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Let both participants be aware that a magickal act, a spiritual act, is about to be performed, not just a common act of sexual intercourse.

STEP ONE. Let both participants know the purpose of this act. A divination should be done, with both persons present, to insure the "karmic correctness" of the magickal act.

STEP TWO. Let a suitable sigil, representing the purpose of the magickal act, be designed. Although a sigil taken from a grimoire will do, designing an original sigil is a good idea. The system of A.O. Spare is quite good for this.

STEP THREE. Let large versions of the above sigil be made and placed around the room. This must include the ceiling so that no matter which way you look you will see the magickal sigil.

STEP FOUR. A "Place of Comfort" should be established in the center of your area. Most commonly this is a small mattress or pad of some kind. If there is room, place your altar at the head of the Place of Comfort. If there is not enough room let the Place of Comfort be your altar.

STEP FIVE. Both participants should take time now to shower and/or bathe. Do this separately. Use appropriate scents, perfumes and oils on your body after you dry yourself. Oils are especially good for this as different oils can be used on different parts of the body. As you come into your temple, remember that this is a holy place. Perform the Opening by Watchtower.

STEP SIX. Now move to the Place of Comfort and begin to caress and adore one another. Slowly remove each other's robes. If you wish, apply lubricating body oils to each other as you continue to caress each other freely. Explore each other totally with eye, ear, mouth, voice, hand, foot, tongue, etc. At this part of the ritual, think not of the rite. Rather, think of yourself and your partner. Let your sexual imagination run free.

STEP SEVEN. When both people are ready, begin actual sexual intercourse (penis in vagina). As you continue caressing, for a few moments there should be no thrusting motions on the part of either participant.

STEP EIGHT. Begin very slow thrusting motions. As you both become more involved in this part of the rite, observe the sigils around you. Do not concern yourself about their meaning! Your subconscious already knows the meaning. Just look at the symbols.

STEP NINE. Allow your passion to dictate the speed of your movements until the intercourse is quite rigorous. If you wish, change the position of your ritual lovemaking. That is why it is necessary to post copies of your sigil all over the room. No matter where you look, no matter what position you are in, you must be able to see a copy of the sigil. Place as much concentration as possible on the symbols. Continue to orgasm. If the couple has been together for a while and both know each other's sexual responses, it would be best if both could orgasm at about the same time, although the so-called "mutual orgasm" is not necessary.

STEP TEN. Stay coupled (i.e. allow the detumescent penis to remain in the vagina) for as long as possible, to a maximum of 15 minutes. During this time the ritualists may caress each other, but refrain from much speaking.

STEP ELEVEN. Re-robe and do the Closing by Watchtower.

The rite is complete.

Notes on this ritual:

1. The length of time of actual penis-in-vagina intercourse is not critical, but there must be enough time allowed to build up the energy which is released with the symbolic thought at the moment of the active participant's orgasm. A minimum of 10 minutes is appropriate, but over half an hour is unnecessary. Certainly women will not have a problem with this, except possibly soreness due to prolonged intercourse with insufficient vaginal lubrication. This can happen to women who are not used to extended periods of intercourse, and can easily be remedied by the use of a high quality sexual lubricant.

Men, on the other hand, quite frequently have trouble staying erect and not having an orgasm too quickly. Masters and Johnson say that the average period for men between insertion of the penis into the vagina and orgasm is about 2V2 minutes. Since this is an average, the implication is that some men will have an orgasm within seconds of insertion. Later in this lesson will be instructions on how a man may delay his orgasm.

2. This ritual may be done with partners of the same sex. It may also be done heterosexually with the penis inserted in the anus or mouth of his partner. (Note: After anal intercourse the penis must be washed thoroughly before vaginal intercourse. Also see page 466).

3. The sexual position held by the couple at the moment of orgasm is important. Here are some tips:

Missionary Position (man on top) is good for situations where magick is done to positively affect the man's environment (i.e., allow him to get a raise, get a better job, etc.)

Woman Superior (woman on top) is for situations where magick is done to positively affect the woman's environment.

Male Behind (laying like spoons with the man behind his partner, also kneeling with the male behind his partner) is for sending energy such as healing to a friend of the man. For a friend of the woman it can once again be with the woman on top, but with her back to her partner's face.

4. This ritual may also be done as an act of oral sex as mentioned. In this instance, there is not a Place of Comfort, but a chair called a Throne. The person who will have the orgasm sits in the Throne while the partner kneels or sits at the foot of the Throne and performs cun-nilingus or fellatio. The King or Queen on the Throne needs to hold the symbol in his or her hands and look at it while the partner performs the sexual stimulation. The person fellating a King should swallow all of his semen. The person performing cunnilingus on the woman should lick and swallow all of her sexual fluids.

5. This rite may also be done solitarily. The male may masturbate himself. If this is done he should catch the semen in a small vase which has a copy of the symbol in the vase at the bottom. The vase should then be sealed. Alternatively, he may catch the semen on a dish or plate and consume it. A partner may stimulate the man to orgasm by hand and consume the semen.

Similarly, a woman may stimlate herself by hand or with the aid of a partner or even artifical devices such as penis-shaped vibrators. After orgasm she should douche with a small amount of pure water, all of which should be saved, mixed with wine and consumed.

6. Sexual experimentation and variation can be very enjoyable. But ritual is not the time to try new things. If you feel a sexual position which you have not performed previously with the partner of this ritual is appropriate, it should be practiced beforehand so that both of you know the most comfortable way for you to hold the position for several minutes.

7. Although both the Kabalah and the Tantras disagree with him on this point, those who like Crowley may agree with him that you should choose anyone to do the rite with and they need not know the purpose of the rite. Personally I feel that this is a type of sexual abuse, and, experience has shown that it is not as successful as when both partners are aware of what is happening. I mention it here so that if you like to follow Crowley you will know the difference in his system.

Divinatory Techniques

This ritual is done the same way as the ritual above, however the purpose is strictly for divination. It can also be used as part of the evocation rites of the previous lesson. Read in the previous lesson the characteristics of a person who will make a good seer. It is this person upon whom the technique will be performed.

There are three aspects involved in any divinatory technique. The diviner must:

1. Turn off the outside, turn on the inside.

2. Alter the state of consciousness.

3. Increase the blood flow to the brain.

In this ritual, turning off the outside involves the use of what is called the Yoni Mudra. This is a position wherein the hands actually close down the other senses. It is done this way:

Put your hands in front of your face so that the fingertips touch and the palms are toward your face. Seal the mouth by locking the lips between the little fingers and ring fingers of both hands. This holds the mouth shut. Seal the nose by pressing against the nostrils with the middle fingers of both hands. Seal the eyes by holding the eyelids closed with the pointer fingers of each hand. Finally, seal the ears by closing the little flap of flesh in front of the ears over the entrance to the ear canals with each thumb.

This position closes most of the external senses and allows the inner senses to come through.

In a previous lesson I gave instructions on how to alter the state of consciousness. Methods include the use of alcohol to produce mild intoxication, lack of sleep, etc.

In this rite the method used to increase the flow of blood to the head is to have the head below the rest of the body during intercourse.

If you have a mattress for the Place of Comfort, the seer may dangle his or her head over the side of the mattress. If the seer is in very good health, pillows may be placed so that the hips and legs are elevated. In fact, if oral sex is used, the position on the Throne can actually be reversed so that the person's legs are over the back of the chair and the person's head is at the foot of the chair. The partner stands behind the Throne and performs oral sex on the genitals which are near the top of the chair's back.

Important: This should not be done if the seer has high blood pressure!

When the seer has achieved orgasm, he or she should be questioned in a manner similar to the techniques in the previous lesson. If information about a particular subject is desired, the seer may look at a symbol which the partners created.

Before moving on, a final point about the Yoni Mudra. Students have told me that they have trouble breathing in this ritual pose. Well, not only is it difficult to breathe in this position, it is impossible! Separate the middle fingers and inhale through the nose. Hold the Yoni Mudra and your breath for as long as it is comfortable. Then separate the ring fingers from the little fingers and exhale through the mouth. When I explained this to students some of them complained that it takes some of the spontaneity out of lovemaking. Please remember, however, that this is not regular lovemaking. It is highly ritualized and formalized. It is for a purpose, not only for pleasure.

Another divination technique which uses sexuality is definitely not for all practitioners. Most will not wish to do it, and that is okay. It is called "Eroto-comatose Lucidity" and does not involve a coupled pair. Rather, this ritual involves one ritualist-seer and several aides who are usually of the opposite sex. After the opening as above, the aides (and the more sexually experienced they are, the better) attempt to exhaust the ritualist sexually by every known means, and arouse the ritualist sexually by every known means. Every device and technique known may be used by the aides. If some of them tire they should be replaced by others.

Finally the ritualist-seer will sink into a deep sleep as a result of utter exhaustion. Now the goal of the aides must be altered. They must try to awaken the ritualist through sexual stimulation alone. But, upon the first signs of the ritualist awakening, all stimulation must cease. This should continue indefinitely until the ritualist is in a state which is between waking and sleeping, "and in which his [or her] Spirit, set free by perfect exhaustion of the body, and yet prevented from entering the City of Sleep, communes with the Most High and Most Holy Lord God of its being, maker of heaven and earth."

The rite is over when the ritualist falls into total sleep, or awakens, has a final orgasm, and falls into an undisturbable sleep. Upon rising after this sleep, the ritualist-seer should immediately write down his or her remembrances.

This ritual of Eroto-comatose Lucidity is from Crowley's works, although it is said that the technique was devised by and given to him by one of his woman students. Another example of sex magick of this TTiought Control type is novelized in Crowley's book, Moonchild.

There is one more position for divinatory sex-magick which I will share with you. Let me make clear, however, that it is designed primarily for people who are slender, athletic and strong. It involves a Tantrik sexual position known as "The Crow." After the usual opening and much sexual stimulation, the man, while standing, lifts the woman so that she is upside down and facing him. In this position they may have mutual oral sex. Usually, the woman will lock her legs behind the man's neck or head, depending on the length of her legs. The man will usually support the woman by holding her around her waist. This position can cause the man to tire physically quite easily unless he is in very good shape. The woman, who is completely inverted, will have a great deal of blood flow to her head. This can lead to seership and divinatory experiences.

The only technque that I have not tried nor any of my students confessed to is Eroto-comatose Lucidity. But I can say from personal experience and from the reported experiences of some of my students, that these types of sex-magick techniques are some of the strongest and most effective magickal techniques available.

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