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ONE. Start by writing down on a piece of paper the following statement:

"It is my will to use all of my abilities to obtain the following goal:_,"

a. At the end of the statement fill in whatever it is you want. Be simple and b. Be specific! Most people do not want "money." They want money for a purpose such as a better lifestyle, a better car, etc. If you have a long-term goal, choose the first step towards that goal. If it is your aim to be a teacher, it should be your first goal to get the training necessary for you to teach. If it is your goal to do something noble, such as "to serve," that is very good. But serve in what way? A doctor serves, but so does a garbage collector or a waitress. Each needs a vastly different type of training to become successful in that field.

TWO. Now make a visual picture of yourself involved in that goal. If you want a car, see yourself in that car. If you want a better lifestyle, see yourself wearing something which represents that lifestyle, etc. This image will be used for visualization.

a. Always involve yourself in the image.

b. Remember, some people cannot visualize to an extent where they can "see" something in their mind's eye. If you cannot thus "see," there is still no problem. But you must know that what you are visualizing, if you had better developed astral vision, is really existent on the astral plane; not just believe this to be so, but know it to be so.

c. For help, you can make a 'Treasure Map." To do this, simply go through magazines or newspapers and cut out images of your goal. Now paste them together on a piece of cardboard or paper to form a magickal collage. If you prefer, you may draw the images rather than cut them out. Be sure to include yourself in the Treasure Map either by putting a picture of yourself in the Map or writing the word "me" in the center of your Map.

THREE Every day, for five minutes in the morning just after you awake and for five minutes in the evening just before going to sleep, repeat the phrase you wrote out in Step One in a firm but quiet voice. Do this only once in the morning and evening. Spend the rest of the five-minute period either visualizing the image you made in Step Two, or looking at the Treasure Map you made in that step. See, smell, taste, feel and sense the visualization.

a. Only do this process at morning and at night. However, anytime during the day you realize that you are having thoughts contrary to your goal (as with John Magus), immediately begin repeating your magickal phrase until the contrary thoughts pass away.

FOUR Silence is also an important factor in this process. Once you have completed your statement and visualization, forget it! Put it out of your mind. Let it go. You are using many cosmic forces in this process. If you talk with others about what you are doing, it sends the energy into discussion rather than into manifestation. If you talk about what you are doing to yourself, such as by wondering about how well you are doing with this Kabalistic system, you are doubting your success. Just do it with all of your heart, know that it will work, and be silent about it.

Aleister Crowley talks about a time he was low on money. He did a ritual to raise the money he needed to pay his rent. He has such a positive attitude about his magick that he went into town and spent some of his remaining meager funds on ice cream. Oh, by the way, he did get the money which was necessary to pay his rent.

FIVE. Here is the Kabalistic secret promised earlier in this lesson. If you re-read some of the earlier material given in this course you will notice that in one place it is mentioned that the astral plane, also known as the Yetziratic World, is related to the emotions. The secret is that the more emotionally involved you can become with your goal, the greater your chances for rapid success. "Sort of" wanting something will not have the success of "gotta have"something. The more worked up emotionally you can get over your desire, especially when stating your desire and doing the visualization, the faster it will manifest.

That, very simply, is the Kabalistic System of Mental Magick. Practice the system daily until you get what you want. Then immediately start anew with another goal. Keep your emotions high and success must inevitably follow.

Some people wonder why the peculiar wording is used for the magickal phrase given in Step One.The choice of words is very important and should always be used. "It is my will... " means that you are using your Will, your consciousness, and putting that aspect of yourself in charge of the subconscious. Most people tend to allow their subconscious to control them without even knowing it. These four words indicate a change in your life: that you are no longer an ordinary person. You are becoming a true magician.

" .. to use all of my abilities... " is important because it is telling your subconscious that all abilities which you possess, whether you are aware of them or not, are to be used in achieving the goal. Thus, even if you are not aware of your innate psychic powers, your subconscious, as a result of being ordered to do so by your conscious, will order those powers to be put to use to achieve your goal.

"... to obtain the following goal... " Here the important word is "goal." This is not a light-hearted wish or mild desire. This is a goal toward which you will be directing your entire life at this time. If you cannot direct all of your efforts toward that goal, don't even start this process. Let's say that you want an expensive book on magick and you use the Kabalistic System of Mental Magick to obtain it. But then, instead of saving your money, you spend it on some records or tapes. This is a message to your subconscious that you do not really want to achieve the goal of getting the book.

Although in this particular instance I am saying that it is important to save your money for the book, I am not saying that it will be necessary to spend all of that money for the book. Nowhere in the magickal phrase of intent does it say how you are to obtain the goal. Let it come to you as it will. But you must still use all of your abilities to obtain it. In this case, it means saving your money. In the instance of Crowley mentioned earlier, he had done a ritual to obtain money, all of the money he would need so that he could pay a rent bill. What little he had at that time was not relevant since he was not going to go out and get work to earn money.

To recap the Kabalistic System of Mental Magick briefly:

1. Come up with a specific goal and write it down in given form.

2. Come up with a visualization which involves you. Use a Treasure Map if it will help.

3. Recite the goal and do the visualization for five minutes when you awake and five minutes before going to sleep. Become emotionally involved with the goal.

4. If something comes to mind which contradicts your goal during the day, immediately repeat the magickal phrase (like a mantra) until the contradictory thought is gone.

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