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In this section I am going to be discussing primarily the use of the magickal tool known as the Pentacle and its construction. First, however, I need to discuss the system of the magickal elements.

As you have probably heard, and as I have already briefly discussed, in the West we have a system of "four magickal elements." Well, this is not true now, nor to my knowledge has it ever been true. As far as I can tell, calling our system a "four element" system is a blind to fool those outside the temples of wisdom.

The fact is that there have always been five magickal elements. According to the Sepher Yetzirah, one of the oldest Kabalistic documents extant, their order is as follows:

The SPIRIT of God AIR emanated from Spirit WATER emanated from Air Part of the water became EARTH FIRE emanated from Water

Note that some people call the system as listed in the Sepher Yetzirah a "three element" system. This is because the element of Spirit is ignored and the element of Earth is not even considered a separately emanated element, but rather a mere part of elemental Water. Some later Kabalistic systems contend that elemental Earth is only a combination of Air and Water or a mixture of Air, Water and Fire. In any event, even though elemental Earth may be considered a secondary element in the traditional Kabalah, it is still an element. Include Spirit and Earth with the Three Element Kabalistic system and we have our five elements of Magick.

In the West the magickal four elements are frequently pictured around a pentagram. Isn't it obvious that there must be a fifth element

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Now that you've had a chance to see a thought-provoking system of working with the Magickal elements, let me tell you that the Western system is much easier, especially when discussing the elemental tools. The pentacle really has only two important purposes: it collects and directs the energies of elemental Earth. What you use the energy for, and how you use it, is up to you. If you feel lightheaded it can ground you. If you feel that you are under psychic attack via the elements of Spirit, Air, Fire or Water, it can reflect those energies back upon their source. If you are attacked using the element of Earth, it can either reflect the elemental energy or store it for your future positive use. Thus, for the operative magician, the Pentacle is primarily a defensive weapon, meant never to be used as a weapon except in case of attack. It can also, as mentioned, be used to direct and store Earth energy for whatever purpose you desire.

The next problem for us—knowing the purpose of the pentacle— is an appropriate construction. Most tradition-based books recommend using a disk of wood or metal up to nine inches in diameter. Now, as I have already said, this tool is also a defensive weapon. Grabbing a nine-inch circle of wood or metal and trying to direct it in the proper direction to dispel an attack on you would be like having someone jump you with a knife while you struggle to find a huge old shotgun which doesn't even fire accurately!

The answer to this problem is two-fold. Firstly, an object six inches in diameter is far easier to use if you have average size hands. Secondly, if the object, instead of being flat, is concave, it will return any energy from any direction, back toward the direction from which it came! This creates a situation of "Instant Karma" for your attacker.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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