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and exciting experiences which the mystic or yogi will never know. The Yogi merely sits until ready to make the jump. The magician takes a circuitous route. Each can achieve the goal of unity with Divinity, White Magick, in the same amount of time. It is their own determination and abilities which speed or delay the coming of unity, of Nirvana, of the ultimate mystical ecstasy of 'The Knowledge and Conversation of Your Holy Guardian Angel."

I like to use an understanding of the Three Triangles as a basis for psychology. By understanding which Sephira a person is "at" I can recommend what the person needs to do for improvement If, for example, a person always finds himself or herself being taken advantage of, I believe that person to be "in" the Sephira Hesed, number 4, Mercy. That person needs to develop more inner strength, strength enough to say "No!" to someone who is trying to take advantage. Then, instead of being the person everyone thinks of as being the one to take advantage of, people will be able to learn for the first time what he or she thinks about, cares about and wants to do. They will see this person for the beautiful entity that person is.

The Four Worlds. Another method of looking at the Tree is called the method of the Four Worlds. Look at the diagram on page 92 showing one of the systems of understanding the Four Worlds. Dividing lines have been drawn between the triangles as previously described. Thus, each triangle and the single tenth Sephira represents a "World."

The topmost triangle, composed of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sephiroht is known as Ha-oh-lam Atziloot, which means the World of Archetypes or Emanations. It is the Divine world wherein exist the thoughts of God. It is in this World that the aspects of the powers of God, as represented by the Names of God, are said to exist

The middle triangle, composed of the 4th, 5th and 6th Sephiroht, is known as Ha-oh-lahm B'ri-yah, which means the World of Creation. It is not yet real in a physical sense; it is far more of the conscious mind. It is in this world that the archangels are said to exist.

The bottommost triangle is formed of the 7th, 8th and 9th Sephiroht and is known as Ha-oh-lahm Yetzirah or the World of Formation. It is considered by some to be equal to the Astral Plane, which is the basis for everything that exists in the physical universe. It is in this world that the various "orders" of angels are said to exist.

The 10th Sephira in this system is known as Ha-oh-lahm Ahssiah, the World of Action. It is the world wherein the four elements, and hence the physical universe, exist and wherein physical action can occur.

But what good does this Four Worlds system do? Let us assume that God wishes to create a universe. The first thing God would need to do is perceive the need for something. Here God is operating in the world of Atziloot. Next, God would see that a universe composed of Air, Earth, Fire and Water and living things was necessary. Here God would be operating in the world of B'ri-yah. Next God would begin doing whatever was necessary to create the universe. Here God would be operating in the world of Yetzirah. Finally, God would put life and action into the formed parts of the universe, and would be operating in the world of Ahssiah.

But how does this apply to us? Let us say that you need something to hold your papers when doing a ritual. You see a need, and therefore are in the world of Atziloot. Next, you begin to visualize it. It is made of wood, higher in the back than in the front so that the papers are at a nice angle, and there is a ledge at the bottom of the front so that the papers do not slide off. Here you are in the world of B'ri-yah. Now you go out and buy the wood, cut it to size, assemble the stand and finish it with an attractive and appropriate paint job. Here you are in the world of Formation, Ha-oh-lahm Yetzirah. Finally, you put it to use, and you are then operating in the world of Ahssiah. If you have ever desired anything but have not been able to bring it into your own world, then it is most likely that you have overlooked the importance of one of the Four Worlds. We will learn more about the process of bringing things into our lives (Grey Magick) in later lessons.

As stated earlier, the Kabalah has changed over time and has not been a static, unchanging system. There are other versions of the Four Worlds. One system holds that the divisions of the Four Worlds should show only the topmost Sephira, Keter, as being in the first World. The next two Sephiroht are in the second World. Sephiroht four through nine make up the third World of Yetzirah, and the fourth World is made up only of the final Sephira, Mahl-koot

Another system holds that there is a full Tree of Life within each Sephira on the Tree of life! Thus, there would be 100 Sephiroht to deal with. You could have Keter in Keter, Hochma in Keter and up to ten different Sephiroht in each Sephira. With this system the worlds get quite complicated.

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Alternate Version of the Four Worlds

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