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Earth as a result of the exercises given earlier in this lesson. You will become familiar with the other elements later in this course.

It would be a good idea for you to make up a separate Tree of Life for each of the columns of correspondences. This can give you a visual image which cannot be duplicated by cerebral, left-brain, mental processes. For the colors, color in each Sephira with the appropriate color. The 10th Sephira has an "X" drawn through it and should be colored in like this:

dtrine dtrine


Violet and green make olive; orange and green make citron; orange and violet make the peculiar shade of brown used here, technically known as russet.

The next column associates various scents, odors and incenses with the Sephiroht. Note that the association for the 5th Sephira, Giburah, is listed as tobacco. Today there are so many adulterants allowed to be added to tobacco that its purity, and therefore its value, is questionable. It was originally chosen, according to Aleister Crowley, because tobacco is said to be the favorite "scent" of men who work hard, and Giburah does mean "strength." For a long time I questioned the value of tobacco as a magickal incense as I would usually just open up a cigarette and drop the generally awful-smelling stuff on a block of hot charcoal. Then one day I went into a shop which sells wide varieties of tobacco for pipe smokers. Here I found several relatively untainted tobaccos which have worked excellently for me. Try finding some you like, some which give you a feeling of strength and power, the essence of Giburah. You will NEVER become a magician if all you can do is blindly follow obsolete patterns. Tradition can only be a guide.

In fact, it would be appropriate to use any scent which gives you that feeling of strength and power, whether or not it contains tobacco. In a similar manner you can "correct" any of the.listings on the chart of Kabalistic Correspondences so that it is correct for you.

It should be apparent to you at this point that I tend to be eclectic in my beliefs and I welcome change and newness. However, some of the correspondences date back thousands of years. They have lasted this long for only one reason: the thousands of people who have used them have discovered that they are accurate and that they work. Thus, although I do hope that you will closely examine and work with all of the correspondences, you had better have a good and valid reason for ' changing what has worked for so long.

The next column relates the Sephiroht to the chakras. Because many people are familiar with the chakras, I have included them here as another way of becoming familiar with the Sephiroht Unfortunately, deep study of the chakras is not really part of the curricula of this course. If the chakras interest you and you would like to do more study on them, consult the bibliography for books which go into detail on the subject.

The next column gives the God name associated with each Sephira. Remember, although there are many God names, these refer to aspects of a monotheistic deity, not to a polytheistic pantheon. In other words, they represent the faces or potencies of a singular Deity. Note here, as shown in the parenthetical note on the page of Kabalistic Correspondences, that when you see the letters "YHVH" as a God name they should be pronounced "Yud-Heh-Vahv-Heh." Otherwise, the column is self-explanatory.

We have already shown how the Sephiroht can be related to the physical body. That is, a person is seen as backing into the Tree of Life. The next column gives the traditional associations. This is followed by a column listing the planets. Note that the first Sephira is associated with "1st Swirlings." This may refer to the original big bang which formed our physical universe, or it may refer to the galactic gas clouds which, due to gravity, condensed and began to spin. They eventually formed the galaxies and individual star systems. Or it may refer to something altogether different It will not be a vital part of our magickal system, so it is not an essential bit of knowledge. The second Sephira is related to the entire zodiacal belt, not to a planet as such. The tenth Sephira, which is related to the planet Earth, is also the sphere of the four archetypal elements.

The next column gives the metals associated with the Sephiroht. Notice here that the first, second and tenth Sephiroht have no metallic associations. This is followed by a column associating the Sephiroht with stones. The abbreviations used are as follows: Turq.=Turquoise; Star Saph. = Star Sapphire; Ameth.=Amethyst

The Kabalistic view of the higher planes shows a very ordered universe. Each entity or power essence has others in its command to do its bidding. A simple diagram of this would be as follows:

The Unknowable Divinity

Aspects of God (The God Names)

The Archangels

The Angels (The Orders of Angels)

The aspects of Divinity are represented by the God names. The angels are frequently dealt with in groups known as "orders." The angels do the bidding of the archangels; the archangels obey God; God assigns the archangels tasks appropriate to their nature. The relationship an archangel has with Divinity is via the aspect of the Ultimate Source which is represented by the God names. The whole, rather militaristic structure is controlled by the unknowable divinity, the Ain. The first column on page 103 gives the Hebrew names of the archangels, and is followed by the translations of the Hebrew names.

The next column relates to the personality or "soul," and has already been discussed. It is presented here in brief, and much more detail will be added at a later time. This is followed by the transliteration of the Hebrew. This is followed by a listing of the Angelic Orders, and then by the translations of those Hebrew terms. It is interesting to note that several of the names of the Orders of Angels are terms used by Ezekiel in his revelation. If you understand traditional Hebrew mysticism, the mystical book of Ezekiel becomes easier to understand. If you did not, you can come up with absurd theories as one NASA scientist did, claiming that Ezekiel saw an alien space vehicle. He claimed that the descriptions Ezekiel used were merely a way of reporting the action of the space ship! Coming back to Earth, most scholars believe that this angelic train-of-command was copied from various Semitic peoples who had long lists of Djinns and the like.

Next come the magickally important Hebrew letters Yud-Heh-Vahv-Heh, YHVH for short, the Tetragrammaton. I have already discussed it, but let's add some more information. The Yud looks like this: \ The upper tip of the Yud is associated with the first Sephira. The rest of the Yud, along with the Heh (which looks like this: PI), is associated with the second through fourth Sephiroht. The Vahv is an elongated Yud and looks like this: 1. It is related to the fourth through ninth Sephiroht. Notice the overlap between the Vahv and Heh. The second or last Heh is related to the tenth Sephira. The first Heh is known as the Heh Superior (Sup.) and the second Heh is known as the Heh Inferior (Inf.).

Hebrew is read from right to left, and the Tetragrammaton looks like this:

Vertically, it looks like this:

The creatures in the next column are both real and unreal, while the tools of the next column are magickal tools. The Lamen is a medallion hung around the neck to represent a certain power or quality. The Names are the various God, Archangelic and Angelic Names, along with other words of power. The traditional magician of the Middle Ages wore two robes; an outer robe, representing the silence necessary to being a magician, which concealed a hidden, inner robe of truth. Today, most magicians wear only one robe, the two robes being more symbolic than actual.

Finally, the last column is self-explanatory with the sole added note that the plant associated with the first Sephira is an almond "alflower." That is, it should be blooming.

This list of Kabalistic Correspondences is by no means complete. But it is a good start. I suggest that you make up a series of Trees of life, each one filled out with one of tile columns. You may wish also to make up a very large Tree of Life putting many of the correspondences associated with a Sephira in the drawing of that Sephira. I urge a deep study of the correspondences now. Their importance will become clearer to you as we move into the study of Grey Magick. For a far more complete version of these correspondences, get 777 by Aleister Crowley. It is the encyclopedia for the practicing magician.

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