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Preparation: Until you have practiced this at least twenty times, begin by doing a regular, physical LBRP. If time allows, also do the BRH.

STEP ONE. Sit in the center of your circle and relax with some steady deep breathing and the Relaxation Ritual. You should be facing the East. Your eyes should be closed and your arms and legs should not be crossed.

STEP TWO. Visualize yourself (or, if you prefer, an idealized image of yourself) standing, facing you. Take some time and get the best image possible in your mind.

STEP THREE. Once your double (frequently called a doppleganger) is complete, use your will power and have it turn to face the East, the same direction in which you are looking. This procedure should take no special ritual techniques. Simply tell it silently to turn about and it will. Of course, it should still be standing.

STEP FOUR. Now, without audibly saying anything, will your twin to do the entire Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. Your physical body should be in the center of the area, the position where your physical altar would normally be located. Try to hear, feel, smell, sense and visualize everything your double does. Keep your physical eyes closed.

STEP FIVE. Once you have completed this astral performance of the LBRP, have your double sit in your lap and allow yourself to re-

absorb it. Take some deep breaths to unite yourselves. Clap your hands loudly three times. The sound will help bring you back to normal consciousness. Now you may open your eyes.

Postscript: After you have done the Astral Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, be sure and perform the LBRP physically. Do this until you have performed the Astral version at least 30 (not 20) times.

The Astral LBRP sounds quite easy to do from the description above. Actually it sounds a great deal easier than it really is. This ritual takes as much or more concentration than any rituals you have done so far in this course. If you find yourself getting lost or falling asleep, just stop where you are and perform the LBRP physically. Simply follow the directions and add nothing to them. Nothing "bad" can happen to you.

If you have trouble concentrating to a level where you can do the entire LBRP in this above, Astral fashion, try practicing the following concentration exercise:

Needed: a timer and four cards. On the first card place a large dot, and on the second place two dots side by side. On the third card make a row of three dots and on the fourth card, a similar row of four dots

Card Three Card Four

Concentration Exercise Cards

Card Three Card Four

Concentration Exercise Cards

Set the timer for five minutes. Look at card one until you have a very good idea of that single spot. Now close your eyes and only think of that spot. If any other thoughts come into your mind, simply bring back your focus to that one spot. Cease the exercise when the timer goes off. Your goal in this exercise is to keep that single spot visualized for five minutes and allow nothing else to interfere with your concentration.

When you have very few breaks in your concentration, move on to card two with the two spots and repeat the exercise. Continue this practice until you can keep the two dots in your mind for the full five minutes. When you can do this with card four and its four dots, you will have excellent concentration abilities.

Although this exercise sounds easy, it is not. The first time I tried it, I broke out into a sweat and was drenched within five minutes. Do not underestimate its difficulty.

On the other hand, if you find that the Astral LBRP is easy for you to do, add to it an Astral version of the BRH, the Middle Pillar Ritual and the Circulation of the Body of Light. Eventually you should be able to do all of these Astrally. Then, even a few minutes with your eyes closed should equal what is now taking you much longer on the physical plane. Although your daily ritual work should still be done every day, you will reach a time when you will rarely have to do them physically. You will, of course, do most of the so-called Grey Magick rituals on the physical plane, and also those rituals wherein you delve into the deepest realms of the Magickal Arte.

Some of you who have read about or practiced Astral Projection and Astral Travel may be thinking, "Wait a minute, what he described isn't Astral Projection at all!" and I confess, this is true.

There are two techniques which are frequently called Astral Projection. The first one is frequently mistaken for Astral Projection but is nothing of the kind. It is actually Mental Projection. In Mental Projection you send your mind and senses away from your body by force of will. You still will retain your consciousness and some sense awareness in your physical body. Another name for this is bi-locationality.

In true Astral Projection the consciousness almost totally leaves the physical and joins the Astral Double. The physical body appears to be sleeping or in a coma. If you have forgotten about how the Astral Plane works, and how everything has an Astral Double, now is the time to re-read Lessons Five and Seven.

