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Reading Tarot Cards Revealed

Reading Tarot Cards Revealed

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In this portion we will be focusing on what is known as the "Unwritten Kabalah." On the next page you will find a list of correspondences; that is, a list of how various things and ideas correspond with the Sephiroht on the Tree of life. In this section you will learn the information necessary to understand the list.

As you can see, by the left of each row are the numbers 1 through 10. These, as you probably guessed, represent the numbers associated with each of the Sephiroht The first column gives the name of each Sephira as they would be pronounced in Hebrew. The next column gives the translation of those names into English. I would like to mention here that some texts, especially those written for a primarily Jewish readership, sometimes give alternate names and/or spellings for the Sephiroht For example, Giburah is frequently called "Pachad," which means "fear." However, this type of study falls more appropriately under the subject of the Dogmatic Kabalah which, for the most part, is beyond the scope and purpose of the present course.

The third column is labeled "Color (Q.S.)." Kabalistically, there are four sets of colors (one for each of the four Kabalistic Worlds) related to the Sephiroht. They are named after the court cards of the Minor Arcana of the Tarot In the Golden Dawn, initiates were expected to know all of the color scales. However, for our purposes, the most important version of the colors for the ten Sephiroht is called the Queen Scale (hence the "Q.S.")/ which are the colors given here.

The Queen Scale colors are associated with the world known as B'ri-yah. Traditionally it is believed that it is more important to become familiar with the Queen Scale sephirotic colors than with the other scales of color. Note that there are four colors associated with the 10th Sephira. This is because the 10th Sephira relates to the Earth, the world of the four archetypal elements: Air, Earth, Fire and Water. By now you should be beginning to become familiar with the element

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