CI invoke the power of vibrate God name Charge and consecrate this talisman for thy names sake revibrate God name

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In our example, the name of the Angelic Order is "Malacheem" and the Archangel is Raphael. The God Name is Yud-Heh-Vahv-Heh El-oh-ah V'dah-aht. These can be found on the first list of Kabalistic Correspondences. I hope you are beginning to see just how important that page of information is.

4. Using the predetermined word or short phrase, say, out loud, the purpose of the talisman.

5. Hold the talisman flat in your left hand. Pick up the Rainbow

Wand by the band of color associated with the planet with which you are working. To do this you must know which planet is said to rule which sign.

Sign Planet

Aries Mars

Taurus Venus (loving security, luxury)

Gemini Mercury

Cancer Moon

Sigils For Money

6. Now, inhale, and thrust the black end of the Rainbow Wand,

(dagger or finger) at the center of the pentagram you have formed while you exhale and vibrate the appropriate God Name. In the case of our example it is Yud-Heh-Vahv-Heh El-oh-ah V'dah-aht.

7. Repeat Steps 5 and 6 to total the number of the Sephira with which the talisman is associated. In our example we would perform Steps 5 and 6 for a total of six times, six being the number of Tiferet.

8. Say firmly and meaningfully, SO MOTE IT BE!

9. Place the talisman in the container you have prepared for it.

Part Four:

1. Perform the Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram.

2. Perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.

The ritual is complete


1. Before doing any Grey Magick, such as talismanic magick, always do a divination, such as with Tarot cards, to learn if it is a good idea to do this magick.

2. You can charge several talismans for the same purpose at the same time, but you should not try to charge several talismans for different purposes at the same time.

3. Keep the talisman on your person or very close to you at all times. With a string you can make the bag which contains the talisman into a pendant on a necklace. If you are giving the talisman to another person:

a. ask their permission to do the magick for them first.

b. have that person keep the talisman near or on his/her body.

4. Destroy the talisman (burn and throw the ashes to the wind or place them in running water or bury them) once it has achieved its intended purpose. If you set a limit on the talisman, destroy it at the end of the time limit even if it has not as yet achieved its goal.

This form of magick is quite solitary in nature. Obviously, nobody else is necessary to allow you to perform the charging and consecration of a talisman. However, this Simple Talisman Charging and Consecration Ritual does make a wonderful and powerful group rite.

Rather than repeating the whole ritual, I am just going to give you notes on how this ritual magick can be turned into ceremonial magick

ONE. Everyone in the group should be informed of the purpose of the talisman. They all should be together when the divination is performed.

TWO. All present should take ritual baths.

THREE. If there is a leader, that person should sit in the East unless the leader is the person charging the talisman.

FOUR. The LBRP and BRH should be performed by the group as described earlier in this course.

FIVE. All present should do the Middle Pillar Ritual.

SIX. When the person doing the charging feels everyone is together (Hint: try to synchronize breathing), he or she should tell everyone to change the pure white energy of the Middle Pillar to the color associated with this talisman.

SEVEN. Let the person doing the charging direct everyone else to send the energy down their arms and into him or her, the person doing the actual charging When the person doing the ritual senses the energy, that person should recite the invocations. However all present should vibrate the names of the Angelic Order, the Archangel and the God Name.

EIGHT. This idea is continued when doing the Invoking Earth Pentagram. All present should vibrate the God Name. By the way, the purpose of this part of the ritual is to bring into the Earth Plane (hence the invoking earth pentagram) the energies from higher planes.

NINE. All present should be inside the magickal circle. No interested bystanders remaining outside the circle should be allowed.

TEN. Either the BRH and the LBRP may be repeated at the end of the ritual or the leader of the group (not necessarily the one doing the ritual) may come before the altar and say:

I thank all ye creatures who have watched and joined in our ritual. Return now to your abodes and habitations and harm none on your way. Let there be peace between thee and we. And may the blessings of (vibrate) YEH-HAH-SHU-AH YEH-HOH-VAH-SHA, as you are able to receive them, be upon thee.

Supreme Invoking Ritual The Pentagram

Mathers and the Peas

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