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The Greater Key of Solomon is readily available at metaphysical bookstores and occult shops. It is fascinating that many "occultists" claim that the Lesser Key deals with evil spirits and the Greater Key deals with good ones. This is merely a repetition of what other ill-informed writers have claimed. There is not one bit of proof that one Key deals with evil spirits and the other deals with good ones.

The Greater Key is divided into two major sections or "books." The second of these books describes the various tools or weapons of the magician, including several which do not seem appropriate for the practice of High Magick at all. But this is necessary, as the first book of the Greater Key is a combination of High and Low magickal methods. As an example of the later, the Greater Key includes a method of making oneself invisible using "a small image of yellow wax, in the form of a man... " This type of image magick, sometimes called "poppet" magick, is not in the repertoire of most Kabalistic magicians. This is far more in the realm of Natural or Low Magick.

It is because there are Natural Magickal methods in this grimoire, along with the lack of appeals to Jesus and the Trinity which gives internal evidence of an earlier date for the Greater Key than the Lesser Key. In fact, the earliest written versions of the Greater Key date from the 15th or 16th centuries, while the earliest copies of the Lesser Key are from the 17th century. Of course, oral versions of both of the books may go back much further, and earlier manuscript forms of these books may still be discovered. This did happen with a grimoire called The Picatrix which has never been translated into English. It was thought to be a typical example of writing from, the Middle Ages. Recent discoveries show it to be a translation of a much earlier Arabic work.

Naturally, it is not my desire to recopy the entire Greater Key of Solomon here. However, the evocational conjurations are similar in form to those of the Lesser Key as given earlier in this lesson. Thus, you could use the evocations from the Lesser Key by changing the phrase "Spirit Bael," as in the earlier example, for "Angel So-and-So." I know that this may infuriate some purists, but the technique and philosophy are the same. If you want to drag yourself through five, single-spaced pages of evocations, such as are given in the Greater Key, you may be my guest!

In the Greater Key we are again confronted with a puzzle to our understanding, a puzzle obviously created to fool those without training. Between Books One and Two of the Greater Key is a section filled with "pentacles" and how they can "bring" you various powers and abilities. This seems to imply that they are actually talismans. However, if you go through Book One and actually study the evocations, you will see that the magician is told to show the pentacles to the Spirit which appears and "demand all that he shall wish from the King of Spirits." As you can see, implying that these symbolic figures are talismans is a cover to prevent their true potential from falling into the hands of the untrained and unprepared.

Below is a Pentacle associated with the Sun. Its purpose is to free you from thought patterns which keep you from achieving your desires. The evocation should be done on the day and in the hour of the Sun. If so done, the entity which appears will tell you how to break your (mental) bonds and be free. In your evocation, use the term "Lord Yud-Heh-Vahv-Heh" instead of "Spirit Bael."

Below is a Pentacle for controlling the Spirits of Venus. It would be good for any of the purposes listed under Venus on the talismanic Magick chart You would want to use the name of the appropriate Archangel instead of "Spirit Bael." Evoke the Spirit of Venus (the Archangel, amongst others) and ask of it what you will as is appropriate to the planet Of course, do the evocation during the hour of Venus, and, if possible, on the day of Venus.

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On top of the next page is another^ Pentacle associated with Venus. Its purpose is to invoke the Spirit Yohn-ehl to give you information on how to obtain grace and honor. Yohn-ehl comes from the Hebrew outside the central figure, Yud, Vahv, Nun, Alef and Lahmed.

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I wish to reiterate here that Magickal Evocation is not just working with your fantasies and imagination. Neither is it a type of Spiritism which seeks contact with any dead souls or entities which happen to be nearby. Rather, it is a very real method of making contact with entities on a higher level of existence. They are always there. It is usually we who are not aware of them. In magickal evocation we not only become aware of them, but choose with whom of the myriad of entities available we desire contact.

In the Greater Key, we obtain some specialized information which is not in the Lesser Key, and, we can assume that it is specifically for use with Greater Key entities. When doing evocations from the Greater Key there is a slightly different method for using the Pentacle. After using the Pentacle to focus your attention (don't confuse this with your magickal tool—the Earth Pentacle), cover the pentacle so that it cannot be seen. Usually a piece of black silk is used for this purpose. Then, when the entity appears in your magick mirror, show the pentacle to the entity. The result is that the entity will be bound by your will. We will use this technique in a similar way, but for another purpose, in a later lesson.

Before going on to another aspect of evocative magick, there is another book I wish to mention in passing. This is a book which was apparently used as a source book by a branch of the Golden Dawn known as The Alpha and Omega. The name of the book, which was translated by Mathers, is The Grimoire of Armadel.

This unusual book, though still in print, is mostly ignored by "magicians" because they do not understand, or dare not try, magick of evocation. Its internal structure (references to Jesus throughout the book) indicates a later work than the Greater Key. In fact, some of the names of Spirits in this book seem to be similar to those of both the Lesser and Greater Keys and another work known as The Arbatel of Magick.

The seals or sigils in The Grimoire of Armadel are far more involved than most other works of this genre. Unless you buy the book and work to understand it, they are rather unusable. This book does not even bother to give outrageous methods to draw a magick circle. Rather it merely says to "see that the Circle be [correctly] formed according to the instructions we have [elsewhere] given."

The meanings of the seals, and the purposes for using them, are hidden in obstruse language. After reading this lesson you should be able to discern the meanings and see through the veils to the un initiated. If you do buy (or already have) this book, simply remember that the purpose of evocative magick is to allow yourself to see into the astral plane and communicate with entities who can answer questions and give instructions according to their nature.

Although The Grimoire ofArmadel does not have instructions on how to make the Magickal Circle, it does have the same kind of protection rituals and conjurations as given in other grimoires of this nature such as the Greater and Lesser Keys. Curiously, this book also has some heavily disguised information on sex magick toward the end. There will be more on sex magick in a later lesson.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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