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There are several different aspects to sexual magick, and it is difficult to divide them into categories as they overlap a great deal. Even so, it is necessary to make loose categories in order to discuss the subject. Do understand that these divisions are just for communication's sake, and other writers may not follow them

I divide the types of magick which use the sexual energies as a fundamental source into three groups:

1. Thought Control. This is a method of controlling sexual energy via the mind during sexual excitation and orgasm. This may not sound difficult, but it actually requires you to concentrate on something while you are in a state of consciousness where directed thinking is very difficult. This will be explained later, including how to overcome the problem.

2. Inner Alchemy. This is a type of White Magick which could be called White Sex Magick. It is an important part of Taoist Alchemy (also called Taoist Yoga) and Tantrik Yoga. Some purists may be upset that I am introducing Oriental elements into this course. However, as I have said, I am very eclectic. Since the writings of Helena Blavatsky, Oriental mysticism has been incorporated into Western mystical philosophy and practice. Even the Golden Dawn took much from the East. This includes both the ideas of Karma and the "Tatvic Tides," a system which can help in understanding and working with the magickal elements. Also, it is unfortunately true that with the denunciation of sex for anything but procreation as taught by the Christian church for over 1500 years, much of Western sex magick had to be deeply hidden. This was not the situation in the East, and thus there is much more material, even if it is, in many instances, heavily disguised.

3. Outer Alchemy. This is more along the lines of Grey Magick. It uses sexual fluids which have been magickally charged to the end of ; achieving a chosen goal. Note that this uses tangible elements as i opposed to the sexual forces which are the basis of Inner Alchemy. Outer Alchemy is frequently associated with Western "Hermetic''; Alchemy as much Western Alchemical literature, once you know the code, is simply disguised instructions in sex magick.

None of these three systems is easy to learn or master. Further, only one hundred years ago the techniques were deep secrets and spoken of in hushed whispers. But we are in a new era, and with the knowledge which may now be shared, along with sincere and dedicated practice, anyone may become proficient at any of the techniques of sex magick.

Many magicians believe that sex magick entirely traces its heritage back to the Tantriks of India and Tibet. While much of sex magick does come from those sources, there are aspects of sex magick which are from traditional Western sources, even if they do have similarities with Eastern practices. An example of this is that sex, and concomitantly sex magick, is a basic part of the Kabalah.

Even stodgy A.E. Waite (with blushing face, no doubt) admits in The Holy Kabalah that, "the Supreme Wisdom [of the Kabalah] is a Mystery of Sex." He also reports that the Zohar makes clear that the best time for a man and woman to have intercourse is on the holiest of days of the week, the Sabbath. It is also stated there that if a man travels away from his wife for a time in order to study the Kabalah, on his return home his first duty and obligation is to make love to his wife.

Of course, there is a difference between sex and sex magick. But by understanding that the sides of the Tree of Life are masculine and feminine, and even the Tetragrammaton is composed of masculine and feminine letters, one can see the inherent sexuality of the Kabalah. But, let's get practical.

There is a Hebrew book called the Iggeret ha-Kodesh which translates as The Holy Letter. This book dates from around the end of the 13th century, and on the surface is a type of medieval Jewish "marriage manual."

Today's marriage manuals are nothing more than sex books giving various positions for sexual intercourse and other sexual activity. In ancient China these were known as "Pillow Books." But marriage manuals were not always such. Many hardly even mentioned sex, limiting discussions to philosophy and simple psychology. This was primarily due to the cultures wherein these books were written and to the censorship rules of that society.

Judaism and Kabalists did not cringe from sexuality as did many cultures. One of the holy books of the Jews, usually called the Song of Solomon, on the surface is nothing more than an erotic love poem. Yet, Rabbi Akibah, a famous mystic (one of his disciples, Simeon Ben

Yochai, is said to have written the Zohar) said of this work, "the whole universe is not worth the day that book [The Song of Solomon] has been given to Israel." Further, he said "all the scriptures are holy, but the Song of Songs [actual name of the Song of Solomon] is the most holy." Certainly there is more to the sex of the Song of Songs than mere eroticism!

The Holy Letter discusses sexuality in all of its aspects. This includes mystical and magickal aspects of sex. Thus we read, "when a man unites with his wife in holiness, the Sheckinah is between them in the mystery of man and woman." Since the Sheckinah (pronounced sheh-chen-ah, "ch" as in the German "ach") is equivalent to the idea of God's Holy Spirit or the Tantrik "Shakti" (note the similarity in the sounds of the words), we can see that the author of this book is talking about something special. Indeed, the author is discussing what is commonly called Kundalini Yoga (more accurately Layayoga). This will be discussed when I talk about Inner Alchemy.

