The Circulation Of The Body Of Light

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Whether or not you are able to do the advanced version of the Middle Pillar Ritual as given above, you should now add a new ritual to your daily practice. It should add no more than two or three minutes to the total time of your daily work. There are three parts to it.

Start by doing the Relaxation Ritual, the LBRP and the Middle Pillar Ritual, but do not visualize the Middle Pillar vanishing.

FIRST PART. While keeping the visualization of the Middle Pillar, refocus your attention on Keter, the white brilliance just above your head. Visualize this brilliance in a state of extreme strength, needing to radiate out even more energy. Visualize it sending current of energy down into the head and to the left shoulder. Let this energy pass down the left side of your body to your left foot. Feel it move to your right foot, up the right side of your body, to your head, and back up to Keter.

This motion should be synchronized with your breath. When you exhale, feel the energy go down your left side. When you inhale, feel the energy go up your right side. You should have the sensation of a circle of energy swirling around you. Move the energy, with your breath, in six to ten cycles.

Feel free to expand the energy further out to the sides, to the ends of the universe if you wish. Most commonly, it is seen as going out about three feet from the body. You might also wish to try contracting the energy so that it goes down the left side of the spine and up the right side of the spine.

SECOND PART. This is similar to the first method, but instead of directing the energy down one side and up the other, here you should direct the energy down the front of your body and up the back. Be sure to synchronize your breath so that as you exhale the energy goes down the front of your body and, as you inhale, it goes up your back, to your head and up to Keter.

THIRD PART: "THE MUMMY." Revisualize the entire Middle Pillar. This time, focus your attention on Mahl-koot, at the feet. From the upper right side of this power center visualize the energy curling up in a tight spiral to the front of the left leg. From here it continues around the back and continues moving upward in a counter-clockwise spireil. It is as if you are being wrapped like an Egyptian mummy, from the feet to the head. Instead of cloth, however, you are being wrapped in energy.

You should feel a whirling of spiritual power as the pure spiritual light and energy rises up in spirals to Keter. At Keter you should visualize the energy exploding out like a water fountain in all directions. This energy lands at your feet and begins to rise in the spiral again. As you inhale, feel the energy rise toward Keter. As you exhale, feel it explode out toward Mahl-koot at your feet. As in the first and second parts, do it for six to ten cycles. Then, take a very deep breath, and as you exhale, see the energy disappear visually, but know that it is still there, invisibly.

Finish by doing the Tarot Contemplation Ritual and filling out your ritual diary.

Warning: The Circulation of the Body of Light is a very powerful ritual. You may rock back and forth, feel dizzy or even fall over as a result of your direction of spiritual energy. In Eastern systems these sensations and their physical manifestations are known as "kriyas," and the practice of their production is part of what is known as Kriya Yoga.

In the Chinese Yoga Manual The Secret of the Golden Flower it says that "when the light circulates, the powers of the whole body arrange themselves before its throne, just as a holy king takes possession of a capital and lays down rules of order, and all approach with tribute. Therefore, you have only to make the Light circulate; that is the deepest and most wonderful secret. The light is easy to move, and if allowed to go long enough in a circle it crystallizes itself; it is this condition of which it is said 'silently in the morning thou fliest upward.'"

The energy used in the Circulation of the Body of light ritual is so powerful that it can be used for healing purposes. Simply direct the energy which you have learned to control down your arms and out through your hands. This healing technique is especially good for people who are drained and low on energy. It is good for people who are recovering from almost any physical ailment. It can be used without fear on people who have serious, chronic diseases. However, you should follow these rules:

1. Never attempt to heal a person without first getting that person's permission to do so.

2. If a person has a minor cold or flu, do not attempt to heal that person. They need the dis-ease to get rid of the toxins which are in the body. If the disease has run its course and the person is still weak but recovering, then it is okay to help them recover faster. Place one hand on the forehead and the other on the lower stomach and send the energy which you have learned to control.

3. If a person has a serious, life-threatening disease, focus your attention and hands near the area where the disease is most obvious. Visualize the disease leaving their body and fading into nothingness while you fill their body with new, life-giving energy. As soon as you sense that the person you are working on is filled with energy, do the LBRP to make sure that absolutely nothing comes back.

4. Do not use this technique for a person who has a high fever. Instead, hold their hands and visualize the illness leaving their body (and staying away from your body!). Visualize the illness fading to nothing. Do the LBRP. Finally, if you wish, you may send small amounts of energy which is colored a cooling blue.

5. Always finish with the LBRP, the Middle Pillar Ritual and the Circulation of the Body of Light Ritual for yourself. Then run your hands under cool, fresh water for at least a minute. This cleanses you and helps to protect you from accidentally allowing any illness into you.

6. Always work in cooperation with M.D.S. Under no circumstances should you ever advise a person to not follow a doctor's advice or not seek the aid of a professional therapist! If, however, you honestly feel that a particular medical treatment is not helping someone, you can always advise that person to get a second opinion from another physician.

On the next page is a diagram of the Tarot as it exists on the Tree of life. I am not going to make any comments on it at this time. Rather, I want you to spend some time looking at it and trying to discover the relationships between the Tarot and the Kabalistic Correspondences given earlier in the lesson. I am presenting it now, seemingly unrelated to the material in the preceding and following paragraphs, to draw attention to it. It may be the most important diagram for the magickal

Circulation Light Druid Ritual

The Tarot on the Tree of Life

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