In the Astral LBRP just described, all you are doing is using your powers of visualization and your imagination. You are not doing Astral or even Mental Projection. But look again at Step Four: "Hear, feel, smell, sense and visualize everything your double does." By doing this, eventually, and quite naturally, you will experience bi-locationality. This will occur when you are open and ready for it. You will have an awareness of both your physical self and your astral body.

Or, your consciousness may seem to jump back and forth between the two forms.

Then, once again only when you are ready for it, you will notice that you are no longer aware of your physical body. It is at this time that you are experiencing true Astral Projection. When this occurs, do not rapidly seek to return to your physical body. Rather, try to get comfortable in your Astral form and get used to the way it feels to be out-of-body. This will make the projection of the Astral body easier as time goes on.

If you would like to try some other methods for projecting your Astral Body and travelling on the Astral Plane, here are some good ones. Remember, however, to always perform the LBRP (and BRH if time allows) before doing any projection. This cannot be overemphasized.

Method One:

Start off by placing some markers abound your room or home. These markers could include such things as a rose, a bowl of cold water, a shoe, etc. Now lie down on your bed. Next, get up and make a circle, going from one marker to the next and back to your bed. Involve yourself with each of the markers. Smell the rose. Feel the cool wetness of the water. Feel the texture of the rubber of the sole of the shoe. When you return to the bed, lie down in your original position.

The next step is to visualize above you a cloud of purest white. It may remain as a cloud or you can form it into the shape of your own body (idealized if desired). You may notice a connection between your physical body and your double in the form of an umbilical-like cord at your navel, solar plexus, third eye area, or at the top of your head. People experience this cord in different places.

Now, will the cloud or double to circle around the markers following the same path that you had taken earlier. If you noticed the cord, you can see that it will stretch indefinitely. Have the double or cloud smell the rose, feel that water and feel the shoe, just as you did earlier. Eventually this imaginary tour will change to bi-locationality and finally to Astral Projection. Once you have attained these states, there is no need to limit yourself as to where you can go. Feel free to visit a friend's home. Remember that you are learning a new skill, so don't try to go too far until you are very comfortable with the experience.

Even if you are only using imagination, always re-absorb the double or cloud back into your physical body when you have com pleted your journey. Also, always end with a banishing ritual.

Method Two:

This is similar to method one. Either lie down or sit in a chair. Begin by visualizing a cloud in front of you (or over you if you are lying down). If you wish, you may form it into a double of yourself.

Now, firmly desire to transfer your consciousness to the double. If you feel a sudden change in your body, described by some as a lightening or vibrating feeling, will yourself to open your eyes. Do not try to physically open your eyes by using your muscles. Just will yourself to see. Do not be surprised when you see your physical body in front of you.

Spend no more than three minutes concentrating on trying to cause your consciousness to leave your body and join your Astral self. If it works, fine. If it doesn't work in about three minutes, that is fine too. Relax, take some deep breaths, and try again tomorrow.

The key to succeeding with this system (and with all of the methods, really) is the urgent desire to leave your physical body. When you succeed, be sure to re-absorb the double into your physical body at the end of the projection. Of course, do banishings before and after.

Method Three:

Lie naked on a bed. Have a friend or relative put a folded heavy bedspread on your feet. Now, have your aide slowly drag the folded spread up your body until it reaches the top of your head. Then the person helping you should quickly lift the spread up and away from you and quietly leave the room.

Now duplicate the process in your mind's eye. Only instead of a bedspread, feel your Astral body rising up. First your feet rise, then your ankles, calves, knees and so forth to the top of your head. At the point where the bedspread was lifted from your physical body, imagine your consciousness going with the Astral body. When finished, reabsorb the double into your body.

Method Four:

Hear the musical note D natural above middle C in your mind. A little practice with a piano, pitch pipe, or a friend with a musical instru ment will make this pitch familiar to you. Now, double the frequency of the pitch in your mind so that you hear a pitch an octave higher than the first note. If you are not a musician, a friend with musical knowledge can help you with this.

