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More important for our purposes, however, is the fact that there are also methods which will allow the conscious to contact and send messages to the subconscious. This is important because the subconscious is our direct link to the astral plane. This means that whatever we put into the subconscious must eventually become a physical reality.

There are two common ways for this conscious-to-unconscious communication to occur at will. They relate to the modern right-brain, left-brain theories of mentality. The left hemisphere of the brain is said to deal with logic, mathematics, and deductive reasoning. The right hemisphere deals with intuition, inductive reasoning, feeling and art.

Before going on I am going to interject that I do not believe in the total reality of this theory. Its implication is that the mind, that part of our total self which actually thinks, is nothing more than the few pounds of nervous tissue between our ears. My personal belief is that there is a type of symbiotic relationship that exists between the physical brain and the non-physical mind. An example of this is the fact that the taking of certain drugs and substances can alter the way we think and perceive the universe around us. This has led some people to claim that consciousness is nothing more than a chemical state. But the fact of the matter is that some people have a very tenuous link between their mind and brain. These people may remain entirely unaffected by substances which would have an enormous psychoactive effect on most of us. In this example we can clearly see that altering the chemical make-up of the brain does not necessarily-change the workings of the mind. This invalidates the idea that the mind and brain, even though closely linked in most people, are one and the same.

Furthermore, the right-brain, left-brain theory is an oversimplification of the complex reality of the mind-brain unit. Still, as a theory, it does have some value. Primarily it shows that the mind has a type of duality. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to say that a part of the mind deals more with the intuitive while another part deals more with the deductive. Further, these parts of the mind are related to what is commonly called the right-brain, left-brain theory. In order to facilitate your understanding of this course's material I will use the right-brain, left-brain terminology as a concession to popular terms.

The system of magick associated with the left brain is commonly known as "The Use of Positive Affirmations." In this system you merely say over and over what it is you desire. This, in a sense, is an attempt to use your conscious to convince your subconscious through reason logic and rote repetition that "this-or-that" is what you want, desire or need.

The system is related to the right hemisphere of the brain is known as Creative Visualization. In this system you consciously put an image (visualization) into your conscious mind, knowing that eventually this image will be absorbed into the subconscious.

People who use either Positive Affirmations or Creative Visualizations are only using half of their mind/brains in order to create a different reality in their lives. Some people are very successful using either system. Most people practicing one system or the other have only a modicum of success. The simple Kabalistic system which I am going to present uses a very effective combination of both Positive Affirmations and Creative Visualization. Both I and many of my students have found the Kabalistic system to be far more magickally effective than either Creative Visualization or Positive Affirmation by themselves. Also, there is a Kabalistic secret which will help improve magickal success with this and the other two systems. But I will get to that in a few moments.

First, let us assume that someone knows how to create something on the astral plane. Does this mean that this person will always get what is created? Clearly, many people attempt Creative Visualization and/or Positive Affirmations and have no successful result. Perhaps you have tried one of these systems and not achieved the result you desired. Thus, to a casual observer or one who is unfamiliar with the inner secrets of these forms of mental magick, it will seem that the answer to my rhetorical question is "No, a person does not always get what he or she creates on the astral plane." But, once you understand the following information, you will see that the real answer is "Yes, a person always gets what he or she creates on the astral plane."

Let us assume that John Magus is a man who knows how to create things on the astral plane. He spent fifteen minutes this morning creating wealth for himself on the astral plane. Then he spent five minutes worrying about how he was going to pay his bills. Later he spent ten minutes thinking about how little money he had. When he arrived home from work he saw more bills in the mail and worried about them and about how he was going to raise the money to pay for them. So although Mr. Magus had spent fifteen minutes creating wealth, he spent much more time throughout the day thinking about, and thus creating poverty. To repeat, he is creating his own poverty. That is why he is poor.

You see, we are constantly creating on the astral plane! Most of the systems of Creative Visualization or Positive Affirmations which you may read about or study do not take this occult fact into consideration. The Kabalistic system I am about to share with you will show you exactly how to be in control of this process.

If you saw what John Magus was doing and didn't know that we are always creating on the astral plane, you might think that John Magus had failed in his attempt to create wealth. But although it is true that he failed to create wealth, he was successful... in creating the poverty he was spending so much time thinking about. Remember, we are always creating on the astral plane, whether or not we are consciously trying to do so.

There are a few other reasons why Positive Affirmations and Creative Visualization may not appear to be successful. First, there is an important cosmic law which forbids waste. One author refers to the effect of this law as 'The Sphere of Availability." If you cannot afford food on which to live, yet you use one of the two systems so far described to obtain a car, you may not achieve your goal. This is because you would really not be able to use the car effectively. If you can't afford food, how will you be able to afford fuel, oil, insurance, tires, brakes, etc.? It would be a waste for you to own a car, and cosmic law forbids waste.

A version of this law is used in physics. Since cosmic law forbids waste, this includes wasted space. Thus it is said that "nature abhors a vacuum." It is important to understand that merely because something may look wasteful to you does not mean that on a cosmic scale it would be wasteful. Thus, don't worry about what somebody else is faying to create. Make sure that what you are trying to bring into your life is necessary for you. John Magus should work to get a job before he works to get a car.

Another reason for apparent lack of success may be due to Kar-mic lessons which you need to learn for your mental and spiritual evolution. If you need to learn a lesson related to poverty, there will be no way for you to break out of that poverty... until you have learned the necessary lesson(s) for your evolutionary advancement.

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