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There is an old legend that when Moses first ascended the mountain, God gave to him the secrets of the Kabalah. This told humanity what it could do. Moses, upon seeing the worship of another deity when he descended, destroyed public knowledge of these secrets, saving them only for the High Priests of Israel. When Moses again returned to the top of the mountain, he came back with the Decalogue, the Ten Commandments. These were filled with "thou shalt nots," telling people what they must not do. The people were truly "Children" of Israel. They were not yet able to accept the freedom which is inherent in the Kabalah.

Today, most people are still not able to be free. They are infected with following various "isms," sometimes to their death. People follow the doctrinal line of religious groups, political groups and peer groups, or blindly follow one or more political, religious, military or economic leaders. The common person is unable to think for himself or herself. This is a symptom of the current Piscean Age mentality, and I fear will be with us for many years to come.

But there is hope. There are some people who are beginning to think, who are beginning to wake as if from a long sleep. These are the people who are the advance guard of the coming Aquarian Age. These are the people who are not members of various dogma-filled organizations. For the most part they work by themselves or in very small groups of like-minded persons. They are the wave of the future and the hope of tomorrow.

Is this an elitist attitude? Absolutely yes... and absolutely no. For while there is an Aquarian Age elite, it is not limited to those with money or political power as were previous elites. No, it is an open elite which anyone can join at any time, and make eddies, ripples and waves in the ocean of our coming world.

If you have been studying and practicing the lessons of this course, you are well on the way to becoming a full-fledged member of the Aquarian Age, if you are not one already. But you should not, you must not, look down on others who have not advanced as far as you have. They may one day jump into the future at a rate accelerated even above your own.

It is said that the true deep secrets of magick cannot be told. It is said that the true secrets of magick are hidden and shown only to initiates of secret occult bodies such as the true Rosicrucians or Illuminati, and then only after the student has spent years of study and practice and has passed serious and even life-threatening tests.

All of this is true. From this point on lean show you no more. lean teach \ you no more magickal secrets. 1

Yet, there are still many pages more in this book. Why should this 1 be? To answer this question I have to teach you what I consider to be j the ultimate secret of true magick. j

There are three things needed to work any magick:

1. The ability to raise, control and direct magickal energy.

2. The knowledge of what to do with this energy (ability does not equal knowledge).

3. A positive attitude of self-assurance.

In the past lessons I have described these things and given you exercises and rituals to help you develop all three of the above talents. , It is interesting to note that no books on magick ever clearly state all of the above three points. The famous magickal texts or grimoires of the ; past only discuss the second point. This is because they were meant to j be used as workbooks by experienced mages or magicians-in-training t who already know these things from personal lessons and experience.

If you have been practicing the rituals given in this course you have been following an easy, tested system. This system has taught \ you to have a good attitude which is part of the result of working with the Tarot cards and doing the Middle Pillar Ritual. It has also taught 1 you many ways to raise and control the psychic energy needed to per- J

form magick. And, if you have been studying and practicing the techniques and rituals of these lessons, you will also be prepared to take the next step in your magickal advancement.

The ultimate magickal wisdom cannot be communicated to you by any person or group. Any person or group which claims this ability is lying to you. Each person must seek it individually. The so-called 'lost word" or secret name of God can never be communicated to you by another person. You must learn it by yourself. One way to do this is by following various systems or schools of magick. You are encouraged to find one that particularly fits your needs. However, if you have been doing the rituals of this course, you should be prepared to discover that information, and take the next step in learning the true, innermost secret of magick.

If you have been regularly practicing the techniques, exercises and rituals, you, at the very least, should have or be beginning to achieve good control of magickal energy. The LBRP, BRH, Middle Pillar Ritual and the Circulation of the Body of Light are all techniques which train a person in the ability to raise and control magickal energy. If you have made a talisman which has achieved its goal, you have proved to yourself the successfulness of your ability to raise and control Willed magickal energy.

