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In this section you will learn the Rose Cross RituaL Although it is not part of the daily work, it is excellent and easy to perform. You will probably find yourself using it frequently.

There are five main reasons for using this ritual:

1. It is an excellent banishing ritual, although its effect is quite different from the LBRP. The LBRP ritual will protect you, but it also lights up the entire Astral Plane with its lines and pentagrams. It is very powerful. It can also have the effect of attracting the attention of sometimes unwanted astral entities (little nasties) as we have already discussed. The Rose Cross Ritual, on the other hand, works like a curtain by containing your aura. It will protect you from unwanted outside influences in a different way. Do no substitute the Rose Cross Ritual for the LBRP. Be sure to do the LBRP before any magickal ritual. Use the Rose Cross Ritual for self-enclosure. As an example, if you feel troubled and cannot focus your attention, do the LBRP to banish any outside influences which may be distracting you. Follow this with the Rose Cross Ritual to regain your peace of mind.

Protection through Invisibility

2. The curtaining effect induces a type of invisibility to the world around you. This is not to say that you become invisible in reality. Nor should you infer that people who are looking closely for you will not find you. But if people are not looking for you in particular you will tend to be ignored. Thus, you have the effect of invisibility.

I do not recommend breaking the law to anybody, however I do wish to share this experience with you. One time I was late for an appointment and knew that I would have to speed in my car to get to my appointment on time. I quickly did both the LBRP and the Rose Cross Ritual. I was driving very fast. Suddenly a Highway Patrol vehicle came up from behind and turned on the red light. They pulled over the car next to me, even though we were going at the same speed. The Highway Patrol ignored me as if I never existed!

3. This ritual is a good preparation for meditation. It works by calling forth your higher self. Thus, it can be helpful when doing a problem-solving type of meditation.

4. You can do this ritual with the aim of aiding others who are hurting either physically or spiritually. Simply build up, in your mind, an image of the person you wish to help. Place that image in the center of the room where you will be doing the ritual. Do the ritual with the image of the person you are aiding as the center of the ritual. Draw down the Light upon the image of the person you are aiding. When the ritual is over, command the figure you have mentally created along with its now added peace, serenity and well-being to return to the actual person for whom the ritual is being done. Tell the figure to go back to the real person and take with it the grace of Divinity.

Of course, before doing this you should get the permission of the person and do a divination to learn if the result will be positive or negative.

5. Sometimes you may find yourself in a place where there are "negative psychic vibrations." As an example, you may feel uncomfortable in a house where very negative people live or where terrible things have occurred in the past. This ritual will not so much banish the negativity in the aether as it will protect you from the "invasion" of your psychic body, your astral self.

At this point, re-read the lesson which prepared you for the Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram. Focus on understanding the analysis of the Key Word. It will be used again in this ritual.

At this time I will explain the Tetragrammaton and the Pen-tagrammaton. The Tetragrammaton is dealt with elsewhere in this course, but due to its central importance to magick and the Kabalah it will avail us to go over it again. The Tetragrammaton is composed of four Hebrew letters: Yud, Heh (superior), Vahv, and Heh (inferior). This four-letter name (Tetragrammaton means "four-letter name") is considered to be the ultimate name of Divinity. No one knows the correct pronunciation of this word. Some of the letters may have been pronounced differently than they are today. The letters may have been a code for other letters. Some of the letters may have been doubled. Today, Jews do not attempt to say this word. Instead, they say "Ah-doh-nye" which means "my lord." There are no vowels in the original Hebrew. They were added much later in the form of points and lines written above, within and below the letters. To insure that no one would try to pronouce the Tetragrammaton by mistake, the vowels for Ah-doh-nye were placed around the holy four letters. If you try to pronounce the four-letter word using these vowels you end up with something like the following: Yahveh, Yahweh, Yehovah or Jehovah. All of these result from an incorrect understanding of Hebrew.

The secret of the Tetragrammaton is in the meaning of its component letters. The Yud represents archetypal masculinity and the Heh (superior) represents archetypal femininity. The Vahv, which looks like an elongated Yud, represents physical masculinity while the second Heh, the Heh inferior, represents physical femininity. Thus the Tetragrammaton signifies that the ultimate secret of the Godhead is that the Divine is the union of all dualities (i.e., male and female) both physically and spiritually. The Divine is everything, and everything comes from and is of the Godhead.

This does not mean, however, that to know the universe is to know the Divine. Merely because everything is of the Godhead does not mean that the Divine cannot be more than everything which exists or could exist. Divinity is more. The source of all is beyond comprehension except for the ways in which the Godhead chooses to be comprehended.

The letter Shin (t£f) looks like three small flames. This letter represents the flame of Divinity, what is sometimes called Holy Spirit or Ruach El-oh-heem. It is also known as Chi, Ki, Prana, Kundalini, Mana, Manitou and many others. If the letter Shin is placed in the center of the Tetragrammaton, we get the Pentagrammaton (five-letter name). This new word, Yud, Heh, Shin, Vahv, Heh, is a symbol rep resenting the union of divine masculinity and femininity with physical masculinity and femininity by way of the Holy Spirit Biblically, any person who would be a savior or messiah to himself or herself must be able to unite Divinity with physicality and unite all opposites by way of the Holy Spirit Thus, any savior must be this five-lettered name, the Pentagrammaton. If you pronounce the Pentagrammaton in Hebrew, it would be "Yeh-hah-shu-ah" which is usually translated as Joshua. However, in Greek it became Yay-su which in English became 'Jesus."

Thus, the name Jesus is a title. Anyone can come to hold the title. The process described by the Pentagrammaton is that each of us must find our own union with Divinity. We cannot have a vicarious atonement. Each of us must be our own savior, our own messiah. Each of us must become 'Jesus."

This, by the way, is strict Kabalah. It has nothing to do with Christian theology. In fact, Christian theology tends to disagree with this Kabalistic understanding of the Pentagrammaton. In traditional Christianity, the only reason why Jesus is named Jesus is because it fulfilled a prophecy.

Another form of the Pentagrammaton puts the Shin between the Vahv and the second Heh. This gives the word "Yeh-hoh-vah-shah." It represents the unity of masculine and feminine on the physical plane by way oftheRuachEl-oh-heem (Holy Spirit of the Divine) and is presided over by the union of archetypal masculinity and femininity. This is, by the way, one of the secrets of Tantrik Yoga and Sex Magick, but that is left for another lesson.

I also want to assure you that this is not sexist in nature. If you do not like the terms male and female, masculine and feminine, they can be replaced by such terms as Yin and Yang, positive and negative (as in the sense of the terminals of a battery, not in the sense of good and bad), proj ective and receptive, etc. The reason I use male and female is because it has traditionally been used and also was used by the ancient Kabalists, sometimes in even more anthropomorphic forms. It was their attempt to deal with the dualities which exist everywhere in nature. I am merely following their traditional lead.

Finally, I want to repeat that the symbol known as the cross far antedates the birth of Christianity and should not be considered a Christian symbol when used for magickal purposes. I read somewhere that there were over 200 forms of crosses in use before Christianity began. In this ritual it represents the four elements (the four bars of the cross) and the union of physical (the horizontal bar) and spiritual (the vertical bar). The rose, which in the ritual is indicated by a circle, represents the unfolding of the soul and the evolution of consciousness.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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