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The next technique I wish to talk about is that which I call Outer Alchemy. Of the three techniques of sex magick it is the easiest in that it requires the least amount of self-discipline.

Sex Magick of Outer Alchemy, unlike the other two forms of sex magick, requires the use of a partner of the opposite sex. Thus it is by its very nature not a technique which can be adapted to male or female homosexual practices. This must lead us to a brief discussion of magick and sexuality.

Anybody can do the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. It does not matter if you are Jewish, Christian, Moslem, Buddhist, atheist or anything else. All that matters is your ability to perform the ritual.

When I perform the ritual I may visualize God as a concept which exists before the gods and goddesses of creation. Others may see God as the Christian Trinity. Still others may view the source of the energy in the LBRP as Jah of the Rastafarians. It does not matter, if it works for you. The point I am trying to make is that although our magickal practices are spiritual, they need not follow any particular religious viewpoint. True, the Kabalah has an intrinsic Jewish flavor to it, but this is because it has been safeguarded by the Jews for the past few thousand years. One of the things I have tried to do in this course is make the procedures general in spiritual nature, and thus applicable to any religious belief (or lack thereof).

Just as it is possible to separate spirituality from religion, so, too, from a sex-magician's point of view, it is possible to separate sex from love. Please note that I am not saying sex should be separated from love, only that it can be. But the fact of the matter is that sex can be viewed as a form of exercise.

I am not trying to take a "swinger's" point of view that all sex should be based on desire, lust, etc., only, for sex can be based on the relationship which can develop between two loving people. In fact, the most valuable sex magick experiences I have had have been with partners whom I truly loved. But what I am saying is that just as spirituality can be separated from religion, so too can the sex of sex magick be separated from the sex experienced in a love relationship.

This does not mean that you should have sex with a person other than your regular partner using sex magick as an excuse! In fact, I would suggest that you do not do so unless you have told your partner about it and have your partner's approval. And this approval should not come through teeth biting lips due to anger and jealousy. Remember, honesty is vital to a magician.

This means that if you do not have a partner or if you have your partner's willing permission, it is allowable to work with another person when doing sex magick. Please note that what I am saying here is not a license to have sex with anybody because you are doing magick while having sex. Rather, I am saying that certain forms of magickal ritual, including sex magick rituals, can be done with a partner other than one you are involved with in a love relationship.

I personally consider love and established relationships to be very important in a person's life. If your participation in a ritual, including a sex magick ritual, will create a hardship on your relationship, I urge you to reconsider your choice to perform such a ritual. Or perhaps you can achieve the best method which would be to have your partner participate with you.

So if you happen to be a male or female homosexual, and both you and your partner believe that sex can be separated from love, you can perform Outer Alchemy. This will depend on your nature and the nature of your relationship. Perhaps the best way to conceive of a sex magick ritual is as just another ritual, one which happens to use sex organs instead of chalice and wand.

It is the belief of many magicians that the classic texts of Western Alchemy are coded information for the performance of sex magick. The basic idea is that the sperm of the male and the ejaculatory fluids of the female have natural magickal qualities as a result of mental direction and sexual stimulation. The alchemical instructions are simply ways to make these magickal fluids stronger and more powerful.

Although I will be giving a type of Outer Alchemy ritual shortly, I will try to limit some of the precise alchemical terminology. Full alchemical practices, interpreted through the ideas of sex magick, are far too complicated to discuss in this course.

If you decide to investigate traditional alchemical texts as a source for sex magick rituals, it is important to understand two things:

1. Some of the practices given in the alchemical texts are merely chaff to hide the true nature of the techniques and its hidden wheat.

2. Several words commonly used in alchemy are codes for sexual ideas.


The Athanor is usually described as a special type of oven used to slowly heat the material with which you are working. According to sex magicians it means the penis.

The Serpent is said to be a result of heating a substance in the Athanor. To a sex magician it is the semen. The Blood of the Red Lion is also semen.

The Curcurbite, a type of alchemic container, is the vagina. So, too, is the Retort, which is usually described as another type of alchemical container.

The Menstruum or Menstruum of the Gluten is the result of the slow heating of a substance in the Athanor. Sex magicians believe it to be either the female lubricating fluids or ejaculatory fluids or both, depending upon the sex magician you talk with.

