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For those of you who may be totally unfamiliar with astrology, let's examine briefly the meanings of these astrological signs on a very simple basis.

Virgo is the pure and virginal sign of nature.

Scorpio is the sign of energy, death and transfiguration.

Sol (The Sim) is the source of light and life to everything on the Earth. It is central to our lives because it is central to our Solar System.

There have been many "savior gods" in the history of our planet. For the Norse it was Baldur. For the Egyptians it was Osiris. For the ancient Celts of the British Isles it was Lugh. To the Hindus it was (and is) Krishna. Just as in the Christian story of the "only" son of God, all of these "savior gods" died and came back to life for the good of humanity. All of these resurrection gods are associated with the Sun. They "die" in winter and are reborn with the warmth and plant and animal life which appears in the spring. Unfortunately, the topic of savior-resurrection gods is far too extensive to cover in depth in this book. If this topic interests you, see the books in the bibliography.

If we were to use the Egyptian pantheon of Gods, Virgo is represented by the goddess Isis, who is nature, the mother of all things. Scorpio is represented by Apophis (also known as Set or Typhon) who was death, the destroyer. Sol is represented by Osiris, who, slain and risen, was the Egyptian resurrection and vegetative deity.

Since the "I" in the "INRI" formula is repeated and represents two of the magickal elements, the three members of the Egyptian pantheon, Isis, Apophis and Osiris, can represent the four archetypal elements of which everything on Earth is composed. They can also represent famous thoughts of alchemy, and if you desire, they can represent some of the basic, albeit "borrowed," ideas of Christianity.

It is interesting to note that the Notarikon, the abbreviation made of the first letters of Isis, Apophis and Osiris, "LAO" (pronounced eeeee-aaaaahh-oooohhh) forms the name of the supreme God of the Gnostics, an early sect of Christianity.

Resurrection or redeemer gods are always associated with Sol, the Sim. The Sim is the primary giver of light to our planet. It follows, therefore, that light is always associated with the idea of a redeemer god. This is why beneficial or "white" occult groups always try to bring light (spiritual light) to mankind.

In Latin, the word for light is spelled LVX and pronounced "lux" with the "u" sounding like that in "tube." In rituals we represent certain archetypal ideas to our psyches via poses and actions. It is easily possible to represent the idea of spiritual LVX or "light" by spelling it out with various gestures. For example:

L—Left arm straight out to the side, horizontally, with the palm forward. Right arm straight up, palm to the left.

V—Both arms straight up over the head forming the letter "V." The palms should be facing each other. The angle between the arms should be about sixty degrees.

X—The arms crossed on the chest, right over left.

These gestures are the basis for what are known as the LVX gestures. By knowing the ideas represented by our mystical notion of light, we can use the gestures to aspire to the illumination (LVX) implied by these "gestures of the art."

Here is another interesting thing in regard to the idea of LVX. In Roman numerals, L=50, V=5 and X= 10, for a total of 65. In Hebrew the letters Aleph=l, Dalet=4, Nun=50 and Yud=10 also total 65. These Hebrew letters spell out the word Ah-doh-nye (my Lord), one of the names of God. As you will remember, it is used in the LBRP. If spiritual light (LVX)=65 and Divinity (in the Ah-doh-nye aspect)=65, then according to Gematria we must assume that there is some relationship between the two. There is such a relationship: they are one and the same! The ultimate Divinity is that infinite spiritual light known in Hebrew as Ain Soph Or(meaning Limitless Light), the third veil of "negative existence" before God begins manifesting at Keter.

Before moving on to the next part of this lesson, there are still a few theoretical things to cover. First is the meaning of the magickal word ARARITA (Ah-rah-ree-tah). It is a Notarikon, an abbreviation or acronym for the phrase in Hebrew, pronounced:

Eh-chahd Rash, Eh-chu-doh-toh Rash Ye-chu-doh-toh, Teh-mur-ah-toh Eh-chahd.

The "ch" in this phrase is always pronounced like that in the Scottish word "loch."

The above phrase, represented by the Notarikon ARARITA, means "One is God's beginning, one principle is God's individuality, God's permutation is one." This clearly states the Kabalistic attitude that no matter the name by which you call Divinity, there is only one ultimate Divinity, one divine source which can be summoned. Everything is of Divinity, or as is said in a ritual, "there is no part of me which is not of the gods."

There is a short series of hexagrams which you must learn. Actually, I think of them more as being "paired triangles" than hexagrams. Israel Regardie, in his book Ceremonial Magic, suggests using Crowley's unicursal hexagram instead of the traditional four paired triangles. I have learned it both ways and I quite frankly prefer the traditional style. That is what will be given here.

Practice drawing them somewhat large in the air in front of you. They should be similar in size to the pentagrams of the LBRP. Take

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Fundamentals of Magick

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