What you canvdo is carve out (or buy) a shallow wooden bowl. The interior must B^ «is perfectly concave as possible, although the back may be flat so that it can be balanced on a table or altar. A small ring of wood, or metal, placed on a table will allow you to balance a bowl with a round bottom on that table. Metal can be used for your pentacle, but it is slightly harder to paint a metallic surface than a wooden one.

Lightly sand the surface and put on a white undercoat or primer. With a fine line brush draw an "X" from edge to edge on both sides of your pentacle. This should divide both surfaces into four large triangles. Paint these citrine, olive, black and brown as listed earlier in this lesson. Paint both sides. The black section on both sides should be directly opposite or back-to-back of each other. In this way when you hold the pentacle from the bottom you will be holding black on both sides of the pentacle. If the undercoat shows through, use a second coat.

Using a compass, draw a circle 3/s of an inch from the outer edge of the pentacle. Paint the ring white from the line to the edge. Either free-hand or with the aid of a compass, draw out a pentagram so that the points of the arms of the pentagram just touch the white ring

Pentacle Solomon Ring

A "■Golden Dawn"Style Earth Pentacle Made by Chic Cicero which you have drawn on the front and back of the pentacle. The lines of the pentagram should be about 3/a of an inch in width. If any of the background colors show through these white lines, keep adding coats of white paint until the white is opaque.

Next, fill in the circle with the Hebrew letters of the God Name. Angelic Name, etc., and the appropriate sigils as given on the next page. These should be painted in dark black. Extra coats for the lettering may be necessary. The lettering should be black, not grey. Finally, cover the entire pentacle with a protective clear coat of lacquer. I suggest the use of Varathane liquid plastic gloss.

If you want more information on how to work with the paints and colors, I suggest the book The Secret Temple by Robert Wang. In it he gives the methods for building the Golden Dawn tools. If you get the book you will see that the Golden Dawn used not a pentacle with a pentagram on it, but a "hexacle" with a hexagram on it (see photograph). Why they called it a pentacle ("pent" is a prefix meaning "5") is beyond me. Of course, if you feel it necessary to make a Golden Dawn styled pentacle there is no reason why you should not.

A "pentagram is a five-pointed star; a "pentacle" is an object with a pentagram on it.

Finally, if you notice, there is a space listed on the page for a "motto." This is the Golden Dawn equivalent of a magickal name. Just as putting on your magickal robes tells your subconscious that something special is happening, so too does referring to yourself by your magickal name or motto add to this intuitive understanding. Many people take the magickal names of someone they admire for their magickal ability, real or imagined, such as Merlyn or other historical or mythical characters. But, rather than a name, it can also be something that you stand for or believe. The Golden Dawn mottoes were usually in Latin, but any language will do. Here is a list of samples:

Anima Pura Sit. Let the soul be pure.

Demon Est Deus Inversus. The Devil is the Converse of God.

Deo Duce Comite Ferro. With God as my leader and the sword as my companion.

Finem Respice. Have regard to the end.

Perdurabo. I will last through.

Sacrementum Regis. The sacrament of a King.

Sapere Aude. Dare to be wise.

Iehi Aour. Let there be light.

Circle Line Circle Ancient Hebrew Symbol

Symbols and Hebrew for the Pentacle Place the sigils next to the Hebrew in the circle and lines of the Pentagram

These people would usually refer to each other by the initials of their magickal mottoes. Thus, you would have Frater or Soror (brother or sister) D.D.C.F., D.E.D.I., S.A., etc.

English, Latin, Hebrew or any other language would be fine to use for your magickal name or motto. You should spend some time considering what name you will use. True, you can always change, but you will find that its choice will be important and more and more meaningful to you as you evolve magickally.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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