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The High Magickal Art is by nature different from certain aspects of other so-called "primitive" forms of magick as practiced by those involved in Witchcraft, Wicca, Voodoo, Brujeria, etc. The word "primitive" is not meant to insult followers of those or similar traditions any more than calling somebody such as Grandma Moses a "primitive artist" is insulting. Rather, it infers older styles and simpler ways. Many people I know who are involved in Wicca and Witchcraft are proud that their tradition is both old and simple.

But the very simplicity of these styles of magick has led to numerous books of spells and incantations, designed for the masses, which are, to a large extent, useless. The number of such books directly related to the Kabalistic Ceremonial Magickal Art are small in number.

One of the big differences is that for many of the "primitive" techniques, all that seems to be necessary is the saying of a brief incantation and the ritual manipulation of a few objects: burning a candle, making a Voodoo vevi and so forth. Sometimes the spells become mutilated over time so that the meanings of the original words become lost and the spell becomes nothing but sounds without any sense. Although this has also happened to some extent with ceremonial magick, a true magician always knows the exact meaning of every word and action of a ritual. This is why so much training, study and practice goes into the making of a magician. |

The actual instructions for doing the next ritual which you will learn, The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, will be given in the next lesson. Now, at this point there are probably some of you reading this who are groaning and thinking, "But I learned that ritual years ago! Besides, it's so simple." Well, if you think it is simple, you have never done it correctly and with full knowledge of the ritual. It is I a basic ritual, but it is not simple. It is short and easy to memorize, but ] not simple.

According to my dictionary, the word "basic" means "something which forms a base, like a basic ingredient; something that is fundamental." I cannot overstress the fundamental nature of this ritual i and how its practice will change your life and improve your psychic 1 and magickal abilities. I have been doing it at least once daily for j almost ten years, and I have no desire to stop. It is a basic, short ritual | that is necessary to your development as a true Ceremonial Magician. \ j

There are three reasons for doing this ritual. The most important, yet most ethereal, is to Know Yourself. You will learn if you have the strength of will to stick to doing a ritual of this sort on a daily basis. You will develop a different feeling about yourself and your relationship to others and the world around you. It will affect you in many positive but subtle ways.

Secondly, it will expand your aura. This will cause others to like you and respect you more and come to you for comfort. You will realize that this is occurring when people start asking you questions like, "Is that a new dress? Did you lose some weight? Did you get your hair cut?" even though the dress was old, your hair is the same and you haven't lost an ounce. Most people can subconsciously detect the aura and will be able to detect such a change in you. But they do not know that it is the aura which has changed, so they have to come up with something that they are familiar with, something on the physical plane such as your hair, clothes or weight. As your aura expands and brightens, you will also find yourself becoming stronger spiritually and psychologically than you have ever been before.

Thirdly, this ritual (LBRP for short) will remove from your Immediate area (banish) any unwanted influences. This includes physical influences and non-physical ones including astral and elemental forces. This is one of the greatest defenses against psychic attack ever. The more you practice the LBRP, the more safe, the more at peace you will become.

The attitude you adopt when you perform this ritual is important. People working with computers say, "garbage in, garbage out." Similarly, you will get out of the ritual exactly what you put into it. Go into this ritual angry and you will come out of it feeling angrier. You should assume an attitude of beauty and joy. Doing the Relaxation Ritual immediately before the LBRP will aid you in achieving the desired state of consciousness.

You should be very positive; sure that when you call on the archangels they will be there, sure that the pentagrams are really there, positive that you are doing the very best you possibly can.

However, you should not "lust for results." Focus on the ritual, not what you expect the result of the ritual to be. If you perform the ritual with complete concentration, you will be successful. If you concentrate on something else, such as what you expect to experience or what you expect as a result of the ritual, you will divide your energies and the ritual will decrease in its effectiveness.

When you perform the ritual, you must understand that you are no longer in your house or apartment or building. Nor are you merely outdoors. Rather, you are in the temple of the gods. You are also in the presence of divinity. Wherever you are, when you do this ritual the area becomes a holy place. You should treat it as such.