The important part of this is your ability to use your conscious and unconscious Will to control magickal energy and put it to the uses you desire. Perhaps you have seen books with other exercises on how to raise and control magickal energy. Some are very good. But it is my feeling that repetition of a few basic exercises with millenia of development will work much better than spreading out your personal energies by memorizing large numbers of practices with fewer repetitions of each exercise.

A positive attitude, as mentioned, should be being developed as a direct result of the Tarot card contemplation practice. Its development will also be aided by the study of the harmony of the universe as indicated by the balance of nature and shown on the Tree of Life. The more successes you have in Grey Magick, the more confident you will become in your own magickal abilities and the more positive your attitude will become.

There are many books with spells, rituals, ceremonies, philosophy, theory and information which could help add to your knowledge of where to direct the raised and controlled energy. In fact, I could teach you much more. But I feel no need to do so as it is intermediate infor mation. Instead I will teach you how to obtain higher information, the knowledge of true magickal secrets, for yourself.

This knowledge is not available on the physical plane of Earth! It can only be learned from entities on higher planes.

Sometimes these "entities" are called aspects of the higher self, the Yeh-chee-dah. Some people call these entities manifestations of God. The process of how to reach and communicate with these "entities" will be discussed later in this lesson. I wish to stress that there is nothing to fear from the beautiful, natural techniques that you will soon be learning. The best is yet to come.

If you look over the hundreds of pages of this book which you have followed so far, you will know that we have covered a tremendous amount of material. Perhaps most importantly I have tried to show you how to be a magician; how to think, act and feel like a true wyzard or wyzardess. With this knowledge you should be able to construct your own rituals and ceremonies rather than being locked into the printed words of dead hands.

One of the most important topics I have covered in these lessons are the applications and methods of White and Grey Magick, and how to avoid falling into the pit of Black Magick. Remember, too, that I have always maintained that not all authorities agree with my three divisions of magick. I gave them only so that we could communicate better. For in spite of what any authorities say, there is no such thing as White, Black, or Grey Magick! To explain why this is so requires some more information.

Part of the process of becoming a magician is learning to discern "reality" from "actuality." Occultists have always maintained that everything is made up of vibrational energy. Modern scientific thought has finally come to the same conclusion, calling it "wave theory."

Yet, a wall is still a wall. A desk is still a desk. Both are really, truly solid. They support the weight of objects. I cannot place my hand through them without damage to the wall, the desk and/or my hand. That is their reality. Still, both science and occultism insist that the wall and desk (and my hand) are only vibrational energy. That is their actuality. What is actual may not appear real. What is real may or may not be actual.

Likewise, some things may appear to be true, and may in reality be true. But their actuality may be false. It is really true that the Sun rises every morning even if the clouds prevent me from seeing it. That is the reality. But the actuality is that the Earth spins, giving the appearance that the Sun rises. In actuality, the Sun never rises.

Most of us will agree that killing is bad and evil. But people who believe this is so go to war and kill every day. Are they evil? From a magickal point of view I would have to say "no."

For a true magician there is no good or evil. There is no morality. Yet, a true magician is usually far more "moral" than his or her non-magician friends and neighbors, especially those professing to be highly moral. How can this be so?

It is because a true magician understands the law and workings of Karma. A magician realizes that he/she is totally free to choose to do whatever is desired. However, the true magician will invariably choose the path of Light, what is called by non-magicians the "morally correct choice." The true magician chooses the path of Light not for moral purposes. Rather, this path is chosen because the magician realizes that whatever is done will come back to him or her. Such is the universal law of Karma.

Thus, for the true magician there is no such thing as White, Grey or Black Magick. There is only... magick. Period. It so happens that because of the understanding of the law of Karma, a true magician will assiduously avoid what non-magicians or beginning magicians would call Black Magick.

People who are not aware of the law of Karma behave "morally" because they are given a code of morals or a set of laws to follow. Because they cannot see an immediate effect from breaking that code there is always the possibility that they will do so. Thus, people who claim to be "moral" are far more likely to break their own moral code than is a magician who does not believe in a set of laws to govern morality.

