Be on thy way

STEP FIVE. Perform the Closing by Watchtower.

The rite is ended.

412 /Modern Magick Notes:

1. For a name you can use anything. It can be a common person's name or totally made up. However it should apply to the purpose of the artificial elemental. Calling an artificial fire elemental "Water-bearer" is not appropriate.

2. You can add the name to the words of the rite above. Thus the above ritual can be expanded to include "Go thou (name of artifical elemental) and do (such and such).

3. In the space marked "such and such," name the purpose of creating the artificial elemental. Examples include "Go thou and bring peace to my friends," or "Go thou and bring greater ardor to my lover," etc.

4. When giving a date and time for dispersion it is best to give astronomical dates rather than dates invented by humans. So, rather than saying "Tuesday at 4:00 P.M.," it would be better to say, "When the Sun is at its highest on the day of the next Full Moon." Even the more complex "On the next day of Mars when the Sun is halfway between its highest point and its setting" would be good. This last phrase means Tuesday (the day of Mars) at some time between 3:00 P.M. and 5:00 p.m. depending upon the time of year.

5. Although an artificial elemental has a type of consciousness, it is no more alive than a computer with which you play chess. Therefore there is nothing ethically wrong with creating an "imprisoned artifical elemental." These are frequently used as protective devices. They may be put into something solid or something which is hollow but sealed. This may be the source of the genie in the bottle myth.

To do this you would change the second line of the evocation above to say, "Go thou into this (statue, vase, rock, etc.) and do (such and such)." If you are using a vase or bottle which can be sealed, leave it open until after you see or sense that the artifical elemental has entered the bottle. Then quickly and securely seal the container. An example of such a protective artificial elemental would be based on the element Fire and would have the purpose of creating the fiery emotions of fear and paranoia in any who would seek to intrude without permission or honorable intent. Be sure to give it a dispersal date and time. And if your container is hollow, open it at that date and time to allow the imprisoned artificial elemental to disperse.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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