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For the formulation of the hexagrams, you can have one person stand at each quarter. Have the first person do the appropriate part at the East and carry the line to the South. At this corner, the second person forms the hexagram, charges it with ARARITA, and carries the line to the West. Here the third person does the appropriate part and carries the line to the North. The person at the North finishes by doing the appropriate hexagram and carrying the line to the East. After each person has finished the appropriate portion and the carrying of the connecting line to the next quarter, that person continues in a clockwise direction around the inside of the circle and returns to the quarter at which he/she began. Thus, at the end of this section, each ceremonialist is back at the quarter at which he or she began.

When the formulation of the hexagrams is complete and everyone is back at his/her original direction, all turn inward and face the center. Together they should raise their right hands (with wands if they have them) straight up in the air. They should slowly bring them down so that they are parallel with the ground and pointing at the ritualist (s) in the center who will finish the ritual.

As they lower their hands they should start intoning the vowel "AH" quietly and in a low tone. As they move their arms the sound should raise in pitch and volume so that by the time they are pointing straight ahead the "AH" sound should be very high in pitch and quite loud. A pre-selected person, when he/she feels it is right, should suddenly raise his/her arm, which signals the four to be quiet. Then they should lower their arms (keeping the wands pointing up, though), and return to their seats in the circle.

I have found this ceremonial version of the Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram to be moving and spiritually powerful.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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