The following questions are designed to help you determine if you have mastered the information in Lesson Two. Please try to answer them without looking at the text. The answers are in Appendix Two.

1. Name the four parts of the LBRP.

2. What is AGLA an abbreviation for?

3. Who is the Archangel of the North?

4. What is the "Great Voice?"

5. How do you make the sign of the element water?

6. What are the three "literatures" of the ancient Hebrews?

7. Name the man who made Hebrew into a modern, living language.

8. How was the Hebrew letter Vahv probably originally pronounced?

9. What was the earliest form of Hebrew mysticism?

10. Who started the French Occult Revival?

11. What are the four main branches of the Kabalah?

12. How do you say "Without Limit" in Hebrew?

13. What are the "Little Nasties?"

The following questions only you can answer.

1. Are you doing all of the rituals (Relaxation, LBRP and Middle

Pillar) regularly?

2. Do you understand Kabalistic psychology?

3. Do you have a beginning understanding of the Kabalah and the Tree of Life?

4. Do you understand the idea of Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis?

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