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Before proceeding with this section you should really have the LBRP down pat. This means you should have all of your visualizations clear and the whole ritual memorized.

The ritual I am about to describe is called the Middle Pillar Ritual. Its proper practice will result in greater vitality, aid in the task of self-mastery, help cultivate spiritual insight and help you in your white magickal quest, the search for union with the divine nature.

The Tree of Life exists everywhere, not just as circles on a piece of paper or as a philosophical construct. It also exists within the human being on a variety of levels. Picture yourself turning around and backing into the Tree of Life. This will give you a good idea of how the Tre^ exists on the body. The uppermost Sephira is just above the top of the head. The second Sephira is at the left side of the face, although it is on the right side of the Tree. The third Sephira is on the left side of the Tree and on the right side of the face. This continues down the entire body. We will be studying more of these relationships with the Tree of Life, part of the Unwritten Kabalah, in the next lesson.

But for now we must turn our focus away from the Kabalah and toward India. Here, the most ancient of spiritual texts, the Tantras, speak of psychic centers known as Chakras (pronounced "kahk-rahs") which exist in the energy field around our bodies. There is also an energy stream known as Kundalini which goes through these psychic centers. The oldest Tantras speak of four major Chakras: at the navel, the heart, the throat and the top of the head. Later books speak of six or seven chakras, often disagreeing as to where the other two or three are located. But most importantly, the books tell you that it is dangerous to attempt to raise the Kundalini energy through the centers. To discover why this is so we must jump from ancient India to Victorian Europe.

This was the era of Sigmund Freud. Although Freud outlived the Victorian era, much of his philosophy was heavily dependent upon his being raised in the Victorian period. It is also clear that Freud, a Jew, studied the Kabalah, in at least some cursory way. In his early writings on psychology Freud indicated that he believed that there was an actual, physical energy, a psycho-sexual energy, which he called "libido." Freud believed that this energy came from all parts of the body and would move to a single part of the body. He called this process "cathexis." He believed that all psychological problems could be traced to blockages of this psycho-sexual libido energy. Freud realized that if he was correct, the way to solve psychological problems would be to unblock this sexual energy. This meant, of course, that he would have to encourage people to have sexual relations. Freud knew that in an age still rife with the repressive Victorian morality, when tubes of cloth were placed over piano legs because they vaguely resembled women's legs, this would never be accepted. This was especially true since many of the people Freud worked with were unmarried.

Freud was a pragmatist. He knew he would have to change his theories so that he could still help people. I don't know if Freud was thinking in this direction, but it does seem to make sense that if getting energy moving would clear blockages, clearing blockages would also allow the energy to move freely. No matter how he came to this conclusion, Freud did change his notion of libido from an actual energy to a mere desire which was capable of being focused in other directions. He called this process of focusing the energy in other directions "sublimation." Unfortunately, since there was no longer an actual energy which was stopped, Freud now needed to come up with something contrary to the desire known as libido. This he called the "death wish." If it sounds confusing, it is. This is because Freud would not accept the reality of libido as an actual energy.

Meanwhile, one of Freud's most creative students, Wilhelm Reich, decided that Freud had been correct in the first place. He set out to discover and measure Freud's concept of psycho-sexual energy. Freud was quoted as saying that Reich was either a fraud or the future of the psychoanalytic movement. Later, Freud wrote the book Civilization and Its Discontents to denounce Reich's theories.

Reich's researches went far beyond those of Freud. Reich called the psychosexual energy "orgone" and believed that he had seen it and measured it. Its color was a bright blue (such as in the LBRP). Reich invented group therapy, rebirthing, primal scream, bioenergetics, and certain educational systems; he also did sexological studies similar to Masters and Johnson years before they began their research. Reich wrote several books on his theories and made devices (orgone accumulators) which he claimed could take orgone energy out of the environment to be used for healing purposes. For his efforts to enlighten the world, Reich was thrown in jail and his books were burned. (Here in America. In the 1950's!)

As a side note, while talking to Israel Regardie I mentioned that Reich's book, The Function of the Orgasm, should be read by all occultists, and Regardie strongly agreed.

My point in this is not to get you to read a particular book or author, nor is it to criticize the actions of our government in the middle of the McCarthy era. Rather, it is to show that Western science has studied and is well aware of the nature of the psycho-sexual energy. And this energy called libido or orgone in the West is known as Kun-dalini in India.

The study of Kundalini has gone on for thousands of years in India, so they have a much better knowledge of it than does Western science. In a base and chaotic form it is said to lie "sleeping" in the area of the coccyx, the tip of the tailbone. On the surface of the body this appears at the perineum, the space between the sexual organs and the anus. Through imagination, special breathing and visualization methods, special sounds or through sexual activity, this energy can be roused and sent up the spine, charging the psychic centers, the chakras, as it rises.

Here is where the danger lies. The energy does not rise smoothly. It stops and charges each chakra. If you are not ready to have a particular chakra charged with energy, if you have not reached the appropriate stage of psychic awareness, one of two things can happen:

1. The chakra will be charged and the sudden influx of energy will "blow you away," killing you, driving you insane or, perhaps, enlightening you.

2. The raised energy will have no place to go. Then you are like a filled balloon which is in a state of tension and cannot pop nor have the air in it released. Something eventually has to give. Remember, Freud said (originally) that blockages were the cause of all psychological problems. If the Kundalini becomes "stuck" at a lower chakra it could result in a sexual obsession. Trying to raise the Kundalini without proper instruction could also create severe physical problems. This is why in order to practice what is called Kundalini Yoga (which is a new name; its actual name is Laya Yoga) you should first get yourself a good teacher, known as a "guru."

The ancient Kabalists were also aware of this energy. It is sometimes known in Hebrew as Ruach. It, too, cycles in the psychic centers. In the Kabalah there are five important psychic centers, each relating to a Sephira, and each also relating to a part of the psyche and the body of a human.

The Yeh-chee-dah (as always, ch as in the Scottish word "loch") is the psychic center just above the head. It is the deepest level of the subconscious. It is always in contact with the Divine and it is sometimes known as our higher self. It relates to that aspect of God represented by the God name Eh-heh-yeh.

Ruach, besides being the name of the energy we have been discussing, is also the name of the psychic center at the solar plexus. This is in the center of the torso above the stomach and just below the heart and breast. When this center is fully expanded it includes the heart. It represents our consciousness. Here we discover one of the basic difference between Eastern and Western mystical philosophy. In the East it is believed that our world is composed of nothing but vibrations. Our physical world is an illusion. This illusionary world called "Maya" is what is perceived by our consciousness. Therefore, our consciousness, by only seeing Maya, "slays" the true, inner reality. We are then told to "slay the slayer," eliminate our consciousness via meditation and other techniques. Western occultism, being more pragmatic than its Eastern counterpart, says 'let's not slay the slayer, but rather let us perfect the slayer so that it no longer only sees an illusion." This is the process of developing the Will, which, by your ritual practice, you are now doing. The center relates to the God name Yud-Heh-Vahv-Heh El-oh-ah V'dah-aht.

The center known as Nephesh is located at the sexual organs. It represents the most superficial layer of our subconscious. It holds our lusts and urges and is capable of blocking the flow of energy between the Yeh-chee-dah and the Ruach. The God name here is Sha-dai El Chai.

We can compare these Kabalistic ideas with other types of psychology:

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