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Thus we have one man with ten names. Further, the names represent the type of relationships people have with him. Imagine what he would think if his wife started to call him "Honey-poo!" Certainly he would take notice if his son, instead of calling him "Dad," said, "Father, there is something I want to talk to you about." In the same way, there are many names for God, but there is only one source of all. We can learn more about that divine Source by learning about those aspects of God which are available to us, that is, by tuning in to what is represented by the names of God.

YUD-HEH-VAHV-HEH is known as the holy, ultimate and unspeakable name of God. Its true pronunciation is unknown. In English we could say that it is formed of the letters Y-H-V-H. Jews never pronounce the word, instead saying Ah-doh-nye. By placing the Hebrew vowels of Ah-doh-nye (which means "my lord") around the four letters which are known as the Tetragrammaton, the word Yahovah or Jehovah is formed. Therefore, to use these "names" shows a total misunderstanding of this holy name. Yahveh or Yahweh is also a misnomer, an attempt to pronounce a word with no vowels. You see, YHVH may merely be an abbreviation for a longer word or a code for other letters. It is possible that some of the letters of this name are doubled. No one knows for sure. YUD-HEH-VAHV-HEH is the English transliteration for how the Hebrew letters, represented by the YHVH, are named. The Y or YUD is said to represent archetypal masculinity (the Taoist Yang or Jungian Animus), and the first H, called the HEH Superior, represents archetypal femininity (the Taoist Yin or the Jungian Anima). The V, called VAHV in Hebrew, looks like an extended YUD (there is a deep, magickal mystery here) and represents physical masculinity, while the last H, the HEH inferior, represents physical femininity. Thus, this ultimate name of God, the Tetragrammaton, the YHVH, says that God is the ultimate unity, a perfect blend of all dualities (as represented by the male-female symbolism) on all planes. Certainly this is not a bad notion of the essence of Divinity.

EH-HEH-YEH means "I am" or "I shall be." It is the name God revealed to Moses at the burning bush. In the story, God tells Moses to go to Egypt and free the Hebrews, to which Moses asks, "Who shall I say sent me?" God's response is "Eh-heh-yeh ah-share Eh-heh-yeh," meaning "I am that I am," or "I shall be that I shall be."

AH-GLAH is how the next God name is pronounced, but it is most commonly spelled AGLA. This is because it is an abbreviation for the words, .Ah-tah Gee-boor Lih-oh-lahm Ah-doh-nye. It means "Thou art great forever, my lord," and is from a Hebrew prayer. These four God names are associated with the directions and magickal elements of the four quarters.

Part Three: The Evocation of the Archangels

STEP ONE. Spread your arms straight out to the sides, so that your body forms a cross. If you have a dagger, the point should be up. Take tt second or two to once again feel the energies flowing through you and making you a brilliant cross of light at the center of the universe. The cross also represents the four archetypal elements: Air, Earth, Fire and Water (more on these later).

STEP TWO. Visualize a figure on a hill in front of you. The figure is dressed in yellow robes which have some purplish highlights. The figure carries a caduceus wand (the symbol used by doctors, a wand entwined by serpents, which represents the life force) and the figure's robes wave in the wind. You should "feel" a breeze coming from behind the figure. Say, Before me, Rah-fay-EX (vibrate the name of the Archangel).

STEP THREE Visualize a figure behind you, dressed in blue with some orange highlights. The figure holds a cup and is surrounded by waterfalls. Try to feel the moisture in the air. Say, Behind me, Gahb-ray-EX (vibrate the name).

STEP FOUR. To your right visualize a figure dressed in scarlet with green highlights. The figure holds a flaming sword and you should feel heat coming from this direction. Say, On my right hand, Mee-chai-EL (vibrate the name. The "Ch" is a guttural sound as in the German "ach" or the Scottish "loch"). c-U i. - «J

STEP FIVE. To your left visualize a figure dressed in greens and browns on a fertile landscape. The figure holds some sheaves of wheat. Say, And on my left hand Ohr-ree-EI (vibrate the name).

STEP SIX. Move your left foot out to your left and visualize another beautiful blue pentagram all around you, outlining your body. Say, For about me flames the pentagram...

STEP SEVEN. Visualize a golden hexagram, a six-pointed star sometimes called a Jewish star, within you, right where your heart is. Say,... And within me shines the six-rayed star.

Part Four: Repeat Part One, the Kabalistic Cross.

Again, other people have slightly different versions for the Evocation of the Archangels section. In one you would say, "Around me flames the pentagram, above me shines the six-rayed star." Another says, "Before me is the pentagram and behind me is the six-rayed star." They are minor differences, but you might like to try them and see how they affect you.

After doing the LBRP, sit in the chair and do the Tarot Contemplation Ritual. Thus, the order for your practical daily work should be as follows:

The Relaxation Ritual.

The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.

The Tarot Contemplation Ritual. On the next page you will find a summary which gives a schematic of the LBRP without any of the explanations. Use it as you learn the ritual, but this ritual should be memorized!

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