Are there black magicians? Most definitely yes. But they should never be considered true magicians because they do not understand the functioning of a fundamental rule of magick, the law of Karma. If they did, they would not do "Black Magick."

There is still another aspect to what some people might call Black Magick. If you were dying of a painful, incurable disease, might there not be the possibility that you would commit suicide? Some of you reading this will say, "Yes, it is a possibility." Others will think, "No. No way." But there are some "moralists" who would consider it wrong to commit suicide under any conditions. I am not trying to encourage suicide. I am merely saying that it is impossible to consider an action "good" or "bad," Black Magick or otherwise, unless we know the Karmic result of the action.

Most of us would agree that it would be bad for us to cut off the arm of a good friend. But suppose the arm was gangrenous and the friend would die if the arm was not removed. It would be Karmically bad for us not to help by removing the arm. Of course, it might be the Karmically correct time for the friend to go through the transition known as death. Then it would be Karmically bad for us to save the friend's life! As you can see, there are many complexities in determining the Karmic "correctness" of an action. This is why doing a divination is so important before performing a magickal act which will affect you or your environment.

In the Biblical story, Jonah was told by God to go and preach. He chose not to do so and the Karma of that action put him in the belly of a "great fish." The Karmically correct decision would have been to preach. Had a thousand people barred his way, it still would have been Karmically bad for him not to preach, even if he had to fight his way through those people.

If you communicate with a higher, spiritual entity and decide to follow or not follow the advice of that entity, you will be responsible for the Karmic result of your action. If you decide to do something which agrees with instructions from higher entities, and someone tells you "No," it is Karmically correct for you to disagree with that person and even push him or her out of the way if need be. But remember, you will be Karmically responsible for whatever happens. Especially because you are a magician, you must accept responsibility for all of your actions. What you are now is a direct result of what you do today. As you sow, so shall you reap.

Discovering things from higher, spiritual entities on other planes of existence and deciding to do them is called "finding your True Will." And, as St. Augustine, Rabelais and Aleister Crowley said, "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law."

This is not a license for hedonism and what some people may call immorality. In fact, just the contrary is true. In reality it is a call to become responsible for your own actions, to become united with Divinity and to do God's Will. Your actions will require that you ever tread the path of Light. And the guide on that path is love. For as Crowley added, "Love is the law, love under will."

Every once in a while, the sensationalistic press will tell the story of a man or woman who did something terrible such as beating a spouse or child to death because their victim "was possessed by the devil." Some add that "God told me to do this." The training in this book does not increase the possibility that you may become demented enough to do such a thing. In fact, it helps prevent it! We are not dealing with mediumship or possession. We will be dealing with communication.

Furthermore, there is always a simple way to decide if something is correct for you. You should have noticed that over the past few months, as you have been practicing the rituals and techniques of this course, your intuition has improved. This is a natural result of the rituals and exercises which you have been doing. So if something doesn't seem right or feel right to you, don't do it! It's that simple.

If you have a feeling that someone you know may be "possessed by the devil" and you have a desire to make that devil leave by doing bodily harm to the person "possessed," it is you who needs help.

The systems which I will share with you are quite safe. Since some people are concerned about direct communication with higher, spiritual entities, as opposed to the somewhat indirect communications of magickal evocation, let me repeat here: nothing in this or any other lesson will be dangerous or could cause danger to you or others if you follow instructions. Nothing taught in these lessons could lead you to what general morality might consider evil.

I have written on other pages about the "little nasties" and how they can be bothersome. I discussed earlier in this lesson that when you come into contact with higher spiritual entities, you should listen to what they have to say. As you may have guessed, I did not mean that you should obey the little nasties! Little nasties, being denizens of what some people call the Lower Astral Plane are not Higher Spiritual Entities. What I mean by Higher Spiritual Entities are three things: direct manifestations of the Divine (the gods), the Archangels and the Orders of Angels. Furthermore, you may need to make tests to see if these entities are the spiritual beings they claim to be. How to do this will be explained later.

existing snot the true astral double and is something like "halfway between astral and physical." It sometimes can take on the appearance of a person on a higher plane, but is always attached to a living being.