The First Matter is described as a mixture of the Serpent and the Menstruum. While this is a rather hazy type of substance to the physical alchemist, its meaning is clear to the sex magician.

Finally the Amrita or Elixir is defined as "the transmuted First Matter." How it is transmuted and how it is used is the secret of Outer Alchemy.

One of the traditional secrets of alchemy is that the process of taking your basic material and heating it must be very slow and take days or even weeks to accomplish. To a sex magician, this means that the best way to work with the male and female fluids is to take a great deal of time in their preparation, possibly hours. This involves having sexual intercourse without orgasm or ejaculation for a very long period. The mental technique used to accomplish this is known as Karezza (pronounced "kahr-etz-ah" with the accent on the second syllable).

The modern technique of Karezza began in the late 1800's. A man named William Lloyd put forth the idea that intercourse which lasted for hours and in which the man did not ejaculate was better for the man, the woman and their relationship. Needless to say, his book on Karezza was quickly banned as being pornographic! Metaphysical thought in many places at this time believed that every drop of semen was equal to 10 or more drops of blood. Therefore, having fewer ejaculations would be better for the man, while the increased intimate contact would be good for the couple and their relationship.

The problem with this, as already stated, is that according to Masters and Johnson, the average length of time for intercourse, from the time of the insertion of the penis to the man's ejaculation, is two and one half minutes. Since this is an average, it means that for every man who can last a mere five minutes without having an orgasm, there is another man who can last barely 30 seconds. Fortunately, there are a variety of techniques available to allow a man to delay his orgasm up to several hours.

The basic Karezza technique for delay of orgasm is to concentrate on the purpose or goal of the intercourse rather than on the physical sensations. In what we are doing here it would mean focusing on the purpose of the magick rather than obtaining sexual gratification, i.e. orgasm. If the man or woman comes too close to an orgasm, he or she should stop the physical motions, and if necessary withdraw his penis from the vagina.

Unfortunately, this primarily mental technique of ejaculation control is not enough for most men who, from adolescence, have trained themselves to have ejaculation as a goal of their sexual activities. Many men believe the lie that they can have physical problems if they do not ejaculate every time they are involved in lovemaking. One woman told me that her boyfriend always insisted that he have an orgasm with her or he would get sick. And while it is true that after many periods of sexual excitation without an orgasm a man may feel some minor discomfort, this is not a dangerous condition and is alleviated by having an orgasm or by the mere passage of time.

The point I wish to make here is that most men will need a combination of mental and physical techniques to be able to control their orgasm. This is especially true considering that some men, such as the boyfriend of the woman just mentioned, believe that orgasm must be their immediate goal in every sexual experience.

Of the physical methods, the most well-known technique, and the one which causes the most problems while you need to practice it, is the Masters and Johnson "squeeze" technique. In this technique, when the man feels that he is about to have an orgasm, but has not yet passed what is called the point of ejaculatory inevitability, he must withdraw his penis from the vagina. Then, either he or his partner must literally grab the penis and apply heavy pressure on the bottom of the penis, just behind the head of the penis until the need for ejaculation passes. After a few weeks of such practice the man can develop good control over his orgasm.

Unfortunately, this is not the most pleasant experience for the man or his partner! Certainly the partner would need to be very understanding while the man trains himself with her help. The following Tantrik system is much better.

The advantage of the Tantrik technique is that it uses several physical techniques simultaneously, and your partner need never know you are doing them. First, just before you reach the point of ejaculatory inevitability, that point after which there is no stopping the orgasm, take a very deep breath and hold it for a slow count of 16. While you are doing this, look, with both eyes, at the tip of your nose.

Second, begin to breathe slowly. As you do so, roll your eyes in a counter-clockwise motion. First up as high as they will go, then straight to the left, then down, then to the right, then up and finally back to where your eyes started. Thus, you are not making a circle, but a large square or rectangle. As you do this, tense the anus muscle (the sphincter) as hard as you can. Once you have completed the counterclockwise motion three times, with an exhalation slowly release the anus muscle.

Repeat the above steps three times, even if the feelings of ejaculatory need have faded. Note that it is totally possible to use this technique without withdrawing from the vagina, and your partner need never know what you are doing.