Also remember that you are a beginner, a student, a magician-in-training. You are not a high-ranking Magus or Wizard. Therefore, be modest, especially in the presence of the divine.

There are several physical things which you may want to use when you perform the LBRP. However there is only one thing which you must have, and that is a place where you can be alone and undisturbed. To do this ritual requires no more than ten minutes, and once it is memorized even less time is necessary. Make sure you will be undisturbed for this brief length of time. This ritual is not meant for the public's eyes.

Second, it is traditional to have an altar. This can be a small table covered with a black cloth, or the traditional "double cube." A good size for the traditional altar is 36" high by 18" wide by 18" deep. This way you can have an altar that is like two 18" square cubes on top of one another (as above, so below). It also represents the earth plane because the number of sides of this altar which are external (top, bottom, the four sides of the upper cube and the four sides of the lower) equal 10, the number of the Earth according to the Kabalah.

I made my altar in a very easy way. At an unfinished wood store they sell cubes of press board (also known as chip board) that are 18"xl8" and have one side open. I simply nailed the two cubes together and added a piece of 18" by 36" plywood (V2" thick) to cover the open sides of the cubes. Upon adding several coats of paint (even with a sealer coat, this type of wood seems to drink up paint), and some wheels to make the altar moveable, and I was finished. Traditionally, the altar is painted black to represent the fact that we are far from the true spiritual light which comes from above, even though it is from here that we must begin our starry climb. My first altar, however, was painted white and had on it a beautiful figure of the Tree of life (more on this figure later) and also the protective Pentagram of Solomon from the book The Goetia. If you decide to make an altar which is not the traditional black double cube, carefully consider the meaning of any symbolism, including color, which you wish to use.

Third, candles are much better than electric light for ritual work. You could have one candle for the altar, and maybe a few more for the room if you are doing the ritual inside. At this time use white candles. These can represent the purity (white) of spiritual energy (fire). Incense is also a nice touch and always adds to ritual work. Incense is said to represent prayers going up to God. At this point, the type of incense is not important. Merely find a scent which you like and use it.

There are four traditional tools or "weapons" used by ceremonial magicians. Details of their construction will be given in later chapters. These tools are the wand, the cup, the dagger and the pentacle. You could also use a paper cup to represent elemental Water, salt (instead of a pentacle) to represent elemental Earth, a match (instead of a wand) to represent elemental Fire, and a feather (instead of a dagger) to represent elemental Air.

Have a symbol for each of the elements on the altar, or have none of them. You should not have an imbalance in the energies the tools represent. If you do have the weapons, the Air symbol should be on the Eastern part of the altar, the Fire symbol to the South, the Water symbol to the West, and the Earth symbol to the North. If you have the tools, they should be wrapped in a piece of silk or cotton when they are not being used: the wand in red, the chalice in blue, the dagger in yellow and the pentacle in black. Sleight-of-hand magicians' supply shops usually have silk handkerchiefs available in these and other colors and shades.

You may also wish to use a bell. This can be used for marking the beginning and end of the ritual, as well as marking off various sections of more complex ceremonies.

Another item to have is the proper clothes. Whereas some spiritual traditions use ritual nudity, Ceremonial Magick has always used special clothes. Traditionally, this is a black or white "Tau" robe, so called because when you hold your arms out to the side it looks like the Greek letter Tau. It is similar to the type of robes worn by people in choirs or angels in films. However, a robe is not necessary. The purpose of putting on a robe is to physically show both your conscious and subconscious that you are no longer in your daily dress. It strongly shows that you are about to do something very special and spiritual. If you do not have access to the things needed to make or obtain a robe, simply go through your closet and find some clothes that you have not worn in a long time, or buy some new clothes. Wash them thoroughly. Now, only wear these clothes when you are going to do ritual work, and never for any other reason. Thus, even though they are ordinary

Lesser Banishing Ritual The Pentagram

Your finger or the tip of the knife should always be pointing forward, away from you. See the diagram below:

Above Head

Above Head

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