Again hear the tone, only an additional octave higher, then hear it an octave above that. Continue this process until you are far above a piano's range.

You will notice that you are feeling lighter as the note goes up in pitch. You may sense a vibration in your head. Let the sound rise higher and higher as you feel the sound rise toward the ceiling of your room. When you sense that the sound is as high as it can go, both as a pitch and within the confines of the room, will your eyes to open. Again, don't be surprised if you see your physical body below. When finished, allow the double to be re-absorbed into the physical body. This method is particularly good for musicians. It was the method I used when I first had a willed out-of-body experience.

The methods of Astral Projection and Astral Travel presented here are enough for anyone to learn from. If you desire more information, look at some of the books in this lesson's bibliography. But be aware that each of the books are limited by preconceived notions of the authors. Set yourself no limits and you will have none. And besides, it is far better to learn by doing than by reading.

Some students have expressed concerns about "being lost in the Astral" and not being able to come back to their physical bodies. If you follow the instructions given in this lesson it simply cannot happen. You have a direct link to your body via the cord mentioned earlier. This is true even if you, like some people, are not aware of the existence of the cord. The only time "getting lost" can occur is if you stray too far from your physical body. The relative expression "too far" is not a question of yards or miles. For lack of a better comparison, I like to say that it refers to hundreds of light years. Simply stay near your body while you are learning and you will have no such problem whatsoever. » In fact, the biggest problem for most people is not getting back, but getting out in the first place and then staying out. You must truly desire to leave your body and approach the entire idea of the Astral by knowing that it is beautiful, stimulating, safe, exciting and fun!

There is one problem, rarely mentioned due to its lack of seriousness. It can occur to beginners and long-time veterans of Astral Projection and Travel. It is what is known as "Astral Whiplash." Sometimes, when you are out-of-body, something can jar your physical body enough to suddenly draw your Astral body back into your physical self. This can be from a knock on the door, a phone ringing, a car backfiring or a friend nudging you and asking you, "Hey, are you asleep?"

The result of this whiplash back into your physical body is that you may feel groggy, sore all over, tired, and you may get a headache. When you project, astral "substance" (it has gone under many names) comes out of your physical body and unites with your Astral Body by way of the aforementioned cord. Coming back too quickly can result in your leaving some of this "substance" still out on the Astral Plane. It is this loss which causes the minor physical problems mentioned above. This is one reason why you should always allow the double to be absorbed by the physical body after you finish your projection.

I experienced Astral Whiplash on my first successful attempt at Astral Projection. When I willed my eyes to open, I suddenly realized that I was floating at the top of the room and could see my body below me. The excitement and exhilaration was too much, and Wham! I was back in my body. Luckily, I had not gone too far and I only ended up a little groggy. Some deep breathing and a drink of cool, fresh water fixed that.

If you ever have a problem with Astral Whiplash, and you were not really close to your body when the whiplash occurred, there is a simple remedy for any of the symptoms associated with it. Re-project yourself to the same place to which you went when you were interrupted. Then return to your physical body in your normal fashion. You will automatically collect whatever substance was lost. If you do not have a chance to re-project, the feelings resulting from Astral Whiplash will fade in a few hours or after you have a good sleep.

Perhaps the best solution to Astral Whiplash caused by an interruption from an outsider would be prevention. Before attempting any projection, take the phone off the hook and tell anybody else in your home that you are not to be disturbed for the next hour.

At this time there is no need for you to travel far once you have the knack of projection. However, it is important to include in your Tarot Contemplation Ritual the aspect of imagining yourself in the chosen card and looking beyond the edge of the card if you are not doing so already. This and Astral Projection come together in the next part of this lesson. You may wish to practice both the advanced Tarot Contemplation Ritual and Astral Projection for a few days or weeks until you have a minimal efficiency before moving to the next part of this lesson.

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