The Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram

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1. Touch your forehead, vibrate Ah-Tah.

2. Point down, covering the groin, vibrate Mahl-Koot.

3. Touch right shoulder, vibrate Vih-Cboo-Rah.

4. Touch left shoulder, vibrate Vih-G'doo-Lah.

5. Fold hands at chest, vibrate Lih-Oh-Lahm, Ah-Men.

6. Go to E, draw pentagram, point to center, vibrate


7. Carry line to S, draw pentagram, point to center, vibrate


8. Repeat, but carry line to W, vibrate Eh-Heh-Yeh.

9. Repeat, but carry line to N, vibrate Ah-Glah.

10. Carry line to E, completing circle, return to center.

11. Hands out, say Before me, Rah-Fay-El,

Behind me, Gahb-Ray-El, On my right hand Mih-Chai-El, And on my left hand Ohr-Ree-El. For about me flames the pentagram, And within me shines the six-rayed star.

12. Repeat Steps 1-5.

There are two methods of vibrating words, commonly known as the two vibratory formulae. The first is an internal (invocatory) formula. In this formula you cause a certain part of your body (actually part of your astral body) to vibrate. This is exemplified in the Kabalis-tic Cross part of the LBRP. Let's just look at the word AH-TAH. What you should do here is fully inhale until there isn't room for one more drop of air. Then use the entire exhalation to vibrate the word. Thus, the word is elongated: AAAAHHHHHHH-TAAAAAAAHHHH. It should be vibrated loudly in an almost chant-like tone of voice. The pitch is usually higher than the normal pitch of your voice. It is almost shouted. Most importantly, you should feel it vibrate or resonate within your head. Likewise, MAHL-KOOT should be felt in the groin, VIH-CBOO-RAH in the area of the right shoulder, etc.

The second vibratory method is the external (evocatory) formula. With this formula the intent is to excite the atmosphere (actually the so-called astral plane) around you. This is exemplified in the Formulation of the Pentagrams part of the LBRP. The method is quite similar to the invocatory formula. You inhale fully, and as you exhale you loudly vibrate the appropriate words, in this case, God names. Here the God names are stretched out as: AAAAAAAHHHH-GLAAAAAHHH. You should use the entire exhalation in sounding the God name or words when doing the evocatory vibratory formula. The big difference between the two formulae is that in the evocatory formula you should sense that the entire universe in front of you is resonating in harmony with your vibration. Your entire body and the entire universe should be experienced as vibrating to your call.

There are some minor variations on these two basic formulae such as seeing the words you wish to vibrate in flame before you and making the vibration charge and empower those flames. Another method has you spell out . the word according to a certain method within your body. These variations are not as important as the instructions given.

Some student-magicians do not have the luxury of a place where they can loudly, firmly and authoritatively vibrate the God names and words of power. In fact, they need to keep their work a secret. If you find yourself in such a position, you may use what is disguisedly called the "Great Voice." That is, you may do the vibratory formulae silently or very quietly, perhaps at the level of a whisper or quiet conversation. However, if you do so, you must still experience the vibratory phenomena. You must feel the various parts of your body vibrate when doing the invocatory vibratory formula. You must sense the entire universe resonating in harmony to your use of the evocatory formula. In other words, you must have the same results whether you vibrate loudly or in the Great Voice.

If you must use the Great Voice regularly, I suggest that you find a place to practice using your full, loud voice several times. Find a place where you can be alone to do this. When everything around you leems to "change" slightly, you will know you are vibrating the words correctly. These changes are not physical ones, but the area will "feel" different. If you practice by using the LBRP (a good idea) the area will feel cleaner and fresher. You may also find that you will have to adjust the pitch of your voice either up and down in order to make everything vibrate correctly. When you hit the pitch which is correct for you, you will know it! Your voice will sound much louder and more commanding, and the air will seem to be alive with crackling energy. Then you will know what is meant when it is said that "the voice of a true magician is an awesome thing to hear."

As a final note to the LBRP, remember to include everything you ┬╗re doing in your magickal diary. And most importantly,

Do the LBRP with feeling!

Do it often!

"Enflame yourself with prayer!"

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