But the technique which is probably the best for control of orgasm is a Taoist technique and is primarily physical in nature. At the point just before ejaculatory inevitability, stop the thrusting motions and take three deep breaths. Then, using the first two or three fingers of either hand, apply firm pressure on the perineum, the point midway between the testicles and the anus. This point, known in acupuncture as Conception Vessel One, is important to the energy system of the body's reproductive system. Applying firm pressure here changes the energy system which has a resultant effect on the physical organs. This actually causes a change in the valves within the reproductive system of the male with a suction-like effect. Ejaculation cannot occur.

Using one or another of these techniques you should be able to control your orgasm. The Taoist technique has an unusual side benefit which I cannot go into too deeply here, for this technique controls ejaculation only. Practicing with this technique until you learn how to exert mental pressure on the Vessel of Conception Point One will yield a change in the body's energies so that the man can have an orgasm without an ejaculation! Since the result of ejaculation is de-tumescence in the male, the result of this technique is not only prolonged intercourse, but also the legendary male multiple orgasm. The feeling is much like small orgasms without ejaculation followed by an incredibly huge orgasm when the male does allow ejaculation to occur. Your experimentation with this technique is invited.

Now let us assume that the man has the ability to control his orgasms. The next part to understand is the idea of the Amrita or Elixir. As I said, it is the transmuted or changed First Matter, the First Matter being the combination of the sperm and female fluids. Shortly I will discuss how the transmutation is done, but first I will discuss what is done with the transmuted First Matter, the true magickal elixir.

The basic idea of this type of Outer Alchemy is that the combination of the sexual fluids of a man and a woman (the First Matter) is magickal in nature (becomes the Elixir). The Elixir must then be reabsorbed by the magicians performing this type of sex magick. The easiest way to do this is to simply allow the now flaccid penis to remain in the vagina for a period of fifteen minutes. According to the Tantras, sperm loses its magickal powers after 15 minutes, so a longer period is not needed. These fluids, to a minor extent, will be absorbed through the thin tissues of the vagina and the head of the penis. However, not all of the fluids are absorbed in this manner.

Although many people raised in Western cultures may find the following idea disagreeable, a large number of sex magicians have overcome this phobia and treat the Elixir as a magickal Eucharist. As a friend of mine likes to poetically say, First 'e loves 'er, then Elixir! (he licks her) In other words, after orgasm the man performs oral sex upon the woman, taking the combined fluids into his mouth. He may then keep the fluids under his tongue, allowing them to be absorbed, for the most efficacy. Alternatively he may kiss his partner and share the Elixir. Another possibility is to put the Elixir into a small cup of wine and share the Elixir. It is this idea of swallowing the sexual fluids which may turn some people off. However, over the past 20 years there has been an increase in the popularity of oral sex, so this taboo is quickly being overcome.

It should also be noted here that this type of ritual can be done with others present when the cup of wine is used. The Elixir filled wine may be passed among those present. In fact, in some groups another man or woman is chosen as the "cup bearer." It is his or her duty to obtain the Elixir instead of the woman's sexual partner.

Obviously, there are many possibilities for Outer Alchemy. The only additional thing to add here is that the intercourse should last a minimum of 45 minutes to be effective, and after about three hours, depending upon the magicians, a point of negative returns is reached.

The final point before giving a ritual is the procedure of transformation which turns the First Matter into the Elixir. It is done simply by prolonging the act of intercourse for a particular goal rather than for mere physical gratification. This can be accomplished by means similar to those already discussed, Le. by will power or concentration on sigils.

There is also a system which aligns the magickal workers with the forces of nature and strengthens the transmutation.

Women have a natural menstrual cycle of approximately 28 days, matching the cycle of the Moon. According to occult science, on each one of the 28 days, a woman will secrete a different fluid when she is sexually excited and/or has an orgasm. Therefore, a sex-magick act can be performed on a specific day of the month for a particular purpose. By combining the spiritual forces of humans with the forces of nature, the Elixir becomes an unbelievably powerful magickal fluid.

Here is a copy of a published list of the magickal abilities of the fluids of the 28 days, starting with the New Moon of the woman. That is, beginning with the day after the end of her menstrual cycle (from a list by Sariel):

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