the causes of what is commonly known as hauntings.

It is not advisable to allow or aid the Ruach-ego to exist for long periods after physical death. This is because there are important links between the Ruach-ego and the Yeh-chee-dah. By keeping the Ruach-ego locked to the physical world, it prevents the Yeh-chee-dah from reincarnating and eventually achieving its far more lofty goal of unity with the Divine. Thus it is that the Kabalah usually frowns upon spiritism and spiritualistic practices. Communicating with our deceased loved ones (if that's who it is we really are communicating with) tends to lock the Ruach-ego near the physical plane. It prevents necessary evolution.

As I have stated earlier, your Yeh-chee-dah is your link to the Divine. Actually, it is more than that: it is a small part of God. That is i why it is said that we were made in the likeness of Divinity. The Divine | is a part of us. God is not a big old man with a beard, sitting on a throne which rests on a cloud.

| But for some reason unknowable to our mortal minds, most of humanity has lost the consciousness of that link. In order to reestablish the fact that there is a part of us that is of the Divine, we must evolve our consciousnesses. This, along with the working out of Karma (Tee-koon), is the purpose of reincarnation.

As stated in an earlier lesson, our memories, like the Ruach-ego, are mortal and die with our physical bodies. But the important things, the lessons we need to learn so that we can again become not just linked with Divinity (Yoga) but actually rejoin the Godhead, are remembered. Unfortunately, one lifetime is usually not enough to learn all of flhe lessons necessary so that we can become one with the Godhead and need no longer incarnate. Each lifetime on Earth is necessary to learn either one or more lessons. If you do not learn them in this lifetime, then when you reincarnate you will still need to learn them.

Sometimes we are shown the lesson we need to learn but end up flunking the course! Then, after re-taking the lesson we flunk it again! As a Certified Tarot Master, a reader of Tarot cards, I frequently work at psychic fairs. Usually at least once at each fair a young woman, frequently with a baby, will tell me a story like this:

"When I started living with_, he was very good to me.

We have two wonderful children. But after a few years he started drinking, running around with other women, and beating me and the kids. Well, I took this for three years. Then, I finally picked up the kids, moved out and got a job. About six months later I met a really nice guy. He moved in with the kids and me. But recently he has started drinking, running around with other women and hitting me and the kids. What can I do to make him nice again?"

Qf course, there are similar situations with men, only they tend to allow themselves to be manipulated until they can no longer take the ego bruising rather than being physically abused. Sometimes, people will tell me the same story has happened to them four or five times!

For the woman above there are many lessons to be learned. Usually such a situation is based upon feelings of lack of worth and the need to develop self-respect, and to treat yourself well. Another lesson illustrated in the above example is to learn what attracts you to these bad situations, and what attracts bad people to you. There are many variations in the exact story, and each reveals more lessons which can be learned.

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn advised you to seek your Holy Guardian Angel and find out the lessons you need to learn so you will not have to learn them again in this or a future lifetime. This brings us (finally) to how you were born.

Obviously, the meeting of the sperm and ovum produced both the physical body and in most cases where birth is the end result, instills the zygote with Ruach energy. But where does the soul, the real and eternal you, come from?

Since your soul has a direct link to the Godhead, it is obvious that your soul must also have a link to the total knowledge of the all-knowing deity. After the ego ceases to be, the soul is freed from bondage to the ego. It can freely learn through that link to the Divinity and knowledge exactly what it will need to learn in its next incarnation in order to evolve to that desired state where incarnation will no longer be necessary. Then, not being bound by the physical laws of time and space, your future soul searches for a "house," a body to inhabit, which will allow it to learn the necessary lessons.

According to the Kabalah, the soul joins with the chosen human body when that body takes its first breath, and not before. However, it will watch over and help protect the forming fetus. It may only take hours for the soul to find the appropriate body, but it might take years.

When a woman and man are making love they set up a vortex of energy which attracts souls waiting to incarnate. If the act of sexual intercourse is done spiritually and with love, it will attract a soul needing a nurturing family and be able to develop spiritually. If the "love" act is done with hatred and anger, a soul needing that type of treatment will be attracted. Is it any wonder that most of the people who physically abuse their children were themselves abused as a child? Is it any wonder that most of the people in prison for serious felonies were abused children? This does not mean that a childhood of abuse necessitates a violent life. In fact, it may be that a person needs to learn to overcome violent behavior and incarnates into a situation where he or she learns it so that it can be overcome. By the way, an interesting Kabalistic tradition holds that sometimes several souls will actually argue over trying to get into a particular body!

As mentioned before, your soul, or let us say "soul consciousness," descends in superiority and becomes secondary to your emerging ego and personality. In fact, that soul consciousness descends so far that it becomes what is known as your subconscious.

Thus, it is your subconscious which is your link to Divinity. This is why true meditation which reverses this order and makes the subconscious once again dominant (not the superficial layers of the subconscious as represented by the Freudian id, but the real "soul consciousness"), allows you to know the link between yourself and the Godhead and use that link to all wisdom and all knowledge. It allows you to obtain answers to seemingly insoluble problems. Furthermore, this deep level of your subconscious, your true "soul consciousness," exists on what is called the Astral Plane; the Kabalistic world of Yetzirah. If you had been born with another soul, you would not be the same person. The part of you which exists in the Yet-ziratic world, the Astral Plane, was in existence before your physical body.

In fact, everything which exists in our physical plane, the Kabalistic world of Ahssiah, has an astral or Yetziratic counterpart. This counterpart is usually known as the Astral Body. Every person has an Astral Body or Astral Double. So does every animal, vegetable or mineral. Everything has a pre-existing Astral Double, You do not have an Astral Body because you have a physical body. Rather, you have a physical body because the Astral Body already existed and wanted to join a new "home." While your soul was waiting to inhabit its physical body with the body's first breath, it was establishing a link between itself and the physical body. This link is the Astral Body. For anything to exist on the physical plane it must first exist on the Astral Plane!

Therefore, in order to create anything and bring it into your life, all you have to do is create it in the Astral Plane. This is the underlying principle of all Grey Magick. The reason why there are so many different types of Grey Magick is because there are many ways of creating things in the Astral Plane. Soon, you will be learning some of them.

At this point in the course I urge you to pause and study, at least briefly, a book by another author. It should be about any of the sub jects of this course. A true magician does not blindly follow the words of others. He or she is a scientist and investigates any and all possible avenues. A magician is not locked into any form of dogma or conditioning. This is why a magician is a dangerous person. A true magician does not buy the semi-truths and lies told by religious and civic leaders to keep the masses in tow and in fear. A magician is always free, and freedom always frightens totalitarians.

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