Astral Body: This is a manifestation of the spiritual aspect of a living entity. Again, it is always attached to an incarnate being. When detached, it quickly moves to higher planes of existence in order to reincarnate. In this disattached condition they are too busy to occupy your time. When attached to some individual ego, they can be seen as | such. Higher Spiritual Entities are not linked to a particular ego.

Azoth: This is also known by the Sanskrit term "Akasha" (correct pronunciation: ah-kash) or the Astral Light. It appears as brightness and is changeable according to a person's will. The past, present and future can be seen within the Azoth, but it does not have an independ- j ent personality. Since futures are only possible futures, getting lost in | the Astral Light can lead to your ignoring the present. This can lead | you to the home for "Space Cadets." Remember to keep your feet firm- j ly planted in the present

Artificial Elementáis: These are entities created by human forces I and are composed of only one element. They are focused toward one j purpose, so if you leave them alone they will ignore you. Depending upon the strength of the will of their creator, they will appear more or less gaunt when seen on the Astral plane.

The Empty Ones: If you live in a large city, these entities can be seen in physical form in the "skid row" section of town. They look human, but they have no soul and no hope for the future. They can sometimes show great humor and daring, but quickly fade into the depths of despair. Their eyes show either madness or emptiness. These poor creatures also exist on higher planes. Their touch brings despair and fear.

Elementarles: These are the Gnomes of Earth, Undines of Water, Sylphs of Air and Salamanders of Fire. They are usually improperly called "elementáis." Although composed of only one element, they have their own will and usually do not bother humans. In fact, they prefer it if humans ignore them.

Larvae: These are also known as lemures. It is believed that they live off the essence of blood. They "feed," so to speak, on sick or injured people. They can be dispersed easily by a projection of pure spiritual white Light.

Ghosts: When the Astral Body separates from the ego, it normally 1 moves to a position where it can reincarnate. Sometimes a strong j desire for the physical world keeps an Astral body in the lowest of the spiritual planes. In this condition they are known as Ghosts. They tend to be quite sorrowful as they refuse to evolve. Encouraging their evolution may or may not be successful, but it will give you karmic "brownie points."

Pseudo-Ghosts: These are not related to true ghosts. They're closer to the little nasties. They "feed" off any energy given to them and will imitate the actions of ghosts in order to get people to pay attention and give them energy. By reading the Astral Light they can know your past and probable future, and thus may appear at seances under the guise of a deceased loved one. They are more bothersome on the physical plane than on any higher plane.

These and other entities exist on the higher planes. Those of a single mind will not harm you unless you try to stop them from their goal. Those connected to entities on the physical plane are usually too involved with the physical plane to bother you. There is one type of entity which exists on higher planes which can be problematical: your own thought forms.

Here, "form" is the key word. On higher planes thoughts do take on various forms representing their nature, and, unfortunately, you do not have to consciously create them.

Thus, on higher planes you may come into contact with ugly, foul monsters of hideous appearance who attempt to stop you from achieving your goals. They are only your own fears, angers, prejudices, etc. They will not harm you themselves, for to harm you would cause their own destruction. But because most people are too frightened to examine or even look at the darker side of themselves, most people will run in terror at the sight of their own negative thought forms. This can keep you from accomplishing your goal of direct communication with Higher Spiritual Entities.

Visualizing a pentagram of bright blue light specked with brilliant gold flecks and "shooting" it out at them will keep them away. The only way to really get rid of them is to face them and your fear, and overcome the negative aspect of yourself which created them. Few magicians are ever really psychically attacked. Through banishings, the attack may be temporarily stopped, but it will not end until the magician has dealt with and conquered the inner source of the negative thought form.

Please understand that I am not encouraging you to stay and face the monsters of your own inner self, monsters which we all have. In this type of battle it is a wise person who runs away and "lives to fight another day." At some time, sooner or later, you will have to face and conquer your own demons, and you will be happier for it.

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