The Holy Letter also mentions that aspect of sex magick which I term Thought Control. This type of sex magick maybe the most palatable for people from Western cultures. The Holy Letter states, "According to the thoughts you have in intercourse, so will the form come upon the seed." Superficially, this means that if you are thinking spiritual thoughts when having intercourse you will have a spiritual child; if happy thoughts, a happy child, etc. As we all know, however, every act of sexual intercourse does not result in the birth of a child. Or does it?

Certainly I could not deny that the number of times sexual intercourse leads to the birth of an infant human is small compared to the number of times sexual intercourse is performed. But think back to my comments on Creative Visualization. Remember that you are constantly going through the visualization process, whether you realize the fact or not. Likewise, every time you have sexual intercourse you give birth to a "magickal childe," even if no human child is the result. Or, to put it another way, the key idea behind the Thought Control form of sex magick is that the thought held at the instant of orgasm comes to pass. Unfortunately, this is not as easy as it might sound. To understand why this is so we must look at the theories of Dr. Wilhem Reich.

Many professionals in the field of psychology dismiss Reich. They claim that one of his basic theories, that people who were psy- j chologically disturbed could not have an orgasm, is false. It is clear that many people with pathological problems are capable of having j an orgasm such as in the instance of violent rape. And, since this is a basis of many of Reich's theories, they must all be wrong.

Well, it is obvious to me that none of these "experts" on Reich ever bothered to read any of Reich's work. For Reich never said that people with psychological problems could not have an orgasm. Reich knew that such a person could have an orgasm. He must have been aware of the important psychological text Psychopathia Sexualis by Krafft-Ebbing. That book had been the physicians' resource on socio-pathic sexuality for many years. What Reich said was that a person who was psychologically disturbed was not "orgasmically potent."

Reich believed that during sexual excitation an energy which he called "Orgone" built up in the body. For full mental health this energy needed to be discharged during orgasm. You could compare this to blowing up a balloon. As the sexual excitation increases, more air is blown into the balloon. If you lose control over your consciousness, the air will be safely discharged through the valve on the balloon. If, on the other hand, you do not lose control, the balloon increases in size and pressure until it pops.

Similarly, the natural and healthy in-and-out flow of Orgone energy does not occur, acording to Reich, in a person with a psychological disturbance. This type of person would have a greater or lesser emotional, psychological and/or physical control of him or herself at the moment of orgasm.

This controlled behavior, according to Reich, is not healthy. To be healthy a person needs to be orgasmically potent. This means that during the convulsions of the orgasmic experience a person should not be thinking,"Am I doing this right? Is my partner enjoying this?" Rather, a person should be so caught up in the very animalistic enjoyment of sex that nothing can be thought of. There should be only pure, thought-free experience.

Does this idea of "thought-free experience" sound familiar to you? It should, because going into such a state is exactly what true meditation is! Reich discovered that the moment of orgasm can be identical to true meditation!

Reich believed that being Orgasmically Potent, being able to achieve the thought-free, sense-oriented state described above, was the only way to release Orgone energy. If this was not done, the human "balloon" would pop from over-inflation of Orgone energy. This popping would be in the form of psychological problems. While it is true that this is one way to release the Orgone energy, I must dis agree with it being the only way. Tantriks have methods of controlling this energy at will. This will be covered in the section on Inner Alchemy.

Further, it is not true that a person experiencing an orgasm which is Orgasmically Potent is without thought. In fact, such a person is only without conscious thought. The act of sexual intercourse (or other sexual activity wherein a person is brought to orgasm) is so primal that it takes us to a period before our rational consciousness ruled our selves. Thus, it is our unconscious which holds sway over us at the moment we experience an Orgasmically Potent orgasm.

As I've said before, the unconscious is our link to the Astral Plane (also called the Yetziratic World). When you create something in the Astral Plane as a result of your thinking procedures, it must come into existence on the physical plane. Whatever thought is in our mind at the point of orgasm goes directly to the subconscious and into the Astral Plane. It must manifest. That is why the thought held in the mind at the instant of orgasm must come into existence.

But that is also the difficulty. To open up the subconscious we must be Orgasmically Potent. This means we must, temporarily, lose our sense of self, our ego. Unfortunately, that aspect of our being is locked up with our logical, reasoning self. If we lose that, how can we keep an idea in our mind when having an orgasm?

Luckily, there is a way. The subconscious does not think in words, it thinks in symbols or images. You see the word "tree," but the subconscious (and your memory) keeps an image of a tree you have seen or imagined at one time or another. Therefore, all you have to do is make up a symbol to represent what you want. Symbols, shapes and objects can stay with you through an Orgasmically Potent orgasm while words will not. Simply keep the symbol in mind when you have an orgasm. And though this is not difficult, it does require practice.

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