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The I.O.B. technique is not new, but it is a new interpretation of traditional Golden Dawn magickal techniques and medieval psychological techniques. The Golden Dawn aspect includes a simple version of the formulation of "telesmatic images" and certain banishing techniques. The medieval psychological technique is commonly called exorcism.

Of course, ever since the movie The Exorcist, people have become familiar with the idea of exorcism. It is commonly thought of as a way to get rid of demons or devils (if they exist) which may be "possessing" a person. Obviously, possessing demons are fairly rare these days. Yet, in medieval literature they seemed to be fairly common. We must ask ourselves, "What happened to them?" The conclusion must be that either they have almost totally ceased to bother people, they never existed, or the modern interpretation of these "demons" is different. Well, there is no reason to believe that the demons said to possess people in the Middle Ages have changed, and with all the reports of exorcisms during that period, there is little reason to assume that all those reports were faulty. Therefore, we may assume that the "demons" are being handled in a different manner. If you look at the reports of the exorcisms you must be struck by the similarity between the descriptions of the "possessed" and people who today would be described as having certain physical or mental problems. So, even if we are to assume that some exorcisms did deal with demon possession, it seems that many dealt with a sort of early psychotherapy in the tradition of what is today known as "psychodrama."

These techniques are not associated only with medieval Christian philosophy. Similar techniques were used in some initiatic systems. But for our purposes here, the most important thing to know is that in many cases the exorcisms worked.

The Golden Dawn system of telesmatic images is based on a complex technique of visualizations according to a pre-established code of construction. It is too complex to discuss in its full form here. The idea, however, is to create an image of something which in itself is devoid of form. Thus, "justice" could be made to have a specific image. So could "freedom" become a particular angel or archangel. "Intolerance" could be visualized as a demon. Then, once this image was created, it could be given a "life" of its own (to a limited extent). Finally, it could be dealt with as if it were a living, breathing entity like you or me.

Notice that I said that something like "intolerance" could be given form. Likewise, any quality, good or bad, can be given form. It is this idea, along with the idea that exorcism was a way of getting rid of psychological problems, that is the basis of the I.O.B. technique.

A word of warning: It may be that going to a positive, growth-oriented psychotherapist who is not against occult studies may be better for you than attempting the I.O.B. technique. This is because the I.O.B. technique is the only thing in this entire course which could be considered dangerous. By this I do not mean that demons might attack you or you might get ill. What I mean is that through this technique you will learn more about your true nature than you may be able to accept. It is said that over the doors of the ancient mystery schools was seen the phrase, "Know Thyself." Really knowing your self can be the most awe-inspiring and frightening experience imaginable. So, if you opt to attempt this technique and find yourself scared, physically ill or feeling lost, stop immediately! The mind has certain blocks and safeguards which prevent us from learning the innermost truths about ourselves until we are ready. Go slow, be gentle, and be kind to yourself if you try this system. It is very powerful.

The "I" in I.O.B. stands for 'Identify." Your first and hardest task in this technique is to identify aspects of yourself which you no longer wish to possess. Are you hard-headed? Egotistical? Self-centered? Insecure? Indecisive? Whatever it is, your first task is to identify it. Now, at the beginning this is quite safe, although it might not be too easy to admit to those things which you consider to be your own faults. Later, it will become easier to admit your faults on a conscious level, but your unconscious may resist your conscious. This will be the time to go easy. Never force something if it will not come easily. Work on one thing at a time. This process may be time-consuming, but it is far shorter and cheaper than Freudian analysis. And it does work.

The second step is the easiest and most fun. The "O" in I.O.B. stands for "Objectify." The idea here is to build up an image which represents what you have identified. This can be any form although it should preferably be capable of life. Thus, a rock would not be as good for this technique as would an elf, or a dog, or the image of a demon.

Let's assume that you have determined that one of the things which you wish to rid yourself of is hardheadedness, the inability to change. In this step we want to objectify this hardheadedness, make it into a thing. We can make up any image, but for our purpose here let us give it a somewhat human appearance. Its face must have firmly chiseled features, and he (let's make it male) has an army helmet on. His eyes are steel grey. He is tall and strong, but the joints of his legs and hips do not work, so his strength is useless. He is wearing a steel-grey jumpsuit, and beneath it are seen hard muscles which never relax. In fact, in some places the muscles look like nuts and bolts. Although it is hidden, it is possible to sense that he feels great pain because he can never relax, must always be hard. There is a fear of not being right, etc. In this way., an image of hardheadedness is built up. All of the things I mentioned are objectifications of the archetype of hardheadedness. If this happens to be an aspect of yourself which you wish to work on, you can start with what I have given and continue. What color is his skin and hair? (Don't be limited by standard colors.) Is he holding anything? Doing anything?

Lastly, name this creation. You can use any name as long as it is not the name of someone you know or know of. Again, it does not have to be standard. I-gis (hard "g") is short and applicable. "Grelflexor" is an interesting and perfectly acceptable appellation.

Spend some time making this image as concrete as possible in your mind. You may wish to draw it if you have some artistic abilities. Also, it does not have to be in human form. It can be shaped like a bizarre animal. In fact, that might even be better.

Once you have "created" this image, the next step is to give it life. Visualize the figure and do the LBRP around both you and the figure. If you have made a painting or sculpture of the image, use that as a focus of the LBRP. Make the physical art creation and the mental image unite.

Next, do the Middle Pillar technique. When you sense the energy in the Middle Pillar, take a deep breath and with a full exhalation, send the life-giving (literally) energy down your arms and out your hands toward the figure which you have mentally created. If you have a physical representation of the image, send it toward that figure.

The "B" in I.O.B. stands for "Banish." This is the magickal equivalent of exorcism. However, the process of banishment, though based on the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, is a little tricky because we are banishing an unwanted part of ourselves.

STEP ONE. Purify the outside of yourself with a ritual bath as already described.

STEP TWO. Do the Relaxation Ritual.

STEP THREE. If you have a picture or sculpture of your objec-tification, look at it for a few minutes. Then put the physical image away and work it up in your imagination. If you have no physical image, simply mock it up in your imagination.

STEP FOUR As part of your visualization you should see a wispy cord or rope-like construction connecting you and the figure. It should be connected to both your bodies at the solar plexus. If it does not have a solar plexus, then it should be attached to the heart area or head.

(Remember your visualization needs to be only as good as you can make it. It does not have to be perfect. In fact, if you are not good at visualizing things, simply know (not think or believe, but know) that it is there and that if your psychic vision were better you would be able to see it.)

STEP FIVE. Now, take your dagger and cut the connecting cord close to your body. If you do not have a dagger, use two fingers of your right hand as if they were a pair of scissors.

STEP SIX. Without a second's pause after Step Five, make the sign of the enterer (left foot forward as arms are thrust forward, dagger or right forefinger along with the left forefinger pointing straight ahead) directly at the newly separated figure. At the same time, project a bright blue pentagram at the figure from your fingers and shout, "(Name of the Object) be gone!" This should cause the visualization to move a short distance away and stay there long enough for you to perform...

STEP SEVEN. The LBRP. When this is completed, the created figure should be outside of your protective circle. Make sure that there is no trace of the severed cord which did exist between you and the figure.

STEP EIGHT. Determine which tool would be the appropriate weapon to destroy the figure. Here are some examples:

For hardheadedness (unwillingness to change): The Chalice.

For fickleness: The Pentacle.

For sloth: The Wand.

For lack of clear thinking: The Dagger.

As you can see, the appropriate tool represents the opposite qualities of what you wish to rid yourself. Water is always changing, so the chalice is a good weapon against unwillingness to change. The solidity of Earth, as represented by the Pentacle, is a good weapon against constantly changing the mind. The energy represented by the Fire Wand is a good weapon against laziness, and since Air represents our higher faculties, Air's tool, the Dagger, is a good weapon against lack of clear thinking.

STEP NINE. Point the appropriate weapon at the figure (be sure to drink the contents of the Chalice if it is filled). The instructions for how to point the Pentacle are to simply hold it by the black sections and face the concave side in the direction you wish to point. Pointing the Wand and Dagger are obvious. Hold the Chalice by its stem or base with the section for holding fluid facing out, away from you. If you do not have the tools as yet, just use the outward facing palms of your hands. Say:

By the power and in the name of Sha-dai EI Chai (vibrate the God name) I command you (name of your created image) to dissolve, vanish, depart, disappear. You are banished forever and may not return. So mote it be!

This must be said with authority as if you were a mighty king or queen talking to your lowliest subject. Remember, though, that it is not you that will destroy what you don't want, but the power of the Divine going through you ("Mote" is an Old English word meaning "must.")

STEP TEN. Do the Middle Pillar Ritual very briefly. Then, as in the Circulation of the Body of Light, feel the energy come down from above, but this time direct it down your arms and out your hands, through the appropriate magickal tool (if you have it), through the center of the pentagram in front of you (it must not go anywhere else),

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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