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Feel it cover you and further purify you so that you become positive enough to exist without negative or positive influences around you. If you wish, you may relax in this state for a few minutes before continuing with the ritual.

Section Two: The Formulation of the Hexagrams

STEP TWELVE. As in the LBRP, go to the East, or if there is not enough room, continue facing east from where you stand. Make the Hexagram of Fire in front of you with the wand or index finger. You should visualize it as a golden flame, just as the pentagrams from the LBRP upon which the hexagrams are overlaid, are in blue flame.

STEP THIRTEEN. Inhale, drawing in energy, while bringing your hands next to your ears. As you exhale, take a step forward with the left foot and thrust both hands toward the center of the Fire Hexagram (the middle of the base line of the top triangle). At the same time vibrate the magickal word of power: ARARITA. Review the LBRP for exact instructions on inhaling and exhaling energy and the position of the Enterer. Both are duplicated in this ritual.

STEP FOURTEEN. With your wand or the right index finger, point to the center of the Fire Hexagram and move around the circle to the South. This matches what you did in the LBRP. If there is not enough room to "circumambulate," simply turn in place. Coming from the tip of the finger or wand you should see the formation of an intense, bright white line. This goes over the bright white line which connects the pentagrams of the LBRP. When you reach the South, form the Hexagram of Earth in bright golden flame. Inhale and exhale the energy as before, and make the sign of the Enterer toward the middle of the Earth Hexagram (the center of the interlacing triangles). As you do so, vibrate the word of power: ARARITA.

STEP FIFTEEN. In a similar manner, move or pivot to the West, carrying the brilliant white line. At this direction form the Hexagram of Air. Repeat the charging process, again pointing to the center of the hexagram (at the middle of the common base lines). Vibrate the word of power: ARARITA.

STEP SIXTEEN. Move or pivot to the North, carrying the white line. Here form the Hexagram of Water. The middle of the hexagram is #here the apexes of the triangles meet. This is where you point when you vibrate the power word: ARARITA.

STEP SEVENTEEN Carry the white line from the North back to the East, completing the circle of white light with the golden hexagrams at the quarters. If you have had room to move about rather than pivoting in place, return to your position in the middle of the circle, behind the altar (if you have one, otherwise the middle of the circle). Face east.

At this time you should have around you the blue pentagrams from the LBRP connected by a white line. In the same locations as the pentagrams there should also be golden hexagrams which are also connected by a circle of white light. All of the colors should be incredibly intense, bright and virtually pulsating with energy. They should be just short of blinding in intensity.

STEP EIGHTEEN. At this point there are two options:

a. You may repeat the Analysis of the Keyword. This is especially good when doing White Magick rituals, as you can bask in the glow of the Divine Light for as long as you desire at the end. The intensity of this light is increased by the act of formulating the hexagrams. For general purposes, this is the ending I prefer.

b. You may do the Kabalistic Cross as in the LBRP. This is slightly shorter and has the effect of creating a stronger link between the LBRP and the BRH. It is good for grey magick rituals. On a practical level, it will save some time if you are doing a long, involved ritual.

This completes the Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram.

This is as long and as time-consuming as your daily ritual work will get. You may wish to add things (such as meditation), and that is fine. But nothing else is going to be added to your regular work. Here, then, is your daily ritual work It should be done at least once daily.

1. The Relaxation Ritual.

2. The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.

3. The Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram.

4. The Middle Pillar Ritual.

5. The Circulation of the Body of Light.

6. The Tarot Contemplation Ritual, Advanced Version.

7. Completion of your Ritual Diary.

As with all of the basic ritual, the Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram should be memorized. Until you do so, you will find the summary on the next pages helpful.

Remember, there is only one way to succeed in Ritual Magick. That way is to practice, practice, practice. You will never succeed if you do not do the necessary work There is no secret key which allows you to bypass the work. Even if you have to fumble around with the summaries included in this book, that is okay! What is not okay is any excuse for lack of practice on a regular schedule.

9. Go to the East, make hex of FIRE in Golden Flame, point to center of top triangle's base line, vibrate: ARARITA!

10. Carry white line to South. Make hex of EARTH, point at center, vibrate: ARARITA!

11. Continue to West. Make hex of AIR. Point to common lines' center. Vibrate: ARARITA!

12. Continue to North. Make hex of

WATER. Point to junction of triangles. Vibrate: ARARITA!

13. Complete circle. Return to original position. Repeat steps 1-8 or do Kabalistic Cross as in the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.

If you wish to do the BRH in a ceremony with other people, there are a couple of nice ways to do it. It should always be done after the LBRP. One person can do the entire BRH, or it can be divided by having one person do the Analysis of the Keyword and another do the Formulation of the Hexagrams. If you have enough people, a glorious way to do it is by having three people do the Analysis and another four do the Hexagrams:

The Amlysis of the Keyword: Person 1 -1 Person 2 - N Person 3 - R Person 1 -1

Person 1 - Yud Person 2 - Nun Person 3 - Raish Person 1 - Yud

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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