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This is a ceremony to help someone who needs to be healed. There should be a minimum of three people plus the person to be healed. This particular ceremony should not be used on someone who has a fever. Nor should it be used on someone who has a minor cold or flu, as those are needed to cleanse the body of toxins due to poor living habits. However, when most of the cold or flu is over and the ill person is just very tired from the effects of this illness, this ceremony is effective. It is also good for chronic diseases. The only exception to the above rules is if the cold or flu is life threatening.

This ceremony will not replace the treatment of a regular physician, an M.D. But an M.D. may need to change a treatment when a patient is found to be better or totally healed.

STEP ONE. Have the person in your group who is most adept at doing a divination (such as with the Tarot) do one to see if it is appropriate to do the healing. If not, do not do the healing. Trust the divination.

STEP TWO. If the answer from the divination is positive, ask the ill person if he or she freely gives permission for the group to do this healing ceremony. If the answer is no, do not go further. Even if the person has previously begged for a healing, the question should still be asked. If the answer is positive, prepare the area as follows:

a. Form a ring of chairs with enough room allowed to walk around outside the circle of chairs. There may be more chairs than people.

b. In the center should be the altar with the usual paraphernalia upon it. Another chair, for the person being healed, should be stationed in front of the altar, facing east. The ill person should sit in it throughout the ceremony, especially if that person is not part of your practicing group. Others should sit in the circle of chairs as they will.

STEP THREE. A person should be chosen to lead the relaxation ritual. Let that person use a low, deep, relaxing voice, almost as if trying to get a small child to fall asleep.

STEP FOUR. Let one person do the LBRP. The Kabalistic Cross should be done from behind the altar, facing east. The formulation of the pentagrams should be done by walking outside the circle of chairs so that all are enclosed. The Evocation of the Archangels and the repetition of the Kabalistic Cross should be done facing east, from behind the altar (assuming you have one. If not, from behind the person to be healed).

It is also possible to have one person do the Kabalistic Cross, another do the formulation of the pentagrams, another do the Evocation of the Archangels, and the first person repeat the Kabalistic Cross. Personally, I have not found this to be as effective as having one person do the entire LBRP, but try both ways and see which you prefer. The person being healed should not be actively involved in the performance of the LBRP. Also, all of the members of the circle should be focusing on the ritual being performed, and should add their own visualizations to those of the person(s) doing the ritual. No one, save the person to be healed, should ever be doing nothing within the circle once the ceremony starts.

STEP FIVE. Let all the ritualists, save one, come forward and form a circle, holding hands, around the person to be healed. In this position, let all do the Middle Pillar Ritual. The one remaining ritualist should stand in the East, facing West (toward the people), also doing the Middle Pillar Ritual, but should imagine himself or herself as being a hundred feet tall, and both watching and partaking of this ritual.

STEP SIX. The person in the East should hold in the right hand either a dagger (for chronic or mild problems) or the wand (for more severe problems). When the Middle Pillar Ritual is complete, this person should hold up his or her arms as if in blessing, and walk directly toward the circle of bodies